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  • Graduation day was a day Miles would always remember. A grueling ten years of training with a very strong drill sergeant. He himself had come close to hating Julian, but learned quickly that without his leadership and harsh punishments none of them would survive the war, let alone that god forsaken planet they trained so hard on. Three times Miles was put in the hole that first year; once he almost died because he took a nasty fall, breaking an arm and three ribs, as well as receiving a pretty bad concussion. It was Gwar who kept his spirits lifted (when he came to at least, but he remembered other patients telling him Gwar checked on him whenever he got the chance to) by coming by. He made a recovery, surprising Julian. And even managed to impress the hardened driller when he made it through training that year and the years to follow. Gwar and himself made it to graduation; the party afterwards was a blast. Cakes and wine, those impressive uniforms both he and Gwar were given to wear; it all seemed so surreal to Miles, but he wasn't complaining. It was a great feeling; greater when his adoptive family showed up. They were so supportive; not like his birth family.

    The party, the graduation, the training...all a distant memory in the eyes of the soldiers who sat in the space convoy that day. Miles, a man that the squad had come to respect for his leadership, had made it to squad leader. Julian Kayle had been placed on another platoon, another troop. It was too bad too; Julian had become close to some of the very members of this squad and it would be hard to leave him. But both Gwar Struck and Miles Dracconis had made it to officers. Both were squad leaders, they balanced each other out well.

    War talks had been flowing frequently through the Universal Times, and the news wasn't leaning anywhere near peace. The Terrans were threatening war on Earth because of the need for expansion of their empire, and earth was outnumbered by many.

    In the newest issue, it reported the Terrans having destroyed an Earth ship with Earth's high monk as well as fifteen hundred people aboard. The call to war was made, and troops deployed.

    So there on that ship sat Miles and the other members of the squad, waiting for their turn to war. Fear beat fast in Mile's chest as the sight of one of the Terran's planet bases came up. they'd be coming in on a hot LZ, people, members here, were probably going to die before they hit the ground. Mile's dog Shep, who was the training planet's own version of a German Shepard Dog, eagerly waited at the drop door with his breathing mask on and suit on, looking back at Miles. They were being dropped into the world's harsh atmosphere, nobody could breathe the toxic air the Terrans could. They had invisible guards of oxygen on but none were invented for the canines just yet, a project Todd, their own mechanic, was working on. He was a good private, but talked too much sometimes. Miles held onto his weapon as if it were going to drop out of his hands. Glancing around, he sighed and looked to the doors. No words would protect them from what was out there waiting, and they all knew exactly what to do.

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