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  1. On the Federal Alliance Ship the Cadence, rumors quickly spread amongst the crew and staff about the two strangers that showed up a week earlier. One of the strangers was quickly recognized as a rare race called the Mottledan, while the other appeared only to be human. The real mystery was that this 'human' had four lungs, which stumped the doctors, as well as his dna not registering in any of the data bases around. The young lad laid in the hospital bed, strapped down to prevent any more sudden bursts of violence.

    Keelard, a Crystallian Commander, had slowly woken up. His eyes were bluer then blue, though his vision was still a bit blurry from the sediatives given to him, as well as his sudden thaw. He slowly looked around, to find the doctor and Captain speaking to each other. Though he was able to learn languages fast, this language was one that he had never encountered before, and was baffled by what was saying. As he tried to move, he noticed that he was restrand, something that never lasted long. Keelard was skilled in escape, just as his training prepared him for. He examined the room further to find that the equipment and technology was a bit out dated to what he was used to, but he would do everything to escape and find Kip, a very trustworthy friend of his.
  2. Kip woke with a start and looked around at his surroundings. His eyes burned and the bright light above him didn’t help at all.

    “It’s awake!” A young medical officer would cry out and point at the glass.

    “Wake the General, hurry up. Call him, I don’t care what time it is, do it.” He would shout to the other aid as the pair scrambled around their lab alerting anyone and everyone that needed to know that the Mottledan was awake.

    Kip could see the movement beyond the glass and his ears picked up all the muffled noise. Hugging himself he felt more like a test object then someone in for medical attention. His surroundings were so empty and bleak.

    A plain slab to sleep on with no blanket or pillow? What was he a criminal? What was the glass wall for? Where was he? All of him hurt and just wanted answers. The bright light over head was making his head hurt. Covering his eyes he whimpered and sighed. Why was he even alive if this was what it was going to be like? Curling up on his side he lay on a ball and closed his eyes.

    “What’s what’s wrong with it?” The young officer would point again. "Is it dying? Look” The pair would stand and stare at Kip.

    “I, I don’t know. I’m not going near it. I don’t have a suit. You go.”

    “No.” The pair would argue.

    “Just, wait till the Commander comes. He’ll know what to do. Side’s his vitals are ok. I think.” They watched Kip through the class and stared. Kip felt the eyes and balled up even smaller. What had he done wrong? His stomach hurt and he didn’t feel good at all why had he even woken up? His ears lowered giving away his emotions.
  3. Keelard quickly escpaed the restrains, making sure not to be noticed. THe last thing he wanted to was to alert the crew of this unknown vessel that had taken him prisoner, or at least thats what he thought. Keelard silently and quickly searched for the Mottledan that he was responsible for, just to find the young being locked in a glass cell. With the comotion of the medical staff awaiting for some, or arguing amoungst each other, Keelard hid waiting for the right time to get to Kip. The language that was being spoken, was unknown to the young Crystallian, but he would surely learn it, and learn soon.

    As time went on, Keelard was able to pick up on most words, but there were still words that he wasn't understanding. The language was becoming familiar to him more, as he listened into what was being said. All he needed was a weapon, and a distraction and everything would be perfect. The last thing he wanted was to get caught, or killed at the very worse.
  4. “Explain yourselves and I mean right now.” The commander said over the pair of medical staff. Both of them jumped and looked up.

    “Sir” They said in unison. After looking at each other and then over at the creature behind the glass they returned to their duties and the lead officer took over.

    "Sir it moved, but now it looks like something is wrong with it. It’s all balled up. We think it might be dying or sick Sir.”

    “Have you feed it or spoken to it?” The group neared the glass but were all still scared.

    “No Sir.”

    “I don’t trust that thing. This could be a trick. It might be poisonous. We just don’t know. It was in the books those things didn’t even exist anymore. Keep it in there make sure its life signature says on I need to seek out more information before I allow one of my crew members near that thing.” The Commander left the area and the pair were alone again.

    “Well great now we have to watch it die?”

    “Shut up. It’s still showing it’s alive, ok. Maybe it’s hungry?”

    “Then you go feed it.”

    “No, you go in there I’m not.” Once again they would start to bicker back and forth ignoring their duties and everyone around them.
  5. Keelard was confused as he overheard the new comer state that Kip's race was extinct. How could that be, they had just defended their planet a few weeks ago. Keelard didn't know that it was 3000 years later. He watched the commander leave and waited until the pair was distracted again.

