Universes of the Iwaku Mythos

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  1. [size=+1]Dark Reign[/size]

    Iwaku is a city cast into the darkness of unending night and rain, ruled over by the Mad King. The Archetypes and Cults have been split into citizen classes, Tricksters and Shifters at the bottom of the barrel while Soulmates are confined in the Convent for their power to inspire.

    The Cycle turns eternal, leaving none from the turning of its gears. Amid the machinations of Iwaku, Asmodeus moves with a book in place of his heart. The incarnation of roleplay death, Medusa, has also been awakened and loosed upon Iwaku. Having abandoned his throne, Rory is now dead and Diana fares scarcely better, but they are not the ones in charge any longer. The Trimagistrate appears to be plotting away from the eyes of even the Mad King.

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    [align=right]Day 217
    Status: Anxious[/align]
    We've been searching for so long, it's hard to believe sometimes that things have happened this way still, even if it's been nearly a year. I still can't seem to get my head around how we let this become the way it is. How did we let Chopsticks gain power? And Chaos, when was that a good decision? Still, Thomas doesn't seem bothered by any of it.

    Calm as always, my father gets things done as though he were sleepwalking his way through it. He tells me that I'm the angry one, but he can kill without even looking them in the eye. For now, we're guns for hire and I guess that's fine. We're collectors, right now, searching for a valuable prize. How much will the harpy even fetch us? I don't - oh. It's time to go. Eros out.

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    This is not an operation, this is not a mission. This is survival. Everything has been about just barely getting back, and making sure no one crosses you in the future. Some aren't so good at the latter, but there are plenty who aren't making the former, either. They came for everyone in the town, and they burnt it to the ground. What little had been done to try to raise a city from the rubble just got burned down again.

    There was a ship - that was lucky. That allowed for escape from the town that was in flames. The not so lucky part was what came after that. Maybe no one is to blame for the ship crashing but then, maybe someone is? Who knows what any of the people onboard have going on, they don't know each other. Not yet.
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    [size=+1]Steam City[/size]

    Iwaku experienced its Industrial Revolution with some hesitancy, some excitement. Most were alive for it, to see wondrous things that they had never thought possible. Magitech, steampower, and inventions run rampant through the city now.

    Eighteen years after the Industrial Revolution and one year after King Gabriel's death, Emperor Paorou and his Empire have been pushed to the other side of the ocean. Prince Asmodeus is dead and the peace that ensued gave Prince Rory opportunity to pass his crown to Lady Diana and pursue his own goals. The League of Extraordinary Moderators, recruited by the Lady Diana, keep a watchful eye over Iwaku. At the heart of the city, Shifter Foundation's Lady Lycan has been recruiting members for a special expedition. However, nothing is ever perfect. A seething underbelly remains, the Iwaku Underworld, where low class criminals, outcasts, and those with peculiar maladies hide from the rest of the world.
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