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  1. Touko looks into the mirror, placing her hands underneath her chin. The petite young one ponders for a bit. She removes her eyepatch, and looks at her mysterious new right eye. A pink, hourglass-like emblem was in place of a pupil.

    It has been a couple months or so since that fateful event. She didn't really know how to feel about this. She stood up for a bit, then activated her odd eye. A pink hologram was projected, depicting an odd being. Using touch screen technology, she shifting through various holograms before finally selecting one. As tranformation began, she began to shrink in size as her clothes dematerialised. An eyepatch reformed over her right eye as her body grew more avian and her body covered in black feathers.

    "Caw... Caw..." The newly-formed crow-like creature cawed. The Crow, 'Murder' as Touko called it, examined its new body, before a familiar-sounding voice called.

    "Touko! We're going to be late!"

    With that, Murder transformed back into Touko before running out of the house with toast in her mouth.

    About a month and a half back

    "Izumi Daisuke," Magister Fratercula sternly speaks, "the tasks you have performed have been executed pretty well. However, this task will be one of the hardest..."

    Izumi Daisuke turns to his mentor. "Magister... it isn't..."

    "Yes, the legendary device, the Omnitrix. There are a few that have been identified, but the one I have identified is the nearest to our base of operations. I cannot acquire a picture of the wielder herself, but do take a look."

    Magister Fratercula gave a few photos to Daisuke.

    "A... Kraket? An Obsidrac? the mythical Paradoxians? The threat levels of these species are rather high, are they not? The latter cannot even be handled by Magister-rank Plumbers..."

    "But they are the same being - a human with technology-acquired capabilities. Judging from the locations, her school should be right here. I'll enroll you there. Try to identify and befriend the Omnitrix wielder."

    "So, these are her four known forms? I understand, Magister Fratercula. I will perform these duties ASAP."

    A couple months ago

    Kaguya gazes at the yellow moon while she sits in her meadow. "How are you doing now, father, mother, my people... Hmmm... what is..."

    A meteorite that seemed to be from the moon crashes onto the nearby ground, creating a small crater. Kaguya then approaches the device. As she approaches it, the odd device releases an odd energy signature that manifests as a hairclip.

    "It looks... kind of pretty on me," Kaguya smiles as she fondles with it. Next, a belt forms around her waist as the hairclip detaches from her head and transforms into a thumbdrive-like object. She presses the circular button, selecting a hologram, before inserting the thumbdrive into the belt.

    Next, transformation began as the belt, as well as her clothes, dematerialised. Her whole body was sealed within a cocoon, before a pair of butterfly wings, followed by a fully nude humanoid body, emerged, her voloptous chest covered by her hair. Her then grabbed the remains of the cocoon to tie around her bare loins. Vines grew around her leg, allowing the mysterious hairclip emblem to sprout as a flower.

    "This is the description of the legendary weapon, prophecised to save my barren planet," Kaguya's new form speaks, "there must be more, and I cannot do this alone..."​
  2. Leon got an anonymous tip about a so called monster causing an uproar in Japan a strange beast is what was said in the email, something Leon specializes in besides criminals. He could honestly say he never visited Japan before and accepted the job. The reply caught him off guard when his tipper said a private jet would be waiting for him and that told him whoever it was that, for all intents and purposes hired him, wasn't going to take no for an answer.
  3. "My my, the city is most bustling," Kaguya looks around while underneath her umbrella on a fine day. She then approaches the nearby docks to look at the scenery. "I cannot see my home in the bright daylight, but I do love the view over here."

    Kaguya felt a need to relax for the time being. With that, she decided to hang around the docks for a session of fine fishing. In a distance, she detected an odd occurence. In the distance, she could view a ship, rocking very heavily. Her instincts realised that something was up, thus she pressed her hairclip, allowing a belt to form. She then detached the hairclip, allowing it to take the form of a thumbdrive. By inserting the thumbdrive into the belt driver, she initiated a transformation sequence.

    Her clothes and belt dematerialised, before her legs fused to become that of a mermaid's golden tail. Her hair became a hue of blue, and the odd hourglass-like emblem formed as a hairclip. "Ryuguhime!" the mermaid-like being bellowed before jumping into the waters, swimming towards the ship at high speeds. That was when she saw a beast. Was it cephalopod? Serpentine? No one truly knew. She had to swim deeper to identify the sea beast...


    "We've been friends for quite a while Touko," Daisuke speaks during a lunchbreak during school, sitting beside Touko. Touko blushes from embarassment, but does not say anything. She slowly retreats backwards.