    "Doctor, I got the results in from the young lad that was found." A nurse ran to the doctor. Doctor Crusher stopped and turned towards the nurse and grabbed the results. From the way she sounded, there was something wrong. After he reviewed it, he was confused. Four lungs, and an extra organ in the skull, what the hell was this, there must have been something done wrong. "Do it again." Doctor Crusher said. The nurse nodded and went to get the equipment ready.

    Keelard snuck up behind the pair and quickly used a Vulcan sleeping grip to the two crew member's necks, quickly putting them asleep. Keelard walked over to the window and looked in to see how Kip was doing. He tapped the glass and motioned to Kip to get his head covered. He wasn't sure if Kip would understand what he was going to do.
  6. Kip sat up and looked over at what was going on. His heart raced as he saw Keelard. He ran over to the window and started to talking to him. He pointed this way and that way. His voice totally muted by the glass. His little arms trying to express what he was feeling and he wanted to tell Keelard everything and he had so many questions but he was just covering his head. Why? Shaking his head a few times he tried to get his friend to listen to him.

    Kip paused and looked at him and wondered what he was doing. Blinking and then thinking about it for a moment it clicked and he ran back from the glass and got under the bed. Covering his ears and eyes he waited for whatever might happen. He was scared to death that a bomb was about to go off.
  7. Keelard looked around and found a stool that was near a desk. Once he picked it up, he slammed it as hard as he could into the glass, shattering it. Keelard quickly looked around and then to Kip.
    "Come on, let's go!" Keelard demanded as an alarm went off. The medical crew began to scramble around in search of the missing patient, Keelard. He went over to the door and hid as two guards with weapons came in. He grabbed one rifle and slammed it into the face of the guard. He then dropped his elbow to the back of the neck, knocking the guard out. He quickly turned his attention to the second guard who was shocked by what was happening. Keelard didn't want to kill anyone, just wanted to get himself and Kip to safety.
  8. Kip’s ears hurt from the sound of the alarm that was going off. Something about its tone was making his vision blurry shaking his head a few times to clear his line of sight he could make out Keelard holding a weapon and then noticed the guards. Not wanting to take any risk since he didn’t know what was going to happen he looked around for a place to hide.

    His heart was racing as everything was happening so fast. Where were they anyway? He had so many questions. Seeing a small doorway he ran towards it. “This, this way.” He shouted to Keelard. “Come this way.” He called to him and ran towards the doorway. His vision was off just a bit and he bumped into the side of the wall instead and wobbled. “Ouch.” The rest of him cleared the doorway and he found himself in a new part of the ship. One much quitter and that helped so much. Rubbing his ears he looked around and found that he had located the ships supply room. All sorts of items lined up neatly, all labeled and sorted. “I wonder if that comes in my size.” He said out loud rather distracted by a pair of boots in a clear storage bag. Kip hadn’t grasped the fact that they might be a huge amount of danger.
  9. Keelard knocked the last guard out cold and followed behind Kip, keeping the rifle of course. Keelard looked around the room for a moment, before hearing a buzz and then someone speaking.

    "This is Captain Shepard, of the Federal Alliance Vessel Cadence. You are cornered in a room with no other way out, and there are several marines at the only door. If you lay down your weapon and come out peacefully, you will not be harmed. We only wish to speak with you." THe Captain said over the speaker in the supply room. Keelard turned and aimed at the door carefully.

    "Kip, they want to talk, but i think it's a trap. Any way you can hack the computer and find out where the shuttle bay is?" Keelard asked, in the Mottledan language. Keelard was fluent in several different languages, and he was also able to pick up other languages extremely fast.
  10. Kip turned around from what he was looking at and smiled. “Well yeah I can try.” He was all smiles and sat down at the chair before the nearest small computer. It was one that he had never seen before. The buttons were different but a good many were pretty close to the last one he had seen. Inching forward he tried to get a better look but the chair rolled back making him laugh.

    “Oh this is fun.” Kip was easily distracted. “Look Keelard, it rolls wanna try it?” Kip moved his hips a few times playing around but when he looked up and caught the expression from Keelard he got back on task.

    “Ok right.” Tapping at the keys with his tiny claws he tried to get up the right information. “It wants a password. What do I put?” He called back. “Maybe we can talk to them. They sound slow. Let me try.” Kip pressed a button on the panel and giggled as it crackled to life. “Don’t shoot us.” He said and his voice came over the loud speaker.

