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  1. "Now approaching Terra... ready to- huh? That's impossible... what happened? It's them... looks like we have no choice..."


    Ten meteorites fell from the very skies, onto our Earth. A lucky ten, you being one of them, have discovered one of the sites. Curious, you approach it, only to find an odd sphere.

    The sphere opens, revealing a device that latches onto you. You press it and find that you have transformed into something. Something very... alien...

    Only time can tell what your fate will be from now on. What is this odd device? What is your destiny?

    Basic Iwaku Rules apply
    Excluding me(I will be playing one for myself, and my second will be played for plot-based reasons), only 8 Omnitrix wielder spots will be accepted. First come first served!
    Each person starts with ten Omnitrix aliens. If you want additional ones, drop me a message ONLY after you have used all ten.
    Only five of your ten aliens are allowed to be aliens Ben has used. I prefer originality.
    Absolutely no canon characters will appear unless I say so.
    Other characters who are not Omnitrix wielders can be any species, canon or custom.
    Excluding Omnitrix wielders, you can have up to four characters.
    You do not have to acquire the Omnitrix in the method mentioned above.

    Terminology so far
    Omnitrix - the odd device latched onto you
    Plumbers - an association throughout the galaxy that acts as some sort of intergalactic police force

    Arc 1: Quest for domination - a mechanical race wishes to gather data of all ten Omnitrixes to create an ultimate device.

    [b]Name:[/b] Is that not obvious?
    [b]Age:[/b] Keep it realistic
    [b]Gender:[/b] Duh.
    [b]Nationality:[/b] What town, country and planet do you come from? If your planet is non-canon, give a little trivia.
    [b]Omnitrix Colour:[/b] Omnitrix wielders only. No repeat colours.
    [b]Omnitrix Position:[/b] Omnitrix Wielders only. It's not limited to your wrist. Be creative!
    [b]Species:[/b] Unless you have a valid reason or my permission, Omnitrix wielders MUST be human. If this species is non-canon, provide a little trivia.
    [b]Appearance:[/b] How do you look like?
    [b]Personality:[/b] Feel free to make it brief
    [b]History:[/b] Well, duh.
    [b]Skills and Abilities:
    Equipment[/b] Well...
    [b]Role in story:[/b] Omnitrix Wielder, Plumbers, Villain or Other?
    [spoiler=Omnitrix Aliens]
    Fill these forms up only if you are an Omnitrix Wielder.
    [b]Alien Name:[/b] Duh.
    [b]Species:[/b] If non-canon, provide trivia.
    [b]Appearance:[/b] If it's a canon species, well, try to make it distinct a little.
    [b]Home Planet:[/b] Where does your alien come from? Give some trivia.
    [b]Abilities:[/b] What can your alien do?
    [b]Alien Name[/b]:
    [b]Home Planet[/b]:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Alien Name:
    Home Planet:
    [b]Other Information:[/b]
    Known Omnitrix Wielders
    1 - Touko - Crow
    2 - ??? - ???
    3 - Jeremiah - KthuluKhilid
    4 - Melanie - Lunar Eclipse (Incomplete)
    5 - Draku - Draku69 (Incomplete)
    6 - RafaDark - RafaDark
    7 - Kenny - AllThePasta
    8 - Roxshi (Reserved)
    9 - Lyle - Penultimate Pi
    10 - Kaguya - Crow

    Magister Fratercula
    Officer Raziya
    Elite Agent Izumi Daisuke
    Elite Agent Jacob Harding

    Villains and Others
    The Gemini Twins
    Narick the Pendragon
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  2. Name: Touko Furukawa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan, Earth
    Omnitrix Colour: Pink
    Omnitrix Position: The Omnitrix is her right eye
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Touko has long, pink hair, cut into a hime-cut. Her eyes are a blue on the left, and her pink eye with an Omnitrix emblem as a pupil is veiled by a medical eyepatch. Her face looks most plain, yet has a feeling of cute in it. She has fair, Asian skin and is a mere 1.45 metres tall, and lacks any curves whatsoever. She always dons a black seirafukku with red ribbons and white stripes on each cuff. She wears thigh-high black socks and black shoes.
    For casual wear, she is often seen with a black hoodie over a red tank top and white skirt.
    Personality: Touko is a very silent girl who has a case of autism, and thus, she does not speak much. Despite said condition, she seems to act as if she doesn't have it, most of the time anyways. She is willing to protect her allies with what she can. She has violent tendencies despite her introverted and shy nature. It's hard to believe that there are times when she cries.
    History: Touko, at some point in her life, damaged her right eye, impairing it for, supposedly, the rest of her life. This halted her ability to see things three-dimensionally and she needed an eyepatch to function. However, one day, an odd parcel came to her house, and she opened it up, revealing a sphere that unveiled an odd device. This odd device fused with her right eye, healing it instantly and allowing her to see with both eyes once more. What she didn't see was the true power of this device. When she activated it, she soon turned into a crystalline, spectre-like being.
    Her new 'God Eye' was going to be tough to handle.
    Skills and Abilities: She has an element of cuteness to her, which allows her to get away from situation with her puppy-dog eyes and crying.
    Equipment She always carries pepper spray with her.
    Role in story: Omnitrix Wielder
    Omnitrix Aliens (open)

