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  1. Chris walked through the halls toward his locker – a book already in his hands, ear buds in and music playing – expertly weaving through the crowded hallway with the skill of someone who had been doing this sort of thing for years. Getting to his locker, the blond glanced up from his book, spun in the combination and pulled it open. Grabbing the books he needed, he slammed it shut and, opening his book again, started toward his friend’s locker. Hopefully she would be there already and he wouldn’t have to spend the next fifteen minutes before class sitting alone somewhere.

    Because that would suck. He liked spending time Ailee. Even if all they did was sit and talk and joke around (or in his case snark at her). Spending fifteen minutes alone was not something he wanted to do first thing in the morning.
  2. Ailee walked down the hallway talking to some guy who was asking her to race her. "Maybe after school, I'm busy." She shrugged as he scowled and stalked away. When she was a little bit away from her locker she saw Chris and waved. Upon reaching her locker she spoke. "Hey Chris!" She said happily, opening her locker. She pulled out her class books and a drawing notepad, putting them in her bookbag and leaning against her open locker, reorganizing the decorations on the door. Various magnets sat around a schedule written on a whiteboard.
  3. He closed his book, holding loosely against his side and looked up with a tired grin. “Hi Ailee,” he said, tugging the earbuds out of his ears. He leaned against the locker, “How’re you?” It always amazed him how she could so energetic in the mornings. It didn’t seem natural to him – he hated getting up early – but it fit Aliee well. She had enough energy for the both of them and that was fine by him.
  4. "I'm great! Can't wait until Theatre later today. You?" She asked, finishing her redecorating with a new magnet which she stuck above the schedule. It said 'Writers Forever'. She loved the mornings. So many opportunities for a new day.
  5. He shrugged. "I'm okay tired I guess." He had accidentally stayed up most of the night reading (again) and was now paying for it. He'd be fine by the afternoon (probably) but this was why he was glad she was the morning person not him. Him and mornings didn't mix well. He was more of a night owl
  6. Ailee nodded and closed her locker. "Let's see..today's the day we've got all our classes together, right?" She couldn't remember if it was an odd day or even. On even days they shared all their classes. Odd days they only shared 3rd period and lunch.
  7. He nodded smiling at her, "Yep. Today is an even day. We have English now." Chris liked English, it was one of his favorite classes and it made mornings more bearable. He pushed himself up off the looker and started down the hall again, Ailee next to him, still navigating the halls like someone who had a lot of practice avoiding people and pretending the were invisible.
  8. Ailee smiled and nodded. "Okay." she followed closely behind him, careful to keep her arms folded close as not to bump anyone. "You're really good at this." she said after they'd made it to the door. "I've never really gotten the hang of swishing through crowds so well. You're like an expert!" She smiled.
  9. He shrugged. Chris had never really noticed; it was just something he did. "I suppose so."" he smiled at her, "We're all have to be good at at least one thing Ailee." he said as he dropped into his seat. "This just happens to be one of mine."
  10. Ailee sat next to him, smiling. "Yeah, but I think you're better at more than one." she giggled a little and pulled out her notebook, preparing for class.
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