    "No, no, Touko, not that kind of thing. You've never really told me much about yourself. I on the other hand have told you quite a bit..."

    Before he could continue, Daisuke recieved a message on his phone. "Sorry Touko, I'll be right back."

    Touko waved a goodbye to her friend as he left the classroom. She then looked at her phone for a bit, and also left the classroom.
  4. Waking up from a strange dream, he tried to recall it but nothing could be remembered. Rising lazily from his bed, RafaDark grabbed his sword and his bow and putted his clothes for the hunt of the day. Using the teleporter that he obtained from a reward of one of his hunts. He teleported to the Hunter's HeadQuarters, to get some info of what he should hunt. Reaching the place, he used the eye scanner to enter that building, that place was having an high security because of the various illegal alien itens that the hunter's win as rewards. Having entered that place, RafaDark was taken to the main room, where the other hunters were gathering to find their perfect hunt. RafaDark seeing that one of the bosses was wanting his attention, he followed him to the room where the missions were taken. The room was desert, the only ones in the room were RafaDark and the boss. "We find some Omnitrix readings but it's still unknown to us the location of them. We need someone to track those Omnitrix Wielders, so we thought it would be better if one of our best hunters to track them because of the connection between the Ominitrixes and it's up to you to find and kill some of them." Said the boss to him. "Well, i will try to find it sir, now, if you excuse me..." Spoke him as he was trying to hack his Omnitrix. "Find the others and bring their Omnitrixes for us as an prove of their death, that is your mission. Make sure you will success." Said the boss as he saw RafaDark walking away. That mission was not going to be easy but he would try his best to do it.
  5. Kenny currently resided in a dome shaped underground warehouse, large enough for fit 100s of people. He was standing at the top of a large set of stars and beside a red throne with skulls adorned on it. Residing on the throne was Kenny's Boss, Mentor, and the worst criminal on this green and blue earth, the Crime King, Alex Manultis. He was 6'7" standing, had a muscular and flexible body, a decent looking face, and all over his body there were scars littering it, proving how skilled he is. In front of him was a kneeling and quivering man wearing a red suit with a black tie, the same clothes 'Boss' was wearing, pleading for his life as Kenny watched on with morbid boredom.

    "You betrayed us, and ratted us out on one of our thefts to the police. If the very same person you told hadn't been one of ours, we all would have been put in jail, and for that, you die..." Boss said before grabbing the mans head and tearing it off of his body before kicking it down the stairs case and punting the head away. Kenny grew tired of this quickly a left through a doorway on the left that lead to a long hallway that then lead outside. While walking through the hallway criminals of all kinds, shapes, and sizes littered it, all bowing to Kenny as he walked by. He finally arrived outside where a single black muscle car with 2 dark red stripes going through the middle appeared. He took out his keys, got into his car, and drove away.

    "Man, people in this city are sooo boring..." Kenny thought as he scratched his wrist before turning said hand over to look at red and black Omnitrix that melded with his skin in the form of a slightly bulging tattoo. He still couldn't figure out who the one that gave it to him was but it made things much more fun then normal. Kenny looked back up and continued driving over the speed limit and eventually reached his home, today was a quiet day so far, so why not chill out and plan how to become supreme ruler over every species, from human to alien, right?
  6. When Leon arrived in Japan, a red and black Eleanor '67 Shelby GT 500 Was sitting there with various bits of gear tucked away. The paint job was looking like a tribute to venom from Spiderman 3. Since this job could take a while, the person had an apartment waiting for him as well. This kept getting better and better. First a private jet, then a car And finally an apartment with everything covered. Whoever it was that got him over to Japan was loaded and willing to take care of whoever they were doing business with, but he was not sure exactly how long the job would take since Japan was riddled with tales of strange beasts. He would need a translator and a place to start.
  7. "Hmmm... that is the..." Ryuguhime swam towards the silhoutte. Its entire body seemed to be slimy and dark, with bright eyes. It appeared to be a giant humanoid, but its arms and its lower body were all tentacle-like structures.

    The Umibozu. A mythical being, often stated to be one of the many yokai living on Japanese soil - or in this case - seas. In most depictions, it was a sea monster responsible for capsizing ships, much like the Western Kraken.

    The Umibozu used its tentacles to grab the ship, causing the fishermen to panic. Before anything else could happen, Ryuguhime charged at the black, giant, cephalopod-like being at high speeds, causing it to notice her and grab her with one of her tentacles. She simply dissipated into sea form and formed again, in order to avoid any incoming strikes.


