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    Blake Sanders
    Age - 19
    Sexuality - Bi
    Race - Human

    Appearance - Photo above.

    Personality - A somewhat dark and twisted personality. He looks out for himself and if he loves someone then them as well. It is rare for him to actually care about others being more focused on himself. But once he cares for or loves someone then he will do anything for them. Will act innocent and sweet to get what he wants and will stop at nothing until he has it. He will also take advantage of any situation that he can. Blake is selfish and greedy but will rarely show these qualities about himself. It is easy for him to hide his emotions or how he actually feels. Because of that it's hard for people to know his true intentions.

    Bio - Blake's parents died when he was younger around the age of fourteen. He never really cared for them so when they passed away he found that he wasn't sad at all. Instead he was more concerned about what would happen to him. He has been to a few foster homes being passed around. At the age of eighteen being a legal adult he left to live on his own. Now he lives in a house that was located in the woods using the money he had from his dead parents, that and he was rather wealthy with the way he handles his money.
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    Name- Abel Cain
    Age- Technically five, but in human years- 17
    Sexuality- Unsure
    Species- Unsure
    Personality- Kind and caring; Abel usually tries to keep his distance from human beings or any creature around. He is naturally shy and easily embarrassed. He truly is innocent and sweet, but he fails to realize it most of the time. When questioned about his motives all he replies with is; 'It was the right thing to do, yeah?' Sometimes he can be as stoic and as cold as the next person, but he prefers not to let a person push him to that point; especially when it's useless.

    Bio- Abel doesn't remember much about his pass, all he remembers is what happens after he had an accident at his previous job. A hit to his head caused him to lose all his memories, but he's hoping to get all of them back through traveling and asking around these towns.
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  3. It was around six AM in the morning, with the shining sun beginning to rise over the horizon. The train jolted which woke the teen up. Stretching, Abel stood up quickly, ready to exit the train and begin again. Since he was a wealthy kid- he could go anywhere he wanted; even if he didn't know where the money kept coming from. Parent, they said. What parents? What? It just didn't make any sense to him, really? One moment he was fixing a broken window on one of the newest apartment buildings in Great Britain, the next moment; he woke up to a woman crying over him. His 'sister'? He just couldn't recall a thing, really. Sadness waved through the hospitals room after what the doctor said; "Amnesia". Is that why he couldn't remember anything? Amnesia was a fickle thing, wasn't it? No matter. If he forgotten something important- he promised all the people surrounding him while he laid there weak that he'd remember...One day.

    But that day may be a long while off. No. It didn't matter. He wasn't allowing this minor set back stop him from living. Living this short life he had. "Starting anew is the best thing to do, no?" He hopped off the train and smiled at the female conductor. Her face seemed to brighten at his smile. So far- this morning started out great. Nothing could go wrong, he thought.

    With his Black blazer wrapped around his rather small frame, he walked through the small yet confusing train station. "Hmm..." He looked around for an exit, but couldn't seem to find one. Only one thing he could do, although he dreaded it, was to ask for help. He looked around until he spotted the most nonthreatening being around. A male who looked about his age.

    "E-Excuse me!" He called out from afar and raced after the young male until he caught up to him. "Aha! Finally! I've caught up to you!!" His British accent was thick enough for others to see that he lived there for a very long time- which was true. "Could you show me where an exit is?" Again; Abel flashed a smile. He was kind of a 'smiling angel' so-to-speak. He couldn't help but to smile and be happy all of the time. He just couldn't help it. At least that part of him didn't change.

    Abel stood at 5'7". His stature was small, his hair, now to his shoulders; the top layer was pink and the bottom layer- white. His eyes were an icy aqua blue, and his face seemed to be covered in freckles, but they complemented his already pretty face- so did his lightly tinted lips. It was quite understandable why others confused him for a girl many times...Though it was annoying, who could blame them? He was such a beauty...It was so unnatural.

    "Hello?" He called out to the young fellow. "What do you keep staring at?"
    I hope it isn't me...He was just so used to the stares. He never knew he'd have such problems, ever, but he was wrong. It was either his hair, his eyes, his freckles, his lips or his uniform. His uniform was that of a student from Victoria high. One of the top ten schools in Britain! It was hard to get into, plus you needed a lot of money to pay it's tuition- which he had. Which proved he was wealthy, and many people used him for that, but he would always see through their lies quickly...Unless he didn't want to see. Still; he wouldn't allow himself to be used.

    Have heard of a millionaire? That's how much his family's business was worth. That much money, and didn't use much of it. That must be why his father left all the all of his millions to him? Even so, his greedy family still asks him for some money although they have billions of their own. Of course he says 'no', but he isn't in the wrong about it, yeah? He'll only help those who need it...Not the rich and greedy. How wrong!

    But he was used to only being like because of his uniform. Not like he cared...He never gave out his money, or used it himself. Wasn't that greedy too then? Well he only used it for living expenses. Maybe a bit of traveling and paying off his tuition. That's it. Nothing selfish at all...

