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    Universe Anew: DC
    Current Arc: "Duo" #1
    Human beings by nature reject change. Fluctuations in our social hierarchy, global warming, the prospect of the digital age lasting forever; everybody is scared of something but nobody wants to do anything about it. We shun any who do not share our ideals and cast an unnecessary shadow of hatred upon the unknown; that is why heroes are now a myth, a bedtime story to lull children to sleep at night. Seventy five years ago, humans -that would later be commonly referred to as meta-humans- revealed themselves to the world and attempted to restore order and peace whilst simultaneously protecting the innocent from the clutches of the Second World War. Lending aid to countries in desperate need of it, some would say that without meta-humans, the war would not have been won; a small debate that subsequently sparked the worldwide rejection of meta-humans. Now, in the present day meta-humans live in secret and many doubt they exist at all, but as events begin to unfold and new people are tested, heroes will be born once again.

    This new universe will be split into arcs that contain one or more origin story. New characters will be introduced gradually and applications will be opened for others to join as other heroes. Histories and other key facts may be altered to cater to the new universe; after all, this is a reboot.

    ARC 1 - "Duo"
    Kara Zor-El and Courtney Whitmore

    PART 1 - Feeling betrayed after her mother marries a man she deemed unfit, Courtney comes across a costume that she has no idea belonged to the great Sylvester Pemberton. Discovering that whilst wearing the costume she's granted 'abilities', Courtney must choose whether or not she wants to become a hero. Kara Zor-El has been in hiding for a number of years after arriving on Earth, assuming that she is the only Krypton left in existence, she has moved from city to city and avoided laying down any roots. Though after meeting a would-be hero, Courtney Whitmore, Kara may just change her stance on friendships.
    Linda Lee / Kara Zor-El / Supergirl

    Courtney Whitmore / Star-Spangled Kid / Stargirl
    Pamela Whitmore
    Pat Dugan

    Jack Knight / Starman


    Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore

    Codename(s): Court, Star, Star-Spangled Kid, Stargirl
    Gender: Female | ♀
    Age: 16
    Citizenship: United States of America, American
    Marital Status: Single

    Personal Background
    Courtney is a sixteen year old who lives with her mother, Pamela and her stepfather Pat Dugan. She isn't extremely popular at school but she took Pat's advice and tried out for the cheerleading team. A typically naive and curious girl, Courtney rarely knows when to stop asking questions or looking into personal matters; especially when it comes to her stepfather.

    Courtney's star belt gives her many abilities including Martial Arts, Enhanced Strength and Agility, Star Blasts and Invulnerability. With the help of her Star Rod, she can fly, shoot cosmic energy, manipulate energy, create energy constructs, and can create defensive force-fields. Being attuned with the staff, it can receive mental commands from a distance.


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  2. -----------CHARACTER SHEET------------

    Name: Kara Zor-El aka Linda Lee (Earth) aka Kara Kent (Future)
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'6"
    Blood Type: Unregistered
    Weight: 117 lbs
    Occupation: Drifter

    Linda Lee (open)


    Hidden (open)


    In the future... (open)


    Powers & Abilities:

    In the modern age, Kara Zor-El's power is vast. For a time it was believed by many that Kara was stronger then Superman himself. However, Superman explained that he holds back his powers so he does not hurt people, while Kara has less experience she is shown to be a little weaker than Wonder Woman. Zatanna once clarified this saying that while Wonder Woman is stronger, Kara will surpass her in the future. While Kara was in suspended animation, her rocket ship had a yellow sun inside, which she was exposed to throughout her journey to Earth. Kara was also trained by the Amazons and is now a skilled fighter ((Future event)), even rivalling the famed Barbara Gordon's skills.

    Recently, she was briefly a member of the Red Lantern Corps. ((Arc of Lantern Corps; Future Event))
    Kryptonian Abilities


    Like her Kryptonian cousin, Supergirl has the ability to fly at great speeds, it has been shown that is able to fly at the speed of light, on one such occasion she has been seen to fly through the moon.