    "Forget classes, I know I'll make it back when I make it back," Daisuke was piloting a Plumber ship while in his standard Plumber suit. He then proceeded to put his helmet on as he entered the scene of the supposed event. "Umibozu? I have not seen one before. Their threat levels are rather high, but I have seen other beings with a higher threat level..." Daisuke ponders. "If it's here, that means..." He sees a nearby fishing ship. Next, he releases an escape boat from his cloaked Plumber's ship, before descending onto the ship.

    "Everyone, I advise that all of you evacuate the ship immediately! Your lives will be on the line! Do not panic!"

    "Don't panic? How can we not when there are two monsters after our ship?" One fisherman spoke.

    "Hmm?" Daisuke turned around to see a familiar look. The serpentine appearance, striped body and wings, swimming in the sea. The distinct trait that made Daisuke recognise it was its eyepatch covering the right eye. "Do not panic. The serpent is not a monster. It is a member of a sentient species, and a comrade I have met before."

    Daisuke then turns towards the serpent. "Young, one-eyed Kraket, I wish for you to cooperate with me. Help me distract the Umibozu while I evacuate everyone. Thank you."

    The serpent, the one Daisuke called a 'Kraket', nods, before flying upwards and descending upon the Umibozu's big, bald head with a bite, enraging it.
  8. Radon stared at his monitor, flicking through a series of live satellite feeds. "I see...It's started..." He grumbled to himself, scratching out a series of numbers into a leather-bound journal. "Pink, check. Blue, check. Purple, check." He rattled off through a list of colors, checking them off as he went. "And oh dear god. That man has a Spider-Man three car. I can not believe its come to this...Scotty!" He shouted over his shoulder, "Prep the teleporter for use, I'm going to Japan. Touch anything, and it's the incererator for you!" He threatened as the little robot scurried about. The entirety of Radon's "lair" was filled with robotic assistants. Some were guards, some were for lifting heavy stuff, and some of them made the retro-style teleporter do it's thing. Before he left, Radon needed a change of clothes. He wasn't presentable in a ratty old t-shirt and Spider-Man pajamas. He dressed himself in a button down white shirt, black blazer and dress pants, but opted for a pair of red convers over uncomfortable dress shoes. He also grabbed a gun and a watch, in case things didn't go as planned. Radon wasn't one for fighting, but a gun is just as good a threat as it was a weapon. Moving to stand in the center of a pristine white dias, Radon ordered his robot to commence teleportation. There was a flash of light, and a simultaneous one, about a block away from his friend to be. Well, acquaintance. Subordinate, really. Radon could never bring himself to be friends with anyone who would willingly even touch a Spider-Man 3 car, much less drive one.
  9. Leon noticed a flash of light and instinctively grabbed the gun fang just in case the cause was hostile. "Just who or what are you?" The unofficial plumber asked cautiously as he kept his hand on the weapon strapped to his side. If he noticed any hostile action, he would pull the weapon from its holster and let the shot fly from both barrels of the side by side sawn off shotgun.
  10. Every4000: so, how about the weird alien things going on?
    PolTgeist: the rumors?
    PolTgeist: dont ask me
    Fracki: well actually
    Every4000: i can't ask anyone else
    Fracki: I think i found something
    Fracki: actually now
    Every4000: ?
    PolTgeist: rly?
    Fracki: just
    Every4000: let's hear it
    Fracki: you didn't hear it from me, okay?
    PolTgeist: k
    Fracki: Supposedly
    Fracki: that thing is called an 'Omnitrix'
    Fracki: whatever that is
    PolTgeist: w/e
    Fracki: there's supposed to be several, so


    A fist smacked on the desk in controlled aggravation. Lyle couldn't believe his luck, that he finally managed to track down someone who knew anything about... his condition. He brought the fist back up, uncoiling the fingers to reveal the rest of the bulky mechanical hand. A single circular dial, just larger than the face of a pocket watch, sat on the edge of the gauntlet, well upon his wrist. Adorned on the dial was a particular black patterned that formed the remainder into an hourglass shape, faintly glowing the same dark blue as the rest of the device's electronics.

    It had first attached to his false hand a couple of months ago, when Lyle had been investigating a nearby meteor crash in the wilderness, against all better judgement. The ten seconds that followed were a struggle, as the alien machine grew to overtake his entire artificial hand until it was able to reach his wrist. Over time, the device grew and morphed some to overlap and practically replace his former, wooden hand. In hindsight, Lyle had to figure that the device needed to reach his actual body in order to do what it did...

