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  1. in the year 2261, a war between two aliens ended with the annihalation of both fleets. In order to make sure that everything was known three pilots, known as "Wets", was place in cryo stasis. Their cubes would be lost to the known world, and nothing of the battle would be known. Three thousand years later, a Federal Alliance war ship, also an exploration vessel, stumbled upon weak beacons and found three unusual cubes covered in ice. Once brought on board, the ice began to melt, and the cube started to thaw out the pilots. One by on, the pilots climbed out, but still weak and exhausted from their slumber. Now beings years away from the Federal Alliance headquarters, the captain has the choice to either head back and surrender these beings over, or continue with their mission and try to understand and gain the trust and confidence from the beings and use them to their advantage.
    A Wet is a Crystallian pilot of a Battleship, usually between the age of 13-16. They have a rare gene that gives them superior reflexes, and vision. Three different battleships ejected their Wets, but all from the same fleet, and being such a small division they all know each other and are friends. The highest ranking being the Orbital Admiral 3rd class.
    The Cube is a 20 foot, by 20 foot by 20 foot perfect cube usually found above the bridge of the battleship. Inside is a perfect sphere of a liquid called Trisum. The Wets are able to breathe in Trisum, but its like a gel. Along with the trisum, there are 6 androids assigned to defending the Wet and cube at all costs. A bracelet is suppose to be worn around the wrist of the Wet that sends a signal to activate the Androids if needed. The cube controls the weapons and manuevering engines of the battleship, hence why the superior reflexes are needed.
    A Crystallian is a humanoid alien that has a life span between 800 to 1000 years. They are also known as the library of the universe, being the most advanced race, as well as have the ability to learn quickly. They usually have violet coloured eyes unless they have the rare gene, then their eyes are blue. With their vision they can see particles in the area. Having the rare gene, allows them to see the smaller particles, mostly from phasers, or some sort of weapon. Crystallians can pick up a language extremey fast, even if only heard for a few minutes.
    After the war, the CRystallian race dropped from disease and famine, going from 874 billion to only a few thousand scattered on the furthest colonies. The colonies aren't as advanced as their home worlds. After the major decline, the home worlds and home galaxy was lost, until the recovery of the Wets.
    So basically, a small group of Wets are found and though the Federal Alliance has no iea who they are or what they are, still try to use them. The Federal Alliance consists of numerous different races, a very small number of Crystallians, being in the fleet.a thousand years before the recovery of the Wets, humans were at war with various races, but after a few short months of massive battles, peace broke through, thus creating the alliance.
    The FAS Cadence
  2. Name: Keelard Trulo
    Nickname: KT
    Rank: Commander 1st Class
    Description: Keelard is 16 years of age, standing a mere five foot three inches tall, and weighs one hundred pounds. Keelard is not big for his age, in fact he's a bit small. He has tanned skin, and bright blue eyes. His hair is dark brown almost black. He does have a scar above his right eye.

    Personality: Keelard is very friendly once you get to know him, but can be very serious. When he gives an order, he expects the ones to carry it out. Though he is a get tactician, he does listen to those under him if they have great ideas. When meeting new people, Keelard tends to be more shy and quiet, and is not really active.
    Skills: Mixed Martial Arts, Creating Tactics to win battles, Marksmanship, Electronics Technician, Fighter craft Pilot
    ~ Running
    ~ Reading
    ~ Hanging out with friends
    ~ Soccer
    ~ Tomatoes
    ~ Stuck up people
    ~ Running
    ~ Soccer
    ~ Doing War games with the other Wets
    History: Keelard was born the 9th and last child to the Trulo family. His father built weapons for the war, while his mother was a medical doctor. His older brothers were always picking on him, where his sisters mostly treated him as a runt. Only one sibling got along with him, and that was his sister Jenna. She was the oldest of the children and always treated Keelard like her own child. When he turned 8, he enrolled into the military school that was looking for pilots. Once they found out that he had the rare gene that was highly needed, he was placed in a different class with students like him. He became the brightest student in the class and quickly moved into training.
    Even through school and training, he still kept in touch with his sister Jenna. He told her everything, what bothered him, what excited him, there wasn't a topic they didn't discuss. Once he finished with training, he went home. He had the choice whether or not to enlist into the military. His parents didn't want him to, though he wanted to, and so they got into a big fight. He father forbiddened him from enlisting, and told Keelard that he did, that he'd be disowned and never allowed to return home. Immediately after that comment, Keelard left and enlisted in the military. His parents kept true to their word and forbiddened his sibling from contacting him. After he received his gear and flight suit, he recieved his first and only assignment was the Battleship Nemph. The battleship was still being built when he entered the fleet. They had to program the cube with his DNA, so that he was the only one to active the system. While the ship was still in docks, Keelard sent one message home, after waiting a while, and not receiving any reply, Keelard gave up trying to keep in touch with his family. Shortly after he gave up hope, their ship left the docks to participate in the war. During one of the battles, he was promoted to Commander 2nd Class, and placed in charge of all Wets in the 8th fleet. Though he was the highest ranking Wet in the 8th fleet, he treated the other Wets as his friends, and when they got a chance, he hung out with them, even though it was frowned upon. He was warned about this behavior many times, but he always fought back with the size of the Wet division of the 8th fleet, only having 7 other Wets, and that it was hard not to hang out with them.
    It was the last battle that Keelard participated in that forced him into cryo stasis. He thought the tactics he was coming up with in the middle of the battle would bring a major victory to them, but it did not. Ever since, Keelard has been in cryo stasis, not aware of the time that passed.
    Keelard wears a black bracelet on his left wrist. This bracelet links him to the Androids inside the cubes that are programed to defend and protect the pilot. He wears his at all times, where as some of the other pilots wears them on occasion. His flight suit is customized to him and him alone. All Wets receive a customized flight suit. The flight suit is slightly looser than skin tight, and is a one piece. His colours are grey and orange. The glass on his helmet attaches to the suit to create an air tight seal. This allows his suit to connect with an oxygen pack for when he's on landing parties.
  3. Name: Voykiptok (Kip) Nahn