    Super Hearing

    Supergirl has the ability to detect and interpret dissipating sound waves, this means that she is able to hear even the quietest of sounds from a large distance away, meaning that she can pinpoint a single person in the world just from their voice or heartbeat, this is done by filtering out every other sound in the world. Supergirl can also detect sound waves at a higher or lower frequency than a normal human ear can usually detect, this ranges from sub sonic wavelengths to radio waves.


    Supergirl is not totally invulnerable and has a powerful healing factor.

    Heat Vision

    Supergirl has the ability to generate intense heat from her eyes, this heat is then focused and projected in the form of beams of radiation, which can be used to melt steel structures or heat up cold coffee, meaning that she can control the temperature of these beams.


    Although bullets won't harm them, sufficient amount of force and a sufficiently powerful electric shock can. The costume that they wear is actually armor which itself is theoretically invincible. Their skin is harder than diamond, and are resistant to disease and toxins.

    Super Breath/Freeze Breath

    Kara has the ability to emit a concussive force of gale winds throughout a large radius of an area. She can also suck in oxygen at vacuum force levels. She can alter the breeze of the winds to have a spontaneous freezing effect on molecules around the air.
    uper Strength

    The exact magnitude of Supergirl's strength is unknown, she was easily able to knock down armored weaponized robots only with minimal strain and when she hits Superman, it actually hurts him and he notes that he's never been hit that hard before. She can lift 100 tons with minimal effort.


    Supergirl was born into a society hundreds of years ahead of Earth. She lived there for about 15 years and learned much of the technology. Krypton was ruled by the Science Council and it was a huge part of their daily lives. Kara posseses an aptitude for instinctively learning new technology or science based things. She can pick up complex and various bunches of info exceptionally fast.

    X–Ray Vision

    Can see through anything except lead.

    Super Speed

    As like Superman she can move unbelievably quickly, albeit not as fast as other speedsters, or those that possess the speed force.

    Red Power Ring ((Future Event))

    After Krypton Returns Some given DC event, A Red Power Ring chose Kara. She has been shown to be able to charge the ring when depleted with her Rage. However she is more prone to violent outbursts and has a hard time controlling The Ring.

    Solar Bomb/Thermokinesis

    In the New 52 recent moments of her life, Kara has recently shown the ability to release the solar energy within her like a bomb, an attack which has proved powerful enough to hurt Wonder Woman. She can use the same ability to a lesser extent in order to raise her body temperature to incredible levels and, more prosaically, to turn herself into a living torch.

    Normal Abilities


    Kara has been in hiding ever since she's hit Earth. She has the ability to gracefully and almost non existently hide from people/things and keep a low profile.

    ((more will be added as they go))