    Struck with a bout of determination, Lyle decided he wasn't going to let a few internet problems get the better of him. After two months of careful searching, explanations, and hiding his alien prosthetic away as best as he could afford, he was going to figure out exactly what this thing attached to his left hand was.

    With the press of a button, Lyle popped up the dial of the 'Omnitrix', twisting the knob to select a particular alien he had discovered. Pressing it down, he felt the change immediately; it couldn't have been less than a mere fraction of a second, but to the young adult it felt so much agonizingly longer, as he felt his body being actively morphed into the alien of his selection. By the time it was done, Lyle was so very different.

    "...Proxy," the alien spoke, having come up with the name on a whim just now. This alien was capable of accessing machine data and manipulating it in an advanced base form.

    With thrusts from both machine-like hands, Proxy extended his connection to his internet router and his computer itself, respectively. With a holographic display at his disposal, the data manipulator rapidly flicked through the internal data of the chat room he had just been in. Discovering the IP of 'Fracki', Proxy forced a connection, using himself as a host. Within a few moments, he mentally typed out a message:

    Every4000: Hey, you still here?
    Fracki: what
    Fracki: how did you do that?
    Every4000: Keep talking, I need to know about this 'Omnitrix'.
    Fracki: um, okay
    Fracki: So the aliens, right
    Fracki: the omnitrix does it, with technology
    Every4000: I know. What about there being several of them?
    Fracki: yeah, there's a few around the world, if the sites of those 'alien sightings'
    Fracki: wait
    Fracki: you know?
    Every4000: About the aliens, yes.
    Fracki: I don't think you should be here
    Every4000: Keep talking.
    Fracki: we're being tracked, you know
    Fracki: that's why the chat died
    Every4000: Not here. We're behind a Proxy here.
    Fracki: i know you're on of them
    Fracki: stop this
    Fracki: u cant just
    Every4000: It's not what you think. I need to know.
    Fracki: like hell
    -Fracki has disconnected-

    "Gah..." Proxy seethed. Lyle managed to wrangle out the urge to further pursue this other individual, as it was clear he wasn't going to be getting much else out of him. After a bit of fiddling with the Omnitrix dial on his chest, he managed to revert back to human form. Lyle, with Proxy's help, had already managed to amass plenty of data regarding other alien incidents around the world. The only real thing he had gotten out of that chat was a name: the Omnitrix. For a moment, he considered trying to pursue those other aliens, to see if they all had Omnitrixes, like he did.

    ...On his budget? Nah, no way. He wouldn't last a hundred miles in any direction. Sighing in resent, Lyle booted up a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  11. Jeremiah sat in his living room, watching the TV. Currently he was watching one of those crazy conspiracy theorists, ranting on about aliens and extraterrestrial-lifeforms. The doorbell then rings, as Fifi, Jeremiah's Mother's dog, runs yapping at the door. He opens it, revealing a blonde man with a buzzcut wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt, holding a mic to his mouth. And another man next to him with black hair and holding a camera.

    "Hello, is this the Azrael mansion?" the blonde one asks.

    "Who's asking?" replies Jeremiah.

    "I am Harold Terry, host of Harold's Investigations. Have you seen any strange activity? Something you would call...alien?"

    Jeremiah then looks at Harold with a blank, annoyed face.

    "MOTHER!!! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE HERE!!!" he screams, facing the upstairs.