    Age: 14
    Species: Mottledan

    Description: He stands about 4’9. He is mostly tan with varying shades of brown all over his body. His rather large ears stick out from the side of his head but not too much. They then to give away his emotions very easily. His custom made flight suit is one he wears all the time. It too is mostly tan and brown. The detail here and there for attachments and connection points for equipment. He has large burgundy eyes that seem to be red in different light or a type of brown but they are a rich burgundy. He has a small nip in his right ear from a fall he took as a young Voque.


    Home Plant: Xy7 J2 (Voque) to him

    System: Nyvec 2 System


    The Nyvec System was once filled with small colorful planets and Xy7J2 or Voque as it was known by those that lived on it called it was a perfect place to call home. Kip grew up on it and was a very happy little Mottledan. He was well protected and thought that his world was fine. He along with everyone else didn’t know the war had become so uncontrollable and massive that it was about to destroy it and nearly every other planet, moon and star in that system. The impending doom was only known to a select few and these few secretly planned to get the best and brightest off the planet before it was too late.

    Where they would go and for how long they would be safe was all unknown but they had to try. The time line was set and in a few short months the teams were made, the lists formed and names chosen. Kips’ name happened to be selected for the trip for even at his young age he had shown unique qualities that set him apart from the rest. The planet had only a few pilots and small ships but it was better than nothing at all. Proud and willing to step forward the ones called to leave their homes did.

    However unique he was, this was an honor and most felt it was on that he shouldn’t be given. His background was neither fully known nor trusted yet the decision had been made and the date set. He and a few others were loaded up into a ship with some supplies and said to be going on a moon expedition for the betterment of their kind. It was all too done to keep things calm in the public eye. As the countdown went Kip and the others were happy passengers towards a new adventure. The skies overhead clear and bright, nearly perfect.

    All young and ready for a voyage into the unknown. Each on set with a different gift and task, yet all the best for their age. Kip looked out the window to the lazy blue and fading sandy browns of his home planet. He could feel his heart break as a part of him knew something was off. They weren’t told something but what was it? Why was he allowed to go when his best friend wasn’t? Sadly the ship that carried him turned away from his home and carried them towards the unknown.

    With a heavy heart Kip just knew that something was wrong. The others around him were all laughing and carrying on about the trip. They had candy treats from their mothers, pictures of girlfriends and pets. He had, well he had a black window to look at. Closing his eyes he felt himself sigh and then he heard the screaming. The echoing screaming that to this day wakes him up in the middle of the night. The cries of the others around him that died when their ship found was hit by crossfire in the battle over his planet.

    A battle that few even knew was going on. A war that had been taking place and was passed off as a cosmic event. The elders that it best to allow people to believe that brutal events such as war didn’t occur in their part of the system, that they were untouched. But it was a lie and on the day that Kip’s shuttle set out his planet and everyone on it, was lost.

    For all the planning. All the work and effort to protect the potential of their planet the Kio-1 was to the void of space. If not for the small pods that each of the pilots had been put in Kip would have been killed along with the rest. His pod and one other were knocked out and away from the main fuselage of the ship.

    How he survived or why he has no clue. Spinning out of control for who knows how long and how far was all unknown for Kip.


    Kip was selected at a very young age to take part in a new program that was just for the selected and very gifted Voque offspring. His gift that set him apart from the rest a bit more than he even understood. His mother or grandmother was rumored to have been either half or part human. How much is a mystery or a total lie. He isn’t sure. Either way she died during child birth. This was unheard of for their kind but due to the massive strain on her it happened. He was blamed for it and this set the stage for his instantly being disliked by so many very early in his life. He was seen as bad luck from the very start.

    As time when on and Kip grew he was looked after by more of the elders than anyone else and this was just fine by him. They were calm and thoughtful in all that they did. They thought him things that many others over looked and thought he was too young to learn. He is fluent in over 400 different known languages that are from different systems but all are so rare most have fall out of use. He was soon fluent in lost languages and this became not only a novelty but a treat to the elders as they allowed him to accompany them as they went into before the council. It was this chance event that would change his life forever.

    His ability to charm and craft friendships in unusual ways helped to save his life. Kip managed to carry on conversations with adults 2x times his natural age. He felt at home with adults more than kids and in this he found a place in the pilots program. To him it was fun and a different way to meet others. Kip had no idea that his rare gift just saved his life. Yes, he later showed great skill in the pilot program and proved everyone wrong with his ability; no one truly knew what Kip was a really gifted.

    He could see more than the others and hear more than the others too. Kip was able to perceive his environment so well. His skill was so vital in the program that he was soon one of the top pilots. How he was so good was a mystery. It just came to him and it felt like a game almost. Not one he just did for fun but something that came natural to him. Other hates him for this and he found himself alone most of time. With very few others to talk to during his learning stages Kip turned to adults when he could and when that failed he would draw. He loved to draw and he had books full of images he would create in his mind. Some from memory others he would just craft.

    Drawing –
    Catching (Onthas) – Bugs *not to eat*
    Reading star charts when he can find them

    JunJunca- (Chips) all kinds
    Taking naps
    Exploring new areas

    Loud people
    Large Animals

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