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    Dia Thames

    Pulling her shirt over her head, she pushed open the front door of her house before poking her head out and looking around. She saw no one in the area. It was early in the morning, the first rays of light just starting to lighten the sky. The perfect opportunity to leave. Shoving her feet into her boots, and grabbing her bag, Peace felt the house, thankful it was right against the edge of the forest. Moving quietly through the the forest, she glanced behind her to make sure no one followed her before she smoothed her hair back and tied it into a low ponytail, grateful she often had a hair tie around her wrist. Quickening her walk a bit, she glanced up through the tree canopy, up to the sky. Still fairly dark, but there was more light than before. Probably half hour before she could truly see where she was walking.

    It was an hour later when Peace paused, shuffling behind a tree. Just ahead, coming her way were three men. All from her village. A small hunting party coming back from probably a two day hunt. They pulled a small cart that held a small doe carcass and few smaller animals, like pheasants and rabbits. As they came closer, she crouched down, moving to the side, hoping they wouldn't see her. They passed her without even glancing in her direction, talking loudly to each other. She stayed where she was until they she was sure they were out of earshot so they wouldn't hear her. Releasing a sigh of relief, she straightened and brushed herself off, wiping the dirt from her jeans, before she continued on. She estimated she would get to the clearing in about twenty minutes give or take. It may take quite a while to get there, but, to her, it was well worth it. She may get the chance to see her Wolf, after all.

    She had almost arrived at the clearing when she stepped in the wrong spot. A slight slope and her foot went out from under her and she fell. She yelped in surprise, trying to grab a low hanging branch to keep her from falling. She gripped it, but she had been unable to find her footing, so the branch slipped from her grip and she slid down the slope. Peace groaned softly as she slid to a stop on her side. Slowly pushing herself to her feet, she felt a throbbing and a sharp pain on her leg. Looking down, she saw the left leg of her jeans were ripped from just above the knee to about half way down her shin. And she now sported a pretty decent sized gash that was bleeding quite a bit from just below her knee to the end of the tear at her shin, though she didn't think it was very deep.

    She stared at it for a moment before she sighed again, but in mild annoyance this time. She would fix it when she got to the clearing. Slowly climbing back up the slope, she walked to the clearing to wait for her Wolf before she slumped to the ground. She shrugged her bag off and opened it, searching to see if she packed any first aid equipment. Nope. Nothing. Of course not. Peace glared at her bag, before she grabbed the one thing that could help somewhat. Two bottles of water. Placing them on the ground, she rolled up the leg of her jeans before she unscrewed the lid of one the bottles and quickly cleaned her hands as much as she could with as little water before she pouted it over her leg.

    It stung as she did so, but she wouldn't admit it. Peace glanced in her bag, but found no tissues or anything to help clean it. She ripped a piece of her shirt seeing as it wasn't as coarse as denim. She wiped the blood and dirt away slowly, seeing it wasn't deep, but it wasn't just a graze. Setting down the bottle of water and the piece of cloth from her shirt, she wished she had something to wrap it with. She wasn't too keen on walking back home without a shirt on. And she wasn't sure how flexible denim would be. It would probably irritate it. Ah well. She'd worry about it later. For now, she wanted to see her Wolf. she sat up a little straighter, glancing around, trying to see if she could spot his pure white fur. Though after a while, she gave up. Maybe he wasn't going to come today. Deciding on that, Peace laid back, her back against the grass and she put her hands behind her head as a makeshift pillow as she stared at the clear sky, hoping that maybe the Wolf would come.

    Suddenly remembering she had a spare shirt in the front compartment of her bag, she sat up and opened it, pulling out the plain green tank top. Grinning, Peace swiftly stripped off her shirt, shuddering lightly as the cool breeze hit the exposed skin of her stomach before she pulled her other shirt on. She started ripping her other shirt into pieces big enough to wrap around her leg, not really paying attention to her surroundings as she became absorbed with trying not to make the pieces too small or too big.
  2. Running, they had been running for what felt like forever. He was breathing hard, and he was covered in blood. Shaking he wanted to stop, he couldn't take it anymore. They had not eaten for days, hardly had a thing to drink and were being endlessly chased out of their territory. He collapsed into the snow, his heart beating so loud he could hear it himself. Sam slowed to a stop and looked back at him. He bit his lip in concern and walked over to him. crouching down. Rowan looked up and met his brothers pale brown eyes. He knew they needed to keep going but after being caught in the flurry of fangs and claws and not having anything to eat, he was running on empty. But despite it all, his brother smiled at him.