    Mrs. Azrael then comes stomping down, continuously babbling about how 'she shouldn't be dealing with this crap.' She then pushes Jeramiah back and opens the door more. "YOU!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU LITTLE-" she was then cut off by the slamming of the door behind her. As Jeremiah laid on the couch, watching TV as the sound of an indistinct complaints by his mother are heard in the back, he sees nobody but his own mother on the TV, as the words "Live" are in the bottom right corner of the screen. The footage of his mother's argument with the show host is then cut off, by a recap of the many strange sightings found near his mansion; Tall crab people, teleporting lizard people, giant humanoid bats, tooth-fairy? On TV, these would all get Harold Terry into the asylum, but these creatures were more familiar to Jeremiah, as they were the result of his newly obtained power. He then lifts his beanie he had been wearing up a bit, to reveal the strange device embedded into his forehead like a third eye. He then closes his eyes, and in a way 'meditates.' In his mind, he floats in a sort of interface, showing the creatures he can turn into. Most of these were the things that had been seen on TV. He then whispers to himself the words "Sprite" as he shifts into a small humanoid-shape made of purple gas.
  12. Radon had intended to teleport somewhere that the hunter wouldn't see him, then surprise his new subordinate with a message. This was, less than ideal, he realized, as he slowly turned towards the well-trained warrior. "Do you mind if I come over? I hate having to shout!" He called, just loud enough for his voice to carry over, but no louder. He needed to make sure this interaction went over well, as it could have an important effect on his goal. He needed to ensure that the right people--or monsters--got hurt at the right times, so that everything turned out just right.
  13. "Soon as you show you're unarmed. And no surprises or sudden moves or i will open fire. Do i make myself clear?" Leon answered "any weapon you have you will set on the ground and slide my way. As soon as the conversation is over, you'll get your toy back. I know that negotiations can go south when the other party suddenly pulls a concealed weapon." His hand never left the galvan weapon and wouldn't until he was sure that whoever he was talking to knew his odds of surviving an all out gunfight were slim to none. Even with a surprise attack. And to emphasise his point, he pulled the hammer back letting an audible double click reach the stranger.
  14. Radon reached into the pockets of his coat, producing his only weapon. An antique molecular revolver, a leftover from a war between Appolexians and and some older, unknown race. It was a dangerous gun, one that could punch through concrete like a bullet through cardboard. It was a weapon of compensation, anyone with any sort of formal training would never keep that much stopping power with him."This is it," he said, holding it by the hilt with two fingers and dropping it to the ground and kicking it towards his ally-to-be. "There, that's all I've got." He said truthfully. He had no other weapons, but that didn't mean he wasn't carrying any toys with him. Besides, violence was such a clumsy way of doing things, he'd be doing what he could to avoid it. "It's pretty expensive, so please don't break it!" He added. The weapon came to a stop, reaching maybe about a fourth of the way it needed to go, "Sorry...I'm not much in the fitness department," he admitted, looking down and scratching the back of his head.
  15. "Then come over and carry that gun by the barrel and put it in my hand." Leon said "And i will not break it. If i don't like the way this conversation is going, I'll just add the gun to my armory. Besides, treating a weapon so roughly is going to do more harm than i would. You should have set it down on the ground and slid it to me with your hand if you were so concerned about your gun."
  16. Making his way to the center room and Hacking his Omnitrix systems, a strange sound could be heard coming from his "Glove", it was a long beep sound that could be heard a miles away from there but it was not so loud and deafening, it was just a beep of something like when something's ready on the oven. When that sound stopped, a warning came from his Omnitrix on his own voice:
    "Omnitrix Scan Ready.
    Beginning Protocol Number 3462791.
    Launching Protocol Number 3462791.
    Protocol Successfully Launched.
    Beginning Protocol Number 0965107 Code Name "SaTD".
    Launching "SaTD" Protocol.
    "SaTD" Protocol Launched Successfully.
    Omnitrix Scan Ready to Launch.
    Press the Main Button to Continue the Process.
    Warning: The SaTD is a Prototype, It Means It Just Can Be Used One Time On This Omnitrix, Unless The Owner Upgrade the Systems to the Latest Version and the Owner of This Omnitrix Must be Totally Aware that he is Responsible to the Glitches and the Consequences it may contain and not anyone else."

    Amazed to what he heard, he wanted to try that new "Ability" he obtained but the price was a little high for him, he thought on pressing the button right in the moment it said to press but the warning made him think twice. "What SaTD means anyway? And what are the consequences it haves?" Thought thinking on a way to figure it out. Trying not to care about that, he readied himself and with his finger above the bright white button of his Omnitrix, he frozed but he got the courage and pressed the button that gave a powerful beep. It started talking again:
    "Access Granted.
    User Name "RafaDark" Assigned.
    Human DNA Checked.
    All Status Good.
    Beginning Full Scan Protocol..."

    When the scan started a strange beep came from it like the one when the Omnitrix is not fully charged but more creepy.
    "Full Scan Protocol Launch was Successful.
    Location: Earth.
    Warning: The Full Scan is Only a Tool to Find New Alien Races and Other Omnitrix. It Can be used 5 Times Because of the System of this Omnitrix, Need to Upgrade to the Latest Version.
    Beginning Full Scan..."

    The same sound came again, but now it was looking like it was recharging something.
    "Full Scan Completed.
    There are Almost 10000 Alien Forms in this Planet.
    In this Planet More than 106 Billions of Humans Lived but the Data About Aliens is Unknown.
    Omnitix Owners found.
    Number of Omnitrix Owners are.......1..2....5....8.1.....10.......8......3........256.......8......5.....100..........9....3..........
    System Malfunction.
    Restarting "Omnitix Scan"."

