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    Name: Prince Drazen Marcus Rolf Edward Henry III
    Age: 20
    Personality: Can be distant with those he doesn't know but is fiercly protective of his loved ones as well as his people.

    Drazen leaned back in the carriage, his eyes narrowed as he looked out at the landscape that went by dreadfully slow. His mother was opposite him chattering excitedly about the most recent princess she was aking him to meet. Her name was Diana and she was "As gorgeous as a newly opened rose" as his mother had put it on more then one occasion. He didn't care if she was beautiful, well maybe a little, but that wasn't all he was looking for with someone he would take as his wife. He didn't need someone to look pretty on his arm, he needed someone who would help him, just as his mother does for his father.

    "Mother I'm sure she is visablly a beauty, but do not be disappointed if I walk away not asking for her hand. You know what I am looking for, we have discussed it many times before now." he said in a soft and loving tone. He wasn't angry with her for wanting to take him to see the princess. She loved being center of attention so it would fit her perfectly.

    "Oh I know Drazen, I'm just worried you are being much to picky with some of the girls. Victoria was such a nice young lady."she said her tone going sad at the end.

    Drazen winced. Victoria had been the last girl and it had been horrible. After finding out that poor girl was as smart as a rock, he demanded they leave. The girl had been in tears by the time he had gotten out of the Great hall and he father had been furious that Drazen had disregarded her so quickly. The ride out of the city had been full of curses and threats being yelled into the carriage by the people. They apparently loved little Victoria, but he could not say the sam.
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    Name: Sayomi Chil
    Age: 19
    Personality: Stubborn, and never gives up. She acts distant, but only because she cares for most, even when she shouldn't.

    Sayomi stood guard listening to what the prince had to say about what he wished for a princess. She was the youngest person to have moved through the ranks to protect the prince. When she heard what he said that he didn't want a trophy wife. She couldn't help but smile. "Sir, I know I may be speaking out of place. But I think that it is very smart that you are being picky about your wife to be." She started to say.

    "You will be in control of one of the biggest and prosperous kingdoms that has ever been. You need a wife that is a lot like your mother. Beautiful to look at, and has the perfect aura of a queen. Grace, Smarts, beauty, compassionate. You will need someone to help you run the kingdom, not just there."

    Before Sayomi had come and took her brothers place, she was a pronounce scholar. She had been since she was 13. But two years ago her brother suffered an unknown illness and passed. And so her father made her take his place as the guard of the prince, as Micah. Growing up outside of the castle, and never seeing the queen or prince before, she was usually out spoken. She didn't quite have the understanding of her place yet.​
  3. Drazen turned his head to the guard who had spoken and raised an eyebrow. Most of the ones his father appointed him only spoke when he was doing something juvinile, which could be quite often. This one though, had spoken to say he did something correct. His mother blushed at her words and he found himself chuckling softly. Normally he would have been annoyed but the girl had gotten a reaction out of his mother that wasn't forced.

    "Exactly. I appreciate your imput." he said with a small grin towards his mother. "I think I will keep her with me."

    His mother had recovered and smiled fondly at her son. "She might want to remember her place in the pressance of others or you wil be seen as weak for not admonishing her."

    Drazen shrugged just as the carriage stopped and he was jerked forward. He caught himself on the seat in front of him and glowered at the window. "Stupid driver." he muttered before he cleared his face. "I believe that is our que Mother." he said as the door to the carriage opened.

    Drazen stepped out looking the picture of a powerful prince. His shoulders were back and his head was high. His hair fell in his face only slightly and gave him shadows that made him look slightly menacing in the right angle. That perception was marred by him holding a hand out for his mother to take so she did not fall on her way out. A few of the other of his guard separated so they wereon either side of him as his mother as they walked calmly into the castle grounds where a lovely blond girl was standing with a pink dress that looked almost as if it was woven from rose petals. Beside her was a very broad man with a greying beard and salt and pepper hair.

    Drazen recognized him as Nickolas, the king. He was sure the girl was his daughter by the shared facial features. They were both very beautiful people, if for very different reasons. The prince stopped half a step behind his mother and bowed formally to the pair just as his mother curtseyed.
  4. Sayomi couldn't help but smile when the prince spoken good of her. Stating that he would keep her around. She knew that now she was not only one of the most renown scholars , but also now she was to protect her prince, and help protect the kingdom. Though she enjoyed learning, Sayomi knew that her job there was far more important then learning.

    Once the queen had spoken, she just refocused on nothing impractical. " My apologies, your majesty." she said, her once soft facial features, hardened. She had lost focus. She needed to keep her head on. Though her features were stern, her mind was racing. She was the only known female knight in the lands. And many kingdoms didn't like it. She already known from her travels with the prince to other kingdoms.

    As they arrived, she stayed behind until the prince and queen were out. She followed after them. Back straight, eyes forward, features unwavering. She got out, and stood in the background. Just watching as things played out. Slowly she started to notice the king's head knight standing behind him. All he did was keep eyeballing her. He kept giving odd looks. Then all of a sudden, she was grabbed. She swung at who touched her, and realized it was more of his men. They led her off to the side.

    " The king does not want you to be about. You are a female, correct?" said one of them. All she did was glare at him. " well then see. The king doesn't find that you are very fit for the job of protecting the prince, due to you being a female. And he doesn't want people at tonight's party to see him as weak for letting you stand guard. So he has asked me to escourt you away."

    She growled and grabbed the man by his throat, faster then most people could react. " I wish to speak with your captain." she growled in his ear as she squeezed on his throat. " so either bring him to me, or let me do my job." she threw the man to the side, looking at the others that were around. She knew she was going to get yelled at for having left the queen and the prince.

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