    “Hey it worked.” He told Keelard but that also went over the speaker. It would be the first time that anyone had ever heard Mottledan spoken aloud. The whole ship went silent in awe. They had a once extinct species on their ship and he was alive.
  11. Keelard looked at Kipas herolled around in the chair. His attention went back to th door, just incase they decided to tr and rush him. Keelard was a good shot with most weapons, and it took him a bit to figure the rifle out. "I don't think they understand you." Keelard said moving closer to the mic.

    "I will allow only one person to enter, anyone else will be shot." Keelard said in the human tongue. He wasn't sure what was going to happen, but it happened fast. The doors opened and one older gentleman walked in with his hands raised.

    "We mean no harm. I am unarmed." The captain said as he moved in closer. The doors quickly shut behind him. "I am Captain William Shepard, the commanding officer of this vessel." He spoke, introducing himself. His attention quickly went to the Mottledan in admiration. He's heard stories, but hasn't seen one ever. He figured that Keelard was human, since the Crystallian race was extremely close in appearance.
  12. Kip hopped down from the chair and ran behind Keelard hiding from the larger human. His eyes were wider than normal as he looked over the human. Whispering to Keelard, “He is really, really tall. I don’t like it. Why are they so big?” He started to shake and then sniffed the air catching the humans scent. “He stinks too. Like, like some damp sock.” Kip ducked back behind Keelard as he felt the Captain look him over. His gaze made him feel naked and small. “Stop it. I’m not food.” He said in Mottledan. His ears lowering. “Will they eat me? I’m sure I won’t taste good. Make him go away. He is too tall.” Kip was getting more and more worked up the longer he got stared at.
  13. Keelard laughed a bit at Kip's worriness. He shook his head some. "No He won't eat you, well at least I won't let him. I'd have to be dead for that." Keelard replied. His attention never left the captain, just in case.
    "What's he saying?" Captain Shepard asked, completely amazed at the sound of the Mottledan language, and the fact that a 'human' was able to speak it. Keelard smirked some.
    "Nothing of your concern." Keelard replied, waiting for the captain to explain why they were here and what he wanted with them. "What do you want with us?" Keelard asked.
    The captain shook out of his amazement and looked at Keelard.
    "We are explorers. We out here exploring these parts and came across the locator beacons from your pods. They were weak, but my crew is excellent at what they do, and we brought you on board. We assessed your conditions and gave you medical treatment." The Captain explained, Keelard repeated every word back to Kip, so that he was kept in the loop.
    "Why are you so interested in the Mottledan?" Keelard asked.
    "We heard stories of them, but no one has seen one in a long time. They're believed to be extinct." Captain Shepard explained.
    "That's impossible, there's a whole planet of them." Keelard protested. He wasn't relaying any of this to Kip, so that he didn't get depressed.
    "Not since a war 3000 years ago. They planet was attacked, but a race that has yet to be named, all they're called is the Watchers from Far, stepped in." Capt. Shepard added. Keelard was starting to get confused.
  14. Kip could tell that something was up and stepped forward just a little. He was able to pick up on some of the language and he tried to cut in.

    “Wa, whatss tthis wrong?” He stammered and tried to be brave. All 4 feet of him were shaking but he tried to stand tall.

    “I, I… I wwwan want home.” Blinking he corrected as best as he could. “To to to go home.” Kip looked from the Keelard to the Captain and back. Then he spoke with ease in Mottledan.

    “What’s going on? Why can’t we just go home? I’m hungry. I want some food and a nap. Is he being mean to you?” Kip looked back at the Captain and thought on what he might have missed. It had been a long time since his training in other languages but he would try really hard to remember for the sake of Keelard. He had to try.

    “Do I have to fight him?”
  15. Keelard looked to Kip with a gentle expression. "Everything is ok Kip. You don't have to fight him." Keelard said, trying to reassured the young Mottledan. They both were young, probably the youngest service members in the FA fleet, though they didn't belong to that alliance.

    "You both are probably hungry. Please join me for dinner, my chefs are good cooks. No harm will come to you." Captain Shepard offered. He lowered his arms and slowly moved closer to them. Keelard looked at Kip once more and slowly lowered his weapon and nodded. "We will join you, but heed my warning, you try anything and you'll be the first to go." Keelard warned. He had no idea if there was a trap or anything waiting but he was going to keep his guard up, and take care of his friend.