    Bio: Kara Zor-El was born in Argo City of the technoscience planet of Krypton. She was raised in the Scientific House of El where her father Zor worked as an artist and her mother, Alura In-Ze as a scientist wit Kara's uncle's team, named Jor-El. Kara and a group of other young pilots-in-training are in the Kryptonian jungle, retrieving beacons as part of their terraform training. They were to learn to deal with an Alien planet's harsh environment, but only four of the people in the group were chosen to take on the expedition upon graduation. Dev-Em, one of the group members kills one of the other people, Kell-Ur, who was Kara's friend/love interest, in order to increase his chances of being chosen. Kara battled with Dev-Em and had him arrested for murder. Murder is rare on Krypton, and Dev is sentenced to death. Kara graduates and soon takes off in one of the scout ships. The whole fleet of ships take off to explore and help Krypton "expand". Each scout ship has a "Growth Codex" that will allow them to let the stored embryos grow into full-grown Kryptonians and help them terraform the land. Kara and her team go to sleep in their sleep pods for the many years of travel. Kara wakes up and sees that everyone has already left their pod. She sees that the others are dead, and sees Dev-Em on the ship, alive. He was freed by council members who opposed the death penalty. He stowed away on the ship and woke up the others to access food, and killed them soon after when they were of no use. He then alters the course to the "Sol System". The ship was headed to a place named Earth. Kara and Dev-Em battle, now with much stronger powers, and cause the ship to crash in the snow on Earth. Kara awakes from her crash and stumbles out into this icy terrain and strange world before her, lost of direction or time. The climate had no effect on her skin, and the radiation seemed to enhance her life force. Upon screaming for help, she accidentally released a thunderous breath with the force of a hurricane, sending a flurry of snow covering the ship. Startled, she realized that this planet somehow adapted her DNA to have enhanced physical and solar attributes. Not sure if Dev still lives or not, she seeks to find answers and try to reach back to her homeworld of Krypton, that she may be rescued and reunited with her people once more. Until then, she remains hidden to the world, drifting from place to place, discovering that vast amounts of life exist here as well. Kara attempts to signal Krypton, in hope of a response. She awaits the day her salvation will come, but for now she has one goal: Survive in a world that she knows nothing of, nor what it contains. Little does she know, she's apart of a much bigger world. A much larger universe.
  3. -------------------------------------------SOME TIME AGO----------------------------------------
    The lush forest in front of me smacks bushes and plant life in my face. I brush them away with my hands as I continue on, hearing the trampling of feet behind me. My team and I ventured into the jungles of our homeworld further and further, as I view the holographic map emitting from my wrist with a single red dot on it. We were drawing closer. As we continue to move through the wave of green, brown, and geolithic colors, two more faint signals appear on the map.

    Me: "The three beacons are just up ahead."

    My teammate and very close friend Kell-Ur swipes away at plants in front of us, clearing a path that the entire squad can walk and manuever more efficiently. A couple of others with blades have the same task, as I am the desginated tracker and transponder for this trial. This was the day we've all been waiting for. Our chance at joining the Expedition Squad. All those vast new worlds to see, so many new opportunities to explore and expand Krypton. It was my dream.

    Kell-Ur: "With any luck Kara...we'll have this locked by nightfall. [swiping plants]"

    Another friend of mine, Thara Ak-Var spoke up in response to Kell's words.

    Thara ak-Var: "The Explorer's Council wouldn't make the test THAT easy, Kell-Ur..[swiping plants as well] there has to be something more dangerous involved"

    Kell-Ur: "I've never understood why the Council thinks this is a good test for pilots, or why we have to wear these itchy suits [wipes sweat from forehead]"

    I blush from the heat while looking at Kell. He was so good looking in that itchy suit.

    Me: "We're simulating the harsh and unpredictable conditions Explorer's Guild members potentially encounter, Kell. There's no telling what we might find before terraforming begins....or what might find us."

    We finally come upon a climbable mountain and agree that it's best to ascend so that we may get a better view on where these beacons can be. The Council never made these things easy, I remember my friend Tom-Var told me once they hid the three beacons almost seventy miles apart from one another, and gave them less than 35 hours to find them. Sheesh. Thara pulls out her ropes and rappels them on top of the mountain as we begin our climb. Slowly and steady rock upon rock, we reach the top as I'm the first one up. The view of my home city of Argo was astounding.


    While looking out into the scenery, my holo-map beeps as the red dots vanish from view.

    Me: "We've lost the signal..."

    The rest of the squad mumbles undeer their breath as I continue on to regain the signal. They follow behind me. We venture towards the lava lakes of Krypton, extremely dangerous. Our ancestors built a bridge here in order to be able to reach Vathlo Isle. The lave begins to erupt and flow all around us, but we're suspended high on the bridge and remain unaffected. As I look down thousands of feet below me, I make haste crossing the bridge so that I can secure my safety and help the others. The sad thing was only four of us would graduate into the guild...I had to make sure I was one, and it'd certainly be nice if Kell was also. No one else knew of our relationship, but it was joyous. My holo-map beeps as I cross the bridge.