    Fill these forms up only if you are an Omnitrix Wielder.

    Alien Name: Crystal Skull
    Species: Obsidrac
    Appearance: Crystal Skull's head resembles purple, crystalline human skull with a singular blue eye. Her body is large in the thorax and abdominal area, and her waist descends down to a ghost-like tail. Her arms resemble diamondhead's. Her overall body is purple, with the tip of her tail blurring towards a grey.
    Home Planet: Diamograve. This frightening, eerie planet is filled with gemstones of all kinds. Obsidracs make homes out of pure diamond.
    Abilities: Crystal manipulation, high durability. Crystal Skull possesses ghost-like abilities, such as phasing through solid matter and possessing other living beings. Its eye can launch a powerful laser blast.

    Alien Name: Leviathan
    Species: Kraket
    Appearance: Leviathan is serpentine in appearance, and about 6 metres in length. It is donned with black-cyan stripes. Its wings are one black, one cyan. It has a left blue eye and a pirate-like eyepatch veiling her other eye. A red bandana surrounds the neck area. Her head is snake-like and her jaws are sharp. The Omnitrix emblem is on her chest.
    Home Planet: Laguna. This planet is mostly water with about 20% land being spread throughout. Krakets are on top of the food chain and enjoy eating tasty fish symbiotes that attach to them.
    Abilities: Leviathan can manipulate both wind and water itself, and even create whirlpools. She can easily fly and swim with great agility, but is horrendous with ground work. Her jaws are very strong and powerful.

    Alien Name: Polaron
    Species: Magnetic Tortugan. These Tortugans hover around the mountain areas of their planet, which is rich in electromagnetic waves.
    Appearance: Polaron is made from segmented and seperated metallic body parts. The metallic shell is shiny, and clean. The turtle-like head, as well as the four flippers, are seperate from the shell. The left eye glows a blue, while the right eye does not glow at all. The Omnitrix emblem is on the underside of the shell
    Home Planet: Pyrrho X. The tenth planet from the sun Pyrrho. It is akin to Earth in some ways, except it has a huge amount of Electromagnetic waves. Other species living here include the Gymnotids, which resemble merfolk with electric eel traits.
    Abilities: Polaron's seperate body parts allow it to evade attacks. It is capable of electromagnetic levitation. By manipulating electromagnetic waves, it can control metallic dust, and to some extent, launch a railgun-like projectile. Its metal shell is close to indestructable, but slamming it very hard and displacing the body parts from each other causes Polaron to feel giddy.

    Alien Name: Killing Time
    Species: Paradoxian
    Appearance: Killing Time's head is circular, and the blue left eye, a clock. Its eyepatch is still there like all of Touko's other forms. Its primary body is cylindrical with a black band on the upper part. Its claws resemble kitchen knives and its feet have wheels. The Omnitrix emblem is on its chest
    Home Planet: Paradoxia XII. No one knows about these mechanical beings, or where they come from. Few have heard of this timeless planet.
    Abilities: Killing Time can slow down or temporarily freeze time to perform tasks. Its wheeled legs allow swift movement. The knives in its hands can be launched as projectiles or grappling hooks.

    Alien Name: Astaroth
    Species: Lilithium
    Appearance: Astaroth resembles a human in many ways. She is 1.8 metres tall and has an E-cup. Her horns are like that of a goat. She wears a blue visor over her eyes. Her outfit barely covers her, and resembles black vines, leaving very, very, little to the imagination. These black vines are actually wires, some of which are connected to her giant gauntlets. Her tail resembles a plug. She wears black high heels. Her technological wings are black with white-hued circuitry. The Omnitrix emblem is on her visor.
    Home Planet: Luna Agrabaht. It is a moon of Anur Draculat. Lilithium are a female-only species who do not get along with Tepestians.
    Abilities: Astaroth can launch electrical blasts from her body. She is capable of charming males, except Tepestians. By using electricity within brain neurons, she can manipulate and enter dreams. Her gauntlets and visor are power limiters, and can be broken to wreak havoc. Her tail is extensive and can elongate itself. She can drain energy from living beings and power sources through direct contact.