    "Stand down, all marines return to your quarters. Have my most experienced officers to my conference room for dinner, we have guests." Captain Shepard spoke into a small communication device. "I promise you, nothing will happen. We are curious to know how you got out here, and why you're alone." The captain added, as he slowly backed up to the door, waiting to see if the two would follow.
  16. “What? What will happen to us?” Kip looked over at Keelard and asked him in his native tongue. “I don’t like this. I’m scared.” His stomach growled loudly and it hurt. Kip made a face as his ears lowered. He hated that his body was in charge of the basic needs such as hunger and the call to rest. “When can I go home? I really want to go home. Are close to it?” Kip was full of questions for Keelard and very unsure of the Captain.

    “Um Keelard… you won’t leave me alone right?” He stood near his friend and looked around the supply room again watching the Captain back out. The human was saying things he thought he understood but it all seemed so strange.

    “Oh can I have this?” Kip was suddenly distracted by a small yellow box. “What’s this?” He was grabbing it and playing with it before anyone could stop him. “Oh what’s inside?” Kip started to open it and the box hissed. Kip dropped it now scared of it. The box kept hissing as a small life raft started to fill the space next to them. Kip started laughing. “What’s that?” He poked it as the noise filled the air and pushed other boxes and crates over. Kip giggled and poked it again watching the yellow raft take shape right before his eyes.
  17. The Captain laughted at Kip and Keelard as they watched the boat inflate. "Come on, let's go eat." He said as he stepped out the open door. Keelard watched carefully, making sure that it wasn't a trap. He poked his head out the doors, just to find that no one was around but the Captain.
    "It's safe Kip. Lets take up Shepard's offer on dinner. I know you can use it." Keelard spoke in Kip's native tongue. Keelard only used the Crystallian language around other Crystallians. The Crystallian language is often referred to as a language of music, because it sounds like they were singing. Keelard looked at himself in a one piece flight suit. "Captain Shepard, is there anywhere I can get some clothes after dinner?" Keelard asked,
    "Sure, I'm pretty sure the stores have clothes in your size, and your friends as well." Shepard replied. Keelard was shocked that a ship had stores onboard.
  18. Kip looked back at the raft and sighed. “Oh ok.” His ears went down a little but soon they went back up as the new ship started to unfold before them. With each step he was able to see new things. The interior of the ship was so different from the one he had last seen. This was one was more sleek and silent. It was like they were the only ones on it.

    “Are we all alone?” He asked Keelard. “What are going to eat? Oh do they have Yogalla? I miss that and do you think I can have some JunJunca I really want some of them.” His little feet made clicking sounds as they went since his boots had different bottoms than the others. He tried to keep up but he had to nearly run since he was smaller.

    “Wait for me.” He huffed softly as he jogged behind Keelard and the Captain. “Humans walk so fast. Why? Are they mad?” He looked up at the Captain with wonder and sniffed then rubbed his nose.
  19. Keelard walked with Kit and Captain Shepard through the ship towards his ready room. He kept the rifle at the ready just incase there was a trap. After a few minutes of walking they reached a set of doors.
    "Shall we eat?" Captain Shepard said as he opened rhe doors for Kip and Keelard. The small was outstandingly great, a type of bird that Keelard wasn't familiar with, and other variety of foods. There were really well dressed men and women standing behind their seats, waiting for the captain. "I can't express to you enough that we mean you no harm." The Capt. explain again.
    Keelard looked around and slowly stepped in and looked backed to Kip. "It's safe." Keelard said to Kip in the Mottledan native tongue.
  20. “What happened to that?” Kip asked as he walked up to the table and looked at their dinner. What should be something that most humans would find inviting and warm Kip nearly threw up.

    “Its…dead? Why is that on the table? Is this a joke? Do they eat that?” Kip was making all sorts of faces and covered his nose. “This… is, this is an odd dinner. I think I’ll have water and a Kurp packet if they have one of them.” Rolling his eyes Kip went to pull a chair out but someone got it for him and that made him jump back.

    “Oh? That… your… seat?” He asked but then remembered that he wasn’t being understood. Clearing his throat he tried to speak as they did. “Your sit?” He asked with a quick smile and head tilt. “Or my sit?” Blinking he hoped he got it right. Was it sit or sat? Or seat? Confused he thought for a moment and studied what else was on the table.
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