    Me: "I've gotten two of the signals back, but they're very faint..."

    Without giving anyone a chance to rest or speak I trek further on past the lava lakes and into the valleys below where different color crystalline structures covered the land in between the streams of water. It was a good ways down, but we had no time to waste if we are to make the time limit. I back up a few meters for a running start, the entire squad looking at me. I rush to the edge and leap off, crossing my arms and legs as I do. I dive into the cool, crisp water as it washes the heat away. I surface to see impact of more bodies as well. I swim towards land in the directions of the beacons, the splashing of my team behind me. I reach land, as another red dot appears on the map.

    Me: "FINALLY....I've got all three signals back."

    Climbing up a hill past the crystals and water streams we rest at the mouth of a cave which probably houses the feral creatures of Krypton. Best to leave them be.

    Me: "The fastest way for us to end this test is to split up. Kell, you take Dev-Em. The first beacon is three klicks northwest."
    Kell: "Agreed."

    Dev-Em: "[shrugging] ...and why should I follow YOUR orders, Kara Zor-El?"

    Me: "[rushing up to him, poking his chest] Because I've kept us alive this long and this is a TIMED trial Dev-Em, so we need to move quickly..[backing off] Nam-Ek, you head south with Dora. Thara, you're with me."

    I say nothing else as I walk forward with Thara smirking, readying her blade. Kell looks on at me with deep eyes and then departs with Dev. Upon entering the bushes once more, I let Thara lead as she chops away at the lush, fresh greens in front of us.

    Thara: [fatigued] "Was it wise to split into groups? The test states that only FOUR students will pass..."

    Me: "We'll do better if we all work together. The council has no choice but to recognize that feat."

    Suddenly Thara and I get the sound of an eminating buzz. A glow of red covers the leaves from a near distance as Thara swiftly and energetically cuts away at the botanic obstacles in our way. One swipe of a vine, and there lied the metallic beacon glowing red energy. I point as Thara deactivates the beacon and places it in her equipment backpack. I crouch beside her to assist....and then it happens. Before I know it, a scream comes from beyond the bushes. A ghastly one....it sounded familiar...

    Me: "That scream.....[slowly rises]...KELL!!!!"

    I dart from Thara and make my way into the fray of jungle in front of me. Insectoids and Reptilian zoom away from me with haste, as I run like I've never ran before. I step onto a tree and launch over a vine swiftly, immediately sliding under a croft as I land. The shouts continue as Kell screams for someone, anyone to help him. I slide down the ravine towards the cliffs where his voice comes from. I reach the cliffs and see no one...and my dropping heart compels me to look over the edge....exactly where Kell was.

    Kell: "Kara!!"
    Kell-Ur (open)


    Me: "Hold on!! [grabbing a nearby branch and sticking it down towards him] THARA!!!! I need the ropes in your bag!!!.........THARAAA!!!"

    Kell: "Hurry...slipping...[losing grip]"

    At that moment a cyan blue Krysnake emerges from the rock and slithers towards Kell. As soon as I seen it I knew...but I didn't want to know. Krysnakes were mean, and always carnivorous...I had to hurry, I wanted to hurry...but there was no time. The Krysnake strikes Kell in his right hand as he jerks from the pain and releases his grip. Time slowed down and sped up at that moment...

    Me: "KELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    I couldn't believe it...Kell, MY Kell...was gone...he faded into the darkness below...I was so stricken with fear, sadness, and despair...I just stood and watched with water filled eyes. I don't know how long.

    ??: "It's tragic...."

    I turn my head to see Dev-Em standing about the ravine looking down at me, the sun cloaking his silhouette.

    Dev-Em: "But only four of us will graduate..."

