Universe Collide

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  • In this role play many universe have collided into one bringing many evils to the world. many hero's have fallen to this evil so it up to you (your OC) to help defeat the evil and restore the piece. but it won't be easy it will take time for you to get stronger and better and master your ability's to there maximum power, and become the strongest hero you possibly can be. So? are you up to the challenge.
  • 1. Take "it" to pm
    2.No cannon characters as your main protagonist
    3.No Op powers
    4.Keep swearing to a low
    5.No Auto Hitting
    6.No one liners
    7.Respect others and HAVE FUN!!!
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((So am I correct to assume this is like a jump-in rp? I'm all up for it if it is. I have a character I really want to bring back :D
And do I need a bio or can I incorporate it into the story?))
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