    Alien Name: Alucard
    Species: Tepestian
    Appearance: Alucard has very white skin and is very human, about 1.8 metres tall. He wears blue Kamina shades and wears a black fedora and tuxedo. His hair is a dark purple. The Omnitrix emblem is on his left chest area, worn like a badge.
    Home Planet: Luna Tepes. It is a moon of Anur Draculat. Tepestians are a male-only species who do not get along with Lilithium.
    Abilities: Alucard's limbs are very elastic and durable. He can charm females as long as they are not Lilithium. He also has super-strength, combined with super-speed. He can drain energy from living beings and energy sources through direct contact.

    Alien Name: Murder
    Species: Corbeautique. This species prefers to do everything alone, and if you ever see many in a pack, it's probably just one!
    Appearance: Murder looks like an average Earth crow, with a blue left eye and a tough pirate-like eyepatch and a red bandana around the neck. It is about the size of a raven. Its Omnitrix emblem is on the bandana.
    Home Planet: Passeria. It is a great planet with many cities. As Corbeautiques are considered pests to the other 'more civilised' species, these lone wolves have developed the ability to self-replicate.
    Abilities: Murder possesses the ability to replicate itself many times. When the clones receive enough damage, they get sucked back into the original. Murder's illusion manipulation abilities are limited, but enough to mix a lot of illusion replicas among her clones.
    Needless to say, Murder is capable of flight. Like a crow or raven, Murder has quick wits and finds it easy to outsmart opponents. Murder has a language too complex to be translated, but its intelligence is only slightly below Jury Rigg's.

    Alien Name: Hecate
    Species: Incantasapien. Females are more skilled in magic and males, more skilled in the most complex sword skills. However, both genders can use the same abilities.
    Appearance: Hecate resembles a human, younger version of Touko, and is about 1.34 metres tall. She wears a black witch-like and has bells adorning the side of her hair. Her eyepatch is a medical eyepatch. She has a fine, gothic-styled black dress with belts wrapping around it, like some sort of Final Fantasy character. She has a 2-metre long staff with a pink heart-shaped crystal at the end of it, which can be altered into a longsword via magic. She wears a red scarf as well. Her Omnitrix emblem is on her choker underneath her scarf.
    Home Planet: Technarcadia. Incantasapiens live on floating magic-technology citadels, and a few land-based magic-tech colonies. Most of the main surface is water, inhabited by their mermaid-like aquatic counterparts, the Undineons.
    Abilities: Hecate is a skilled magic user. From the start, she has mastery over mana-based telekinesis and mana projectiles, but she is starting to awaken certain other abilities, like teleportation and minor elemental manipulation. Hecate has skill is melee weapon usage as well. Hand her any weapon and she understands the basics. Hecate can be self-tutored to enhance her skills in mageknighthood.

    Alien Name: Desert Eagle
    Species: Gaiafalcon
    Appearance: Desert Eagle is about the size of a regular Earth eagle, specifically bald eagle. It appears rather metallic in appearance, and is almost completely gold in hue, like the sand of its home planet. Desert Eagle has a single blue eye revealed and a warrior-like eyepatch where Touko's medical eyepatch would be. The Omnitrix emblem is on its chest.
    Home Planet: Sabaku
    Abilities: Desert Eagle can manipulate the very earth and sand with great skill, although it is much, much easier to manipulate sand compared to pebbles and boulders. Desert Eagle can create said substance within its body and launch rock bullets at the opponent. There are many tactics that can be utilised in the art of sand manipulation, limited only by Desert Eagle's imagination. Desert Eagle's can use its abilities to build sand up and compress or harden it into solid rock.

