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  1. ~~~Anna~~~


    Anna walked briskly down the stairs of her cottage, smoothing her green dress and picking up the hem so she wouldn't trip as she walked. "Good morning, Aunt Sophie. Do you need help with breakfast?" she called out, pulling her long strands of brown hair into a ribbon as she walked. Stepping into the kitchen, she saw her aunt, working busily on a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, milk, and ham. The woman looked up from her work as Anna walked into the kitchen, delicious smells coming at her from all directions. "No, dear, I'm alright. Although it would be a big help if you could run back upstairs and wake your brother. I'm surprised the smell of breakfast didn't do the job." The girl nodded, running back upstairs. "Alright!" she called, running up the stairs and stopping just outside her brother's bedroom.

    She slowly pushed open the wooden door, stepping quietly as not to wake the sleeping boy, who was sprawled out on the bed and snoring. Giggling, Anna picked up his pillow, which was thrown off the bed, and hit him with it, smothering him with a pillow assault. "Gotta wake up, gotta wake up, gotta wake up in the mooorning..." she sang loudly as she attacked, running back downstairs in a fit of laughs. "Did you wake him up?" her aunt asked while cooking. She held in her laughs and smiled innocently. "Yes, I did." she replied sweetly, sneaking a glance upstairs to see if her brother was awake yet. Surely he couldn't sleep through that, could he?
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  2. Tristan swung his sword with all his might and it clashed loudly with the blade of the evil man. The beady red eyes and yellow teeth were part of a horrible grimace that made the young man fight even harder. Tristan moved his feet in a two-step to switch his power leg and then parried his opponent’s blade away. In the same move, he spun on his back foot and brought his sword up with enough force to-

    "Gotta wake up, gotta wake up, gotta wake up in the mooorning..." The cheery voice didn’t match that of the evil prince. Something was wrong. A barrage of sheep began to pummel Tristan until he could no longer stand. Gasping for air, his hand shot up and his eyes popped open. It was her.

    “Anna! Why you little…” His nostrils filled with the smell of food cooking on the stove downstairs. “Ooo, breakfast.” Tristan hopped out of bed and quickly made it making sure the pillows and blankets were all in the right place. He slipped out of his sleeping shirt and into a pair of brown slacks and then pulled his blue, cotton shirt over his head. It was open down to his ribs and revealed the arrowhead necklace he never took off. Tristan was a well-built young man because he did a good deal of physical labor for chores. He stepped into his simple leather boots and headed downstairs.

    He looked across the way to his little sister, Anna. She was annoying because that’s what little sister’s do but he loved her. He loved his auntie, too. She took very good care of them. Tristan walked over and started pulling pieces of food from the skillet whenever his aunt turned her back.

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  3. Anna sat quietly at the table, looking up when her brother plodded downstairs groggily. She smiled in fake innocence. "Good morning, dearest brother. What a pleasure it is to see your face in the morning." Anna said, hopping down from her chair. Her aunt smiled approvingly. "It's nice to see you are being nice to each other." She returned to her cooking, and when she turned her back Tristan would sneak a piece of food from the skillet. He turned to Anna, who made a locking motion over her mouth, and "threw away" the key.

    "Tristan, if you don't stop eating, you're not going to have anything for breakfast." Their aunt scolded playfully, shooing Tristan out of the kitchen. Anna laughed. "Nice try." She said smiling. Their aunt turned to them, plates of food in her hands. "Thank you!" Anna said politely as she took the plate, then hopped into a seat at the table and began eating her food. "When you're both done, could you both go up to the attic and tidy it up? I haven't cleaned it now for at least 15 years!" Anna nodded. "Sure! If we find anything cool, can we keep it?" She asked. Her aunt nodded. "Sure, why not?" She replied.
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  4. Tristan scooted along the way and out of the kitchen making sure to grab one more piece before exiting and finding his seat at the table. He plopped down rather awkwardly and dropped his elbows on the table. He folded his left arm back towards him and rested his face in his right hand; his fingers working diligently to remove the sleepy dirt from his eyes. Once that was done, he made a face at Anna. Little Miss Trouble maker was always sucking up and playing nice around their aunt. Tristan didn’t care. He let her play her games because aside from that and Anna’s incessant need to wake him up at the crack of dawn, she was ok; for a sister.

    He heard his aunt talking and only half listened because he was shoveling his food in faster than he could chew it. He burped a few times and coughed once as a piece of meat got caught on the way down. Swigging back some cool water, it freed itself and Tristan went back to scarfing his breakfast. Clean the attic? Pfft. Once he was finished, Tristan burped once more and sat back in his chair. “Thanks, Auntie. That was awesome.” He slowly got up ad walked over to put an arm around the older woman. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “I can’t clean the attic, though. I told Mr. Thatcher I would cut his fire wood for him in exchange for fixing the leak in our roof.” Tristan smiled and headed around his Aunt towards the door only pausing to ruffle Anna’s hair. “See ya, Squirt.”
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