Universal Fleet

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  1. I was thinking of starting a space roleplay involving Ships and FTL drives, like Star Trek for example

    As a quick plot just to start I had in mind an Alien Race from a different Universe is threatening to take over the planet Earth and have set up a beachhead (Base Camp) on Jupiter.
    -This is just a rough idea at the moment but if anyone has an idea send me a message with the idea and I will incorporate it in the thread :)

    Just fill out the character sheet and reply it on this thread

    Ship Commander Name -
    Name of Ship -
    Description or picture of ship -
    Short description of Ship Commander or a picture -
    Short description of ship commanders personality/traits-
  2. This is mine so far :)

    Commander Name - Commander Steven Bryant
    Name of ship - USS Falcon
    Picture of ship -
    Picture of Commander - gerard_butler_96.jpg
    Personality - Commander Bryant is a firm but fair Commander, he is known for his get to the point and get the job done attitude along with a sarcastic humour. Overall he is a strong leader and thinks about his decisions before he puts them into action