    Alien Name: Battlecruiser
    Species: 1/2 Human 1/2 Cyberion Combat Ship
    Appearance: Battlecruiser's humanoid form is identical to Touko's physical appearance, except her clothes are entirely different. A blue visor shields her eyes, and her outfit is very revealing, baring a lot of skin. Silver chest pads barely veil her chest with no strings attached. A silver-hued crotchplate resembling a C-string is attached to her crotch. Her arms are adorned with giant, flat, mechanical red-and-silver palms that can transform into plane wings. Her red-and-silver metallic boots are adorned with much equipment, from jetpacks to additional energy weapons. Various energy cannons surround her - two giant ones hovering about her shoulders, two giant ones hovering beside her hips, and a bunch of smaller ones around. The Omnitrix emblem is on her 'tramp stamp' area.
    Her artillery form resembles a jet plane, red and silver in colour scheme. The Omnitrix emblem, that can be hidden easily, is on the front of the plane.
    Home Planet: N/A, the Cyberion race travel is space in flocks, like nomads.
    Abilities: Battlecruiser is techno-organic in nature. She is primarily made from an odd, hard-to-destroy metal. She can unleash a collection of far-ranged concussive and energy weapons upon her opponents. If she loses a body part, she can regenerate with ease. While it is true that she can fly with grace and speed, her more streamlined artillery form does it better in exchange for firepower. Her metallic palms can be used to slice through many things. In both forms, she is capable of levitation and space survivability. In fact, she does not require gaseous exchange. She does have melee weapons, which she can create from pure energy stored within her.

    Other Information: Touko does not speak, and this carries on to her aliens.
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  3. Name : Dylan Stiles
    AGE: 16
    Gender :Male
    Nationality:Texas ,USA
    Omnitrix color : Blue
    Omnitrix position: Its a ring on his right middle finger. It pulls up a display for his shifts.
    Species: Human Atlantean Hybrid, allowing him underwater for extended periods.


    Personality: Cocky but brave and determined to help everyone he can, hes also only into boys. Has a high pain tollerance due to his atlantean nerve endings.
    History: Raised by his father under the dea he is a skilled combatant. He doesnt mind confrontation due to the atlantean war. His mother died when he was four so he doesnt remember much of her. Be recieved the Omnitrix from the crater while fishing. Since then Plummers have tried recruiting him but he doesnt wish for his life to be changed.
    Equipment: A sword made of the metal of an alien warship.
    Role:Prince of Atlantis and Omnitrix Wielder.

    Name: Rapture
    Species: Klactals
    Abilities: Stealth

    Name: Swift

    Name: Gyser
    Species:Elder Atlantean
    Abilities :Water Manipulation aquatic-dragon-creature-game-concept-art-brian-lindahl.jpg
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  4. Well, I'm glad you gave Omnitrix wielders some extent of diversity.

