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    (I plan to post for my characters later on when I have more time, but I want you guys to have the chance to start up so you don't start dropping like flies on me X3)

    Saturday, August 27th, 2016; 12pm - Orientations and welcoming ceremonies begin at ten. They are brief and held before the students move into their dorms. Dr. Macleon, an older man in his seventies and Sister Rosa, a middle-aged female who was quite tall were the main speakers at the short ceremonies to welcome the new and re-welcome the returning. The elderly man was the dean of the school, and the sister was his daughter, who held an important chair position at the university as well. They seem to be a rather kind duo, a promising entity to those incoming first years. Once the ceremonies are finished students are encouraged to help one another move their belongings into the dorms and mingle with one another after any visiting families depart. Thankfully the ceremonies were chosen to be held in the auditorium as, though it is quite nice and sunny outside with little cloud cover it is also quite hot. Once the orientations have finished at eleven thirty the students are free to do as they please. At four in the evening a welcoming/returning bash is held in the gymnasium, run by the three social orders on campus. Everyone is encouraged to attend though it is optional.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.