    "You take it easy Rowan...we will keep going in the morning. Slower this time..." he said. "Don't worry...it will be okay..."

    Rowan nodded and laid his head back against the cold ground and closed his eyes. He dozed off and he woke with a start as he heard a gurgling, a loud gurgling. Looking around he saw another wolf on top of his brother, his fangs buried in his neck. Rowan struggled up and stumbled over, shifting as he did and tackled him off his brother but it was too late. His only family lay lifeless, in his human form in a pool of blood. And in anger he sunk his fangs into the other wolf, his neck and watched the life slip from his eyes. He then pulled back and looked up to see the last remaining wolf coming after him. He turned tail and ran the best he could but he was trapped. His end was going to be met one way or another, a huge drop into a canyon or the wolves coming up behind him. He decided to tempt fate and take his chances with the drop. Rowan leaped and felt the rush as he plummeted down. He braced himself for the landing and when it came his shoulder took the impact, shattering. He yelped loudly but had to keep going, he kept moving until he couldn't any further. Bloodied and battered he gave his last gasp of energy as he collapsed into the snow. As he did....

    His amber eyes opened with a start and he stared at the ceiling, His chest heaved as his breathing was unsteady. But as he sat up he winced and placed his hand on his shoulder. Since that day it had ached, the human girl had saved his life, but as a consequence he lived with his shoulder aching. It was now a dull ache, sharp only when he overused it. The lone wolf was born during the coldest winter in a very long time...and the coldest winter since. Some say that as what took his mother, others blamed him. One of those others was his father. His father only acknowledged that he had one son, his older son, Sam. Sam was his pride and joy, and he, Rowan, was his greatest disappointment. There was no hiding it, and he knew his father hated him. Hated him for taking away the life of his mate. But his older brother had been his only salvation. It was because of him that growing up was tolerable. The memories, the memories, they came back the worst when he was sleeping so sleep came difficult for him. Getting to his feet he walked over to the window, his stomach growling. He would have to go hunt and that was always difficult. He couldn't catch very much on his own.

    But he had to go none the less, the other option of starvation, didn't much appeal to him. He felt the deep ache rise out of his body and it shifted from man to wolf. He loped off towards a favored hunting spot when he passed the clearing. That was the clearing that the human girl had found him in, the one where she had nursed him back to health. She came everyday to see him but he didn't. Human were dangerous, most of the time, but she wasn't so he decided he would go today. The pure white wolf pushed his head into the trees and wandered out the other side of the clearing. There she was, tearing what looked like a shirt into pieces. He walked over to her and sat down on his haunches and blinked at her, tilting his head in confusion. He smelled blood and glanced at her leg. She had been injured. Meeting her eyes with his bright amber one's, giving her a questioning look as if to ask her if she was okay. As he tried to read her mind, he couldn't. It was a deadly silence, nothing ad it frustrated him. Why was this woman different. He kept his safe distance and waited for her to respond.
  3. Peace tore the shirt and set the strips beside herself. After quite a few minutes, she had finished and had quite a few strips of material beside her. She picked up a piece when she heard a noise. Looking up, she saw the massive wolf with pure white fur and bright golden amber eyes. It was her wolf! She smiled as she watched him sit down just a little ways in front of her and he blinked down at her, his head tilting to the side. It didn't take him long to noticed the wound on her leg and he met her gaze and gave her a look like he was asking if she was okay. She waved her hand in front of her face with a chuckle. "I'm fine, don't worry about me. I merely lost my footing and fell," she explained to him. It was strange, really. The wolf was huge. In height, standing on all fours, he was only slightly shorter than she was. And he was insanely intelligent. She didn't feel stupid talking to him. For, she knew he could understand her perfectly. He had unusually expressive facial expressions which she could understand completely. He was an abnormality with wolves. She had never met one like him. But she wouldn't complain. He was unique.

    She glanced at the strip of material in her hand before she wrapped it and a few other pieces around her leg firmly and put the other pieces in her bag and closed it. "Not entirely sure how i'm going to go getting back, though," Peace said, more to herself than anything. Slowly, she pushed herself to her feet and tested how much weight she could put on it. Most of it, but it did hurt. Not that she would ever admit that to anyone. Nodding in satisfaction, she returned her attention to the wolf and smiled. "I hoped you would come today," she told him honestly, "I haven't seen you for a few days, I was starting to get worried," she glanced at the ground with a sigh. "I've missed you, you know? You're my only friend, really; the only one I can talk to," she gave him a a slightly sheepish look.

