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  1. In-character thread

    "Albedo, what have you done?"

    "My masterpiece. For the First Thinker, I'm surprised you've never thought of this."

    "I would never think of such! Such things and the Omnitrix are meant to be seperate from each other!"

    It has been a month since the reported Omnitrix incident. Magister Anne Frank wanted to get to the bottom of this.

    "All ten on one planet? That is a horrible tactic to hide these trinky trinkets," Anne Frank sighs as her Plumber Ship closes in to the Solar System. "It wasn't very obvious then, but now it's... the signals are moving. Inanimate objects moving, to be exact. Seeing how they're not off-world by now, I doubt it will be a problem, however... I think it'd be a good idea to check on them."

    Magister Anne Frank looks at the screen. Different coloured dots scattered with distracting green dots around the world.

    "This is a little bothering to me. I really need to update this thing somehow. Let's see what we have on the Internet."

    As Anne Frank looks at the previewed image on the monitor, one of her underlings watching this screamed. She simply looked at him and said, "If you can't handle the face of a Leonix, or lack thereof, you won't be able to handle seeing one in person. Kind of convenient that there's one existing on Terra. Maybe you and I could have a little... petting zoo session."

    The underling then pondered. "I- I'm pretty sure it's- da- da- dangerous..."

    "It's sentient. Every recently recorded alien sighting matches a sentient species in the database and to my knowledge. They're historically rebellious and war machines, but they haven't acted like wild animals in a while. Some of these bolt boys are climbing our ranks! Now let's see- BY THE GREAT SMILE!"

    "I thought that one was sentient."

    "Incurseans, Cyberions, they're sentient too. Those guys are nothing compared to the likes of this beast! The Kraket of Laguna... they're... they're... these guys are dangerous."

    A serpentine, stripy creature with feathered, waxy wings was seen. This beast wore an eyepatch, for some reason.

    "Yeah we're going there first. Expect some pretty bad weather if the beast is on the loose."

    "Ma'am? How about this 'Australia' place? It's loaded with Marsupials, and it's where the Leonix was sighted."

    "That's second priority. Cadet Capri," Magister Anne Frank turns to a lass who doesn't seem to be in... full attire. "I hope you're ready for my training course, which will come after our primary and secondary tasks, which you will aid in. Are you up for the challenge?"

    Tapping a mic, Magister Anne Frank speaks into it. "This is Magister Anne Frank, reporting to Plumber Base..."


    "How will I handle such sheer power? My god eye can transform me into any beast possible, but am I truly worthy of such power?"

    Furukawa Touko utters as her hand was placed against her medical eyepatch. She couldn't help but feel as if she was being followed.

    "Who goes there?"


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  2. Serena collapsed under a shady tree, letting her parasol fall to her side. The outdoors were rather exhausting, which often made her question why she lived in such a sunny place. After a few moments of enjoying the shade, she gazed down at the pendant around her neck. She called it the 'demon grimoire', and knew it could turn her into various creatures, after first discovering it she was rather reckless, and often played around testing what each could do. That was, until she found various videos and images of her in these forms were posted on the internet. Luckily none of those videos actually showed her taking the forms of these creatures, but it was something she worried would happen unless she was more careful, and as such she hadn't used the device since.

    After a while of following the human girl, Sapphire's presence seemed to have been noticed. For a human, this girl seemed to have great senses. Having been currently in her bat form, Sapphire fluttered down and perched on a windowsill. She was not yet ready to confront this girl, so she decided to play herself off as an 'everyday Tokyo bat'.

    Capri sat silently, positioned a distance away from the others. She was used to magister Anne Frank by now, having been one of those she taught for longer than one would think due to failing her combat exams, however the other underlings were another story, so she tried to stay as far away as possible. When addressed, she replied with a simple "yes ma'am."

    The planet on which Jade had tracked the criminal to was one of eternal darkness, so much so that she couldn't see a thing. Perhaps her prey assumed it would have an advantage, however it was mistaken. The scent her prey gave off was rather...bleach-y, and while her sense of smell was no better than the average human she knew how to tap into more than the average everyday human. Moving her bow four inches to the right, she let the arrow fly, the bowstring creating a faint glow for a brief moment as it was used. Seconds later, a crash was heard as her target fell to the ground. He was probably alive....well, actually he probably wasn't, but there was a small possibility.
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  3. Zak Shultz
    Zak was sitting at the desk in his room. He looked at the latest news report. It showed a grey humanoid looking creature. Across the bottom of the screen it said 'Berwick.' They said that's what it said before running away. Zak face palmed when he saw it himself. It was a month since he had gotten the advanced technological arm band that he could transform with. All he had to do to hide it was to put a jacket on. His first month with it was weird for him especially when he took showers til he figured that it was water proof. Berwick however was one of the 'aliens' that Zak could turn into. He didn't mean to get caught on camera. Closing the laptop he sighed at his stupidity.

    "Zak" his mom called, "It's time for dinner"

    "Okay, I'll be down in a moment" he responded back.

    Taking a look at the arm band for a brief second, he pulled his sleeve down. Walking out of his room he closed the door and walked down the stairs. It was great after having lived in such a poor environment, his parents actually could afford to feed and house us somewhere else. Walking into the dining room he took the seat right of his mom and left of his sister, his dad sitting across from him. Four plates of spaghetti were on the table, with a container in the middle of the table that had garlic bread. Taking a piece he began to dig in, everyone else had started already. Talking while they ate the family of four cracked jokes and talked about each others day. Zak smiled before digging in more.
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