    "Oh! I see an exit- never mind! Thank you for stopping!" Knowledge almost everyone knew; don't let a black blazer Victoria High student go so easily.
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  4. Blake rolled his pale green eyes as people rushed out of the train, a sneer on his face. Pushing past people he slipped out giving glares to a few people. Others he gave the most innocent look possible. Recently he had gone on a vacation and was now back.

    Luckily he knew this train station like the back of his hand. So unlike many others he knew where he was going. Of course he still stuck around a little while, amused by the lost looks on the peoples faces. Snickering he walked around for a few minutes. Just enjoying the confusion of the many people walking around. To him everyone was an idiot...of course he was an exception being the only actually smart person.

    Occasionally someone would bump into him giving him a glare which he gave right back. Most of the time he would be acting sweet and innocent but at the moment he wasn't in the mood. People would normally find it hard to see him as something menacing. But each time he glared at someone they would quickly hurry away as if he was about to rip them to pieces.

    Because of his appearance it was hard to believe he could be anything even close to menacing. He was around 5 9", not extremely short but not tall either. Black hair that covered his face slightly. Because his hair was so dark it almost had a blue tint to it, but not by much. Light green eyes with a flare of yellow in them stood out against his perfect, pale skin.

    Some people would try to call him 'cute', which he absolutely hated. Being cute was for girls, guys were not cute. To be called cute was a blow to his manliness. Even as a child he simply detested being called cute or anything like it. He was handsome and most defiantly not 'adorable' or 'cute'. Yet some people still insisted on calling him such things. If they pushed him far enough they would end up walking away with a few new bruises.

    Because of this he had been held back in school for missing do many days from being suspended. Still the school had never suspended him, which didn't surprise him at all. He had money and if you had money it was easy to do whatever you wanted. Blake never really flashed his money around like most of the other students did but that was just how he was. Even though he didn't flash it around it was still known that he had it, which was why he went to one of the top ten schools. Just because he didn't wave his money around disn't mean he didn't use it to his advantage.

    Noticing someone was trying to get his attention he stopped and turned to see who it was. Once he did he couldn't help but stare at them, taking everything in. For a moment he wasn't sure if it was a girl or a guy but quickly decided on guy. Listening to him thoughts ran through Blake's mind. He had quickly picked up on the black blazer.

    Seeing that the other was about to leave he reached out grabbing his shoulder. Not threateningly more so in a friendly gesture. Plastering a smile on his face he looked down at the other. "Hmm...you're new here. Let me show you around, it would be rude of me not to. I mean after all you got lost in the train station. It would be a shame to get lost else where."
  5. "Is that so?" What a fake smile the stranger had plastered on his face, buuuut- he'd go with it instead of calling him out. "Well thank you, I suppose, but you wouldn't want to waste your time on me. Thanks for the kindness though!" Kindly, Abel bowed in respect before he proceeded to walk off again. Never have met someone with such a kind yet dark smile...He calmly thought to himself. He didn't quite understand, but the aura this male had....Geez. Premonition?

    Yeaaaah. It was surely premonition. He had a bad feeling in his stomach about this stranger, but couldn't stay away, either. "Hmmm...Maybe..." He stopped and turn back to the male, two inches taller than him. "Maybe, you can show me around town. But I have to retire to my home soon...We only have four hours. How upsetting." Abel's accent seem to disappear on the word upsetting. It disappeared so easily, it was like he was an American. Well; Abel was British-American. He was just told he lived in Britain for awhile for a simple laugh. He couldn't deny it or agree...He had forgotten. Did they forget??

    Probably not; they were always cold like that. They...Meaning his family. Mom's a drug addict while his sisters hate him and try to use him for money, but he'd never fall for such bullshit. He just couldn't trust anyone after his dad died.

    He was murdered by someone within the house...

    Mother was crying nonstop while the six girls laughed...Until they found out all the of the family's wealth was left to Abel. A kid at his young age couldn't understand it. Why they started to hate him so, but he always had this stuffed polar bear named; Mr. Bubbles. With him around, he felt strong. He could keep going if this place was no a hell hole. It didn't matter...

    Maybe this man reminded him of his beloved toy...?
  6. Blake watched with narrowed eyes as the other walked away from him. His eyes seemed to take on a darker tone and his smile becoming a little more twisted. Being ignored, rejected, or having someone walk away from him was not something he liked, not in the slightest. Taking a deep breath he calmed down his temper which had been rising.

    Getting angry never seemed to help him. That's why he was still in school. With so many fights he missed a lot of days which meant he got held back. sighing he unclenched his fist which he hadn't even realized he had made. Staring at the back of the other male's head he noticed that he had paused. Quickly he smiled charmingly at the other once again.

    "Well then we should get going.~ Come on let's began the tour shall we." Pausing he looked the other over once again. He had to admit the other male was rather cute...for a guy. Then again when he had first seen him for a moment he had thought he was a girl. "Besides I'm sure we will be seeing each other again."

    He offered the other a more genuine smile then he had given before. Yet he couldn't hide the darkness that seemed to linger in it. "Well come on then." With that he began to lead the other out of the train station.
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