    She knew, even after all this time, he didn't truly trust her. He rarely ever came close to her. And though she was disappointed every time he wouldn't come near her and allow her to touch him, she also understood why. Most humans were evil. They chose destruction over a gentle touch. Most humans would sooner see the white wolf before her dead before they even considered touching him. But Peace wasn't like that. All this time, she only ever wanted to earn his trust. She wanted to be his friend, if anything. And she hoped he would soon realize that.
  4. Human gestures mostly confused him, he tried to understand them, he knew what they were but yet didn't see the need for them. Long ago, his kind, the Werewolves, had to learn them and their importance because of how much they interacted with humans. But now days, they stayed as far away from humans as they could possibly get. They were much too unpredictable to try and live with anymore. There was far too much bloodshed in his kind's history for any sort of trust to be restored. So when she waved her hand in front of her face and laughed he thought he knew what it meant. To him it was some kind of reassurance, to brush attention off oneself and tell them you were okay. Listening to her, he blinked. The wolf would have nodded if he were human, but it was clear he understood her. But as she rose to her feet and tried putting weight on her leg he looked a bit dissatisfied with her result. He could tell something was off as she tested her leg, but her expression lead him to believe something else entirely about how she felt. So he was inclined to believe her expression rather than her body language. It seemed humans communicated their feelings more than way. For his kind it was the opposite, body language was huge and was taken more seriously than any words or facial expressions.

    When she smiled and spoke he stood up, her words catching his attention. She said that she was glad he came today, that she was beginning to worry and that she had missed him, he was her only friend. His wolfish expression contorted and he couldn't help but feel bad for her. He knew what that was like, only having one friend in the world. Sam was gone though and he wasn't sure if he could trust this human or not. She seemed pretty harmless so he lumbered a bit closer. Close enough for her to touch his nose, and his muzzle and whiskers but not much else. Just a little bit at a time. That is what he told himself.
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  5. If he was going to trust this human woman, that was the only way it was going to happen. After being chased out of the pack, this was as much contact as he was ever going to get with anyone human or otherwise. Or at least he hoped so, big crowds made him agitated and feel trapped. Looking up at her he gave a look that said: So go ahead and talk if you want to, I'm listening. He was hungry but he was willing to offer some time to the person who had saved his life. He didn't know how else to thank her. But he wished he could read her mind, not being able to, that is what truly made him nervous around her. His big amber eyes were attentive, his impressive stature relaxed, and his ears perked.

    But he wondered why. Why had she chosen him to trust? Why had she chosen him to be her only friend? Why was he the only one she could talk to when there was a whole village full of humans about a half hour's distance from here? Human's were mysterious creatures. It was going to take time to understand them completely.
  6. Peace tilted her head to the side slightly as she studied the wolf. When she was satisfied he believed she was fine, she relaxed and ran a hand through her blonde hair, raking it away from her face. He soon stood up as she spoke to him, however, she was caught off guard when he moved closer, the look in eyes saying he would allow her to touch him. This surprised her. Other than when she had cared for him when he was hurt, she had rarely gotten a chance to touch him. He had never allowed it and when she had, it was usually when he wasn't paying attention. But, here he was, allowing her to touch him. He had even moved towards her by his choice. A hopeful smile soon graced Peace's features and she slowly reached up, her fingers gingerly touching his muzzle. Once her fingers touched his fur, a gleeful smile brightened her face and she looked at the wolf once again, checking if he truly was fine with her touching him.

    Happy that he wasn't going to back away, she ran a hand over his muzzle and over his whiskers. However, when she saw the look he gave her a few moments later, seeming to say she could speak to him, that he was listening, she paused. She glanced at the ground, her brow furrowing slightly, her smile gone and her hand hovered away from him for short time. She debated telling him about her village, but she knew how intelligent he was. He would understand every word she said. And even though she figured he could tell no one, the thought terrified her. So she shook her head slightly before she gave him a strained smile, trying to pretend everything was fine. "No, it's fine. It's comfort enough to know you care," she told with a shaky laugh, suddenly feeling like he could see right through her.

    Peace dropped her hand to her side, not feeling as happy as she was just a few moments ago. She leaned down and grabbed her pack, shouldering it, shifting slightly so she didn't put too much weight on her injured leg. Looking at the white wolf she asked, "would you like some help with hunting? I can probably get you a couple rabbits or something,," she offered, suddenly desperate to change her thoughts to something else. When she was with the Wolf, she didn't like thinking about her village. She preferred to concentrate solely on him. To help him if she could.
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