    Knowing that something like that would happen, he sat himself in one of the main halls waiting chairs and waited for it to begin again.
  17. For a moment, Radon felt irritated, but he hid it behind a well crafted mask of a smile. He picked up the gun, it had a scratch along the revolving chamber, but he'd bought it like that. He gripped it easily by the barrel, remembering the weight of the hand-cannon that it was. Radon always found the weight reassuring. He strode over easily and held out the gun, holding the pommel out to the hunter. "If I could have a moment of your time, I have a proposition for you. Oh, also, I've got a perception filter set up so that you're the only one who really is capable of seeing, hearing, or otherwise perceiving me, so the more we're out in the open, the crazier you look. Sorry, but I'm the careful sort, and I'd like to keep out of the public eye, if I can."
  18. Leon took the gun and ticked it into a holster in his long coat. "As for me looking crazy, i have that already covered." He said as he tapped the Bluetooth he was wearing and showed him the phone with a fake in call screen. "Now talk. I'm on a job already and you are delaying me."
  19. "Looks like we both have this covered then. Unfortunately, we happen to have a talented observer, talented and well equipped with very advanced and expensive toys. I've got about five or so minutes before his tech worms it's way into this open channel and my presence here is made known to some unsavory characters. There's a bookshop about ten feet around the corner, ask the teller to see her copy of 'Paradoxical Biography' and she'll let you right through. Meet me there and I'll give you my offer, and a 100,000$ for eating up your time.
  20. In the large capitol city of England, there lived one of the ten wielders of the omnitrix devices. Her name was Melanie Thompson, a girl who was on her last year of high school and already eighteen. But school was the least of her concerns at the moment, she was far too focused on figuring out the device attached to her right hand. The girl was outside in the same forest she discovered it in where she wouldn't be caught as an alien.

    Already she was able to turn into two of them, Tiggra and Sirena. Tiggra was pretty fun, she was able to jump from one tree to another with her cat like agility. But Sirena was definitely better. She had a bit of fun scaring off fishermen by showing them her rows of teeth and rocking their boats enough for them to notice. She hadn't done anything harmful with her powers and wanted to keep it that way.

    Melanie managed to once again pull up the omnitrix's dial and began to scan through the different aliens available for her choosing. "Let's try a random one..." She said to herself.

    Standing up straight, Melanie turned the omnitrix glove away from her view and turned the dial to the right two more times. And with that, she hit it back down and began the transformation. "Electrica!" The alien spoke.

    Melanie had a look at her new alien form. She had a humanoid body this time and a costume on that made her look a bit like a super hero. "Alright, let's seen what I can do..." She grinned.

    Melanie positioned herself to the direction of a nearby tree and readied to use it as target practice. Her first test was to see if anything could blast out of her hands. She clapped them together and slowly pulled them apart, noticing a charge starting between the slowly increasing space. It was a spark of electricity, fitting for the name the alien was given. She spun around and released the electricity out in front of her to the tree. The blast was stronger than she thought and the tree was split into two pieces and fell down on the ground. The noise was enough to make nearby birds fly away and to cause a commotion among inhabitants in the forest. "O-oops..."

    In another section of London, a young woman was investigating the city. This woman was named Harmonia and she was an individual working as a plumber elite agent. She had recently picked up reports of aliens being spotted in different areas of the city, all of which were rare to spot on foreign planets like earth. She recognized them all to be the same person, one with an omnitrix. It was undeniable with each photograph taken of them displaying the hourglass shaped symbol somewhere on the body.

    Harmonia walked further away from the busy section of the city and towards an area where she could see a more natural environment. As she walked, she saw a distressed woman who appeared to be in her mid 40s nearby. She walked up to the woman, "Excuse me ma'am, is there a problem here?" She asked her politely.

    "Its my daughter! I saw her go into the forest as she usually does and...and there was a shock! I could hear a tree crash from our house and I started to panic...oh Mel please be okay...!" The woman replied in a nervous tone.

    "Don't worry ma'am I'll go and find her for you." Harmonia assured the scared mother.

    The woman thanked her and let the agent go ahead to find her daughter. As she made her way to the forest, Harmonia began to report to other plumbers about her current situation. "This is agent Harmonia Iglesias reporting in from London. I think I've discovered the location of one of the omnitrix wielders here."
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