    Me: "Where were you Dev!?!? [sees blood on Dev's hand]"

    Dev-Em: "I was searching for the beacon. Kell and I got separated in the forest and--"

    Me: "Liar! I can see his blood on you from here...[eyes gets rageful]"

    Dev: "What?? Impossible! I..[looks at bloody hands, as he starts to sweat and finally realize. His face goes from a shocked look to a glare of incrimination. He then draws his blade.] You're quick witted, Kara Zor-El....but not quick enough!!"

    Dev lunges at me with his blade as I ready the tree branch I had in my hand. He swipes once as I move to the left and immediately ducks as he swipes over my head.

    Dev: "My odds of passing this test are about to get even better!!"

    He swipes right down the middle once more as the branch snaps in half into two blunt force weapons I could now use. I was so angry, so enraged...he took Kell from me, and now he'd pay. He was the macho type to let his ego get the best of him...I'll make him regret it. I swing one end up at his wrist, knocking the blade from his hand. I follow with the other branch and deliver a spinning jam right into his stomach, knocking his wind out. Finally I drive my leg up his chin as blood emerges from his mouth and he falls to the ground.

    Me: "MURDERER!!!"

    Thara: "Kara!!!?"

    Me: "Over here!! [detaining Dev-Em]"

    Thara emerges with Dora and Nam-Ek as they watch me detain Dev. Their confused faces seem to match the tone of the air as Dev looks ashamed and raged for getting bested by the likes of me. I press the emergency sigil on my hip to notify the Council that grave danger has happened. Krypton's first murder in one thousand years. No one takes lives here. It's forbidden. Dev would pay.

    Me: "I just signaled the Council...this test is over...[eyes teary]"
    KARA ZOR-EL.....

    ...It's my privilege to present you with the Star of Rao. Between your impeccable scholastic record and your capture of Dev-Em, you've proven yourself more than worthy of Krypton's highest distinction. You bring great honor to the house of El. Congratulations Kara, we're all very proud of you today.

    Star of Rao (open)


    Me: "Thank you, Speaker Cawl."

    Cawl: "[looking at scouts] In one hour's time, each of you will be assigned to a scout ship. You'll leave Krypton in days. You're all about to embark on a wonderous journey. I envy you. Please know that each of you carries Krypton's future....it's memories....it's legacy! CONGRATULATIONS!!!"

    The applause of both all of our parents and us cadets that made in into the Expedition Guild fill the arena chamber as smiles and cheer fills the heart of everyone there. Many parents rush to their seed while I patiently wait for mine. My parents were the best in the world. Loving, loyal, cherishing. They sneak up on me from behind and wrap their arms around me.


    Zor-El: "Your mother and I are so proud of you, Kara. [hugs me]"

    Alura In-Ze: "You looked so wonderful up there!!"

    Me: "Thank you mom, dad. [smiles] hey, you mind if we run to the hangar before we go to dinner? I'd like to take a look at the ships before I get assigned..."

    Alura: "See the ships that are taking my daughter to the stars? I'd be delighted!"

    We walk over to the hangars down the lower levels of the Council Complex as a vast array of ships infest the enormous room. My mother was the scientist, so I know that she would understand the technology and ingenuity behind the mechanisms that we would be flying. I think my dad was more interested in the aesthetic look of the ships.

    Me: "Inside each scout ship is a Growth Codex. We'll land, explore the IMMEDIATE area only, then activate the codex. The stored embryos will gestate, and soon we'll have an entire Kryptonian population to help us Terraform."

    I begin to talk rapidly to mask how excited and anxious I am.

    Zor-El: "Kara, there are...[gazing at ships] ...there are so many ships."

    Me: "Over a thousand dispatching from this reigon alone. They're calling this Krypton's 'Great Age of Expansion' I'm..I'm so honored to be apart of it!!!"

    Zor-El: "Kara...[stops me]..your mother and I weren't sure if we should wait and give this to you later, but since you'll be assigned and gone before we know it..."

    Alura: "Zor, are you sure?"

    Zor: "It's fine Alura. We got you something. To commemorate this occasion. We had it made a few weeks before..."

    Me: "[takes gift] What is it?"