    So, you're working on your Omnitrix aliens as we speak, right?
  5. Yes theyll most likely be water elemental based
  6. Can I join as a plumber? @Crow
  7. Yes, you are allowed.
  8. I'll post my character sheet later tonight.
  9. Thank you. And remember to state Plumber rank somewhere in your app.
  10. dayum
    no one else is interested in Ben 10?
  11. Name: Raziya
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: (What town, country and planet do you come from?) Furthorn, Velvtnip
    Species: Tawnikat
    Appearance: [​IMG] (Credit goes to katanabrin and the photo uploaded VampirePumpkins) [Minus the wings]
    Personality: Raziya may look terrifying, but her looks are a little deceiving. She may act a little distant when you first meet her, but she warms up to whoever she meets when she knows she can trust them. Despite being an alien, she has sense of looking out for her comrades and is very loyal the Plumbers.
    History: On the planet of Velvtnip, lives the species Tawnikat, a race that is proud of their heritage of vibrant traditions and graceful culture. Holding lavish parties in showcasing the talent of the Tawnicat, Veltnip is a place of recreation and lesiure. Until one day, the planet is attacked by another species. Raziya and her family look on in horror as their home is being destroyed as they flee to survive. Raziya decides to take on the task of bringing justice to those who don't. She becomes an officer of the Plumbers when she finds out who they are while on the job as a plumber rank.
    Skills and Abilities: Heightened sense of hearing, smelling, and vision. Increased speed and strength.
    Equipment Gun and carries a small hunting knife.
    Role in story: Plumber
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  12. Accepted. Welcome to the team, officer.
  13. Thanks! I can't wait to explore the world of Ben 10 once again :) @Crow
  14. Name: Izumi Daisuke
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Kyoto, Japan, Earth
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Daisuke has the appearance of an Asian man - fair skin, dark, black hair with a tiny, spike-like ponytail at the back, and a pair of brown eyes. Some say he looks a little feminine. He is about 1.74 metres tall, and wears the usual white Plumber suit. A small, green Omnitrix emblem(plumber badge) is worn as a hairclip on his left hair area.
    In his disguise, he wears a traditional black Japanese school uniform instead.
    Personality: Daisuke is very loyal to his superior Magister Fratercula and will rarely disobey his orders unless he must. He does not enjoy taking orders from anyone else and prefers to take charge or be independent when his favourite Magister isn't around. He will not accept being bossed around. He is mostly serious, but he shows his softer side when embarassed.
    History: Daisuke's father was a great Magister-Rank Plumber, while Daisuke was just a regular delinquent. One day, his father went missing, leading to the puffin-like Magister Fratercula knocking on his door and passing him some of his father's old Plumber equipment.
    After a while, Daisuke took training in Plumber Academy under Magister Fratercula's wing. He learnt quite an amount and began to respect Fratercula.
    At the start of the story, Magister Fratercula sends him on a quest to secure and gather all ten Omnitrix wielders to halt an oncoming threat.
    Skills and Abilities: Daisuke has a large array of intergalactic knowledge, being able to recognise many sentient and non-sentient species from five galaxies, although not all. He has a form of mixed martial arts that can fight on par with highly-advanced alien technology and durable materials. He does have great skill in piloting vehicles and such.
    Via aforementioned mixed martial arts, he can perform many physical blows. However, his mixed martial arts allow him to perform various tricks that cannot normally be performed by human beings:
    Palmburst - this allows him to concentrate and release a beam of energy from his palm. It causes damage, and no matter the physiology of the foe, paralyses them.
    Wuzhishan - Can only be used in very sandy or rocky environments. Seals the opponent underneath great, pressured rock. If mastered, it gives rise to some sort of basic terrakinesis
    Raigeki - A lightning attack for metallic opponents.
    Equipment He possesses a standard Plumber ship, enhanced by a few upgrades. Additionally, he has a basic Plumber Blaster and his last-resort weapon, a Tachyon Cannon, capable of disrupting the target's bio-signature.
    Role in story: Plumber Elite Agent
    Others: Prior to the start of the story, he identifies Touko as an Omnitrix wielder and tries to befriend and get close to her, whilst frightening her on occasion. He has another goal in addition to his current mission - to find his father, wherever he was in the galaxy.
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  15. I might make an Omnitrix wielder but I won't until we have more people. @Crow
  16. Glad to hear. I'll make the ad when I'm free-er.
  17. Name: Magister Fratercula
    Age: 30 in human years.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: [Kickin Hawk's Species] Home Planet.
    Species: [Kickin Hawk's Species]. This species takes on the forms of humanoid birds of all kinds.
    Appearance: Magister Fratercula resembles Earth's 'puffins', with markings that seperate both of his eyes. His beak is great and orange, and unlike his canonically-depicted counterparts, his head-feathers are flat. His arms are primarily black-feathered, with white feathers beneath his lower elbow and palms. His eyes are a solid black. His webbed feet are hidden by a pair of boots and most of his body is veiled by a Plumber Suit.
    Personality: Fratercula takes his responsibilities seriously, but he doesn't lose his cool very often. He is very calm, composed, and very reasonable. He treats his underlings like his children, possibly because he never had any children. He is said to be an admirable father figure who looks out and cares for others.
    History: Magister Fratercula was not always a good man. He was once the captain of the space pirate crew 'Ugly Duckling'. Even then, he had his father-like stature towards his crew. He may have been a thug back then, but he still had honour, pride and whatnot.
    After a long time of pileaging and raiding, he encountered Magister Izumi, Daisuke's father, who fought bravely with him. He admired Magister Izumi's strength, and as such, pondered about it for a bit. Eventually, he quit the Ugly Duckling to join Magister Izumi in the Plumbers, by attending Plumber Academy.
    After Plumber Academy, he swiftly rose up the ranks with his skill and creativity, finally accepting the rank of Magister.
    After Magister Izumi went missing, he chose to find his son, as Magister Izumi's death wish was for his son to continue his legacy...
    Skills and Abilities: Unlike certain members of his species, his concentration is very great. He has enhanced strength and some form of martial arts. His accuracy is nearly perfect and so is his trigger discipline.
    Equipment He has an improved version of a Standard Plumber Ship used by Magisters. He has an arsenal of weaponry, from laser weapons to jetpacks.
    Role in story: Magister-Rank Plumber
    Others: He takes a liking to ice cream
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  18. I like how you connect your characters. Should I make another character with an Omnitrix? @Crow
  19. Sure, why not? I could always use more Omnitrix wielders.
  20. Thanks! It'll take me a bit to come with the names and to find the right pictures but I will have it up by the weekend :)
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