    Alura: "It's Sunstone. VERY rare on this side of the world. We got the image from Kell, he said it was a happy memory..."

    The crystal then shows a holographic image on Kell hugging me, and holding me. We look so peaceful, so serene. My eyes tear up as my chest gets tight. I summon enough will to muster the words to describe what I think to my parents. Even from beyond death, Kell is still making me blush and joyous.

    Me: "I...I love it."

    I loved him.

    __________________PRESENT DAY_________________

    I open my eyes to snow falling on my face. Something Krypton never had. It's frigid properties hitting against my face, my hands. I still had my spacesuit on, my all black sleek body outfit displaying the house of El logo on my chest. Day two of being on this planet and I still haven't seen him, or any Kryptonians....no rescue. Just ice and snow. I found some beings that looked just like me yesterday, seems they hunted and killed some type of four-legged predator that was significantly smaller than our feral beasts. That's what they must eat for food. If that's how primal this planet it then our technology exceeds them greatly I bet, Their garments appear of animal leather and fur...but faces similar to Kryptonians. I wanted to make myself known, but they could be unpredictable. I had to study their behavior. For some reason the ice and cold should be decreasing my temperature but it's not. Strange. Maybe it's time I head back to the ship. I've been napping here for I don't know how long now. I hope my people are out there somewhere....​
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  4. The sky was lavish cerulean when Courtney's eyes opened. With hazy recollections of the dreams she'd had throughout the night occupying her waking mind, she yawned. She had dreamt of Billy Sandford, a boy from her fourth period biology class before acing after school cheerleading tryouts. Needless to say it was a good dream but routinely, the euphoric memory began to fade and Courtney sat up. Her blonde hair snaked down to her chest and one of the straps on her pajama top slid down her arm.
    At the end of her bed, hanging over the top of her full-length mirror was a bridesmaids dress. It was a subtle lilac with small crystals embedded into several of the seams. It was a beautiful dress and embodied the exquisite taste that she and her mother, Pamela shared but the message behind it was coercive. It was a bribe to ensure Courtney's compliance with her mother marrying somebody that Courtney didn't approve of.
    "Court, we're going to be late!" Pamela's voice filtered through the house until it reached Courtney's ears, causing the girl to groan. The brief band aid that was the after effects of a pleasant dream had postponed her realisation that today was the day that her mother would marry Pat Dugan.
    Pat Dugan was the very definition of a family man, even if Courtney wasn't his daughter; he treated her like one and truthfully that had cushioned the blow that was their engagement. He was strong, driven and there was no question that he could provide for them; but Courtney still clung to the hope that her real father was going to come home and explain that he'd had some illicit plan all along that would set them up for the future.
    "Courtney!" Pamela shouted from the bottom of the stairs and Courtney winced, shaking her head as she retreated from her thoughts. "I swear--" Courtney could hear her mother ascending the stairs and crossing the landing, before she finally appeared in the bedroom doorway. "Whilst you overslept for forty-five minutes, I've had my hair done and I'm about to get into my dress. I know you don't approve of--"
    Courtney slid to the edge of her bed and crossed her bedroom floor, "Mum, stop. I'm about to get ready right now," she placed a hand on her mothers shoulder and smiled, "Pat's going to be a part of this family and if he makes you happy, I'm happy." Courtney wasn't sure if she was lying or whether she truly could support her mother but either way, she was going to smile and stand beside her mother on her wedding day. "I'll be down in fifteen," Courtney planted a gentle kiss on the side of her mother's cheek and sighed, maintaining her smiling visage until Pamela began to descend the stairs.
    Closing her door, turning and pressing her back against the wood in defeat, Courtney glanced at the dress sideways. It had looked great on her during her fitting but she was suddenly regretting not also pushing for a more impressive bribe. Courtney knew how hard it was for her mother to see the constant tension between Pat and her daughter, but she was evidently determined to stay rooted behind her rose coloured glasses.
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