Uniting the Kingdoms (Male Character Needed)

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  1. Good day/afternoon/evening and welcome to my partner search. Please take a seat or stand, whatever your preference is. It seems I still have quite a bit of free time on my hands this summer and so I thought I would see if I could get one more roleplaying partner while I have the time. I'll get to the plot which I tempted you in with in a moment, but first I would like to cover a few things I'm looking for in a partner.

    Traits I'm Looking For:
    • Length - As a rule, I prefer content be placed in order of importance over length, but I have also found that short posts tend to kill my interest in a roleplay. Because of this, I'd like to ask that my partner be able to post at least two decent paragraphs per post. If you can post more than this, that would be great too. I can post anywhere from two paragraphs to a small book depending on the point in the roleplay, and I enjoy it when my partners give me a lot to work with. I can deal with less if the plot is at a slow point, but under no circumstance will I accept one-liners. Sorry but like I said short posts kill my interest in a roleplay, especially one-liners.
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a good understanding of grammar. The occasional spelling error or grammatical error is fine (I mean reading this you could probably find a more than a few), but I would like them to be only occasional. Please be able to write in third person as well and stay in the correct tense. Again, the occasional mistake is understandable, but I tend to be distracted by repeated errors.
    • Activity - This is subject to change, but right now I would like someone who can post fairly often as in at least once or every other day. I'm on summer break so I have a lot of free time right now. Of course I'm very flexible when it comes to this, so feel free to talk to me about it if you're concerned. Also please tell me if you're going to be gone for an extended amount of time or if you've lost interest in the roleplay. I have been left in the cold by partners before and I really don't like when it happens. I put a lot of thought into my roleplays and it's always sad to see one die before it even starts because my partner disappears. I understand that life happens, but I just ask you to be upfront with me when it does.
    • Writing Style - By this I mean how you usually roleplay. I'm looking for someone who will take an active role in creating the plot for the story with me. This idea is fairly developed, but I want you to feel free to suggest changes and help make this roleplay into your own story just as much as it is mine. Please be able to handle side characters as well.
    That's the basics of what I'm looking for in a partner, thank you for reading through it. I know I can be wordy. Now for something completely different (get that reference and you're my friend for life). ;)

    Comments on Myself:
    • I can play both genders, though for this plot I have a female character already made. Also I prefer not to double because I tend to focus on only one character rather than giving them both the amount of attention they deserve which kind of makes the whole thing a bit pointless.
    • Romance - I only do MxF relationships and I prefer not to have sexual content in my roleplays. I like to keep the romance elements at a PG-13 level, meaning we stop at kissing.
    • Violence - I'm not really bothered by anything to do with violence or gore, so just follow the site's rules and we'll be fine. If you've got any issues with it, please let me know.
    • Language - I can handle language, but I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. If the situation calls for a curse, then I don't mind, but just don't have your character cursing every other word. I find it distracting to read through.
    Okay, that's all the stalling I'll do. I like to get the end of things out of the way first just so you know the sorts of things I look for in my partners. If you have any questions or things you'd like me to be aware of, just let me know. Anyway, on to the plot.


    The lands of Natel and Arx have been allies for many generations. Arx (the country you will be in control of) is a large country composed mostly of plains and flatlands. They are known for their military strength and battle prowess. Natel, a small nation to the north, is a mostly mountainous land boarding the ocean to the north and east with Arx to the south and an unnamed country to the east. Their small size and numbers would make many think they were an easy target for conquering, but the land is far from ordinary. It is a land with magic flowing through it. The ruling line of Natel made a pact with the magic long ago that their ruler would be linked to the magic in order to give it a medium with which it could interact with the world in exchange for the people's use of the land. This magic, though not all powerful, as provided them enough leverage to keep other countries from conquering them. Their friendship with Arx has also helped. The two lands have managed to keep peace in the region for the most part, keeping the lands from war due to their combined strength.

    However recent events now threaten that peace. Not long ago there was a plague that swept through Natel, killing most of the royal family except for the youngest boy, William. He took his father's place as ruler at the age of eight making him the youngest to ever inherit the throne of Natel. He proved to be a wise and fair king, but being the medium for the land's magic at a young age was detrimental to his heath. When he reached adulthood, he began to deteriorate due to the stress of ruling and the stress on his body. Because of this, the people clamored for him to take a bride, but it was a struggle for William to find a suitable woman to wed. Not only would she need to be noble, but there was the chance that she may take over the kingdom after him. A marriage between him and the queen and Arx was considered in the past, but she wed before any plans could be made. In the end, William nearly gave up hope when he met the daughter of a duke from the mountains. Though she was far from being his equal, her spirit caught the king's attention and he quickly fell in love with her. They married a year later and a year after that she gave birth to a daughter, but died in child birth.

    William, fearing that his own end was not far in the future, went to Arx to make a deal with the queen who had had a son not long before. He proposed that they draw up an engagement for their children and wed them when they were both of age. This would unite their kingdoms permanently and increase both of their standings as the world's military power and magical power. William also would be able to trust his daughter would not be left alone after he was gone.

    Thus the deal was struck and the heirs to the kingdoms were promised to each other. They would meet several times during their childhood before tragedy would strike again. William died shortly after his daughter turned thirteen, forcing her to take on the role of queen and medium for the magic that protects her country. This forced the two apart for many years, during which they grew up. Now the time has come to fulfill the promise and unite their kingdoms, but not all is well. They have both been raised to live in a world of cutthroat politics where the numbers of people you can trust are few, and not all are happy with the arrangement to join the countries. Dark whispers of rebellion are entering the counts and even greater shadows are manipulating events behind the scenes. Will the heir be able to unite their countries? Will they be able to find love among the mess?

    This is just the bare bones of the plot, but it gives you an idea of where it’s heading. Basically the plot will focus on the two heirs of the countries. I left the details of Arx as open as I could so that you could build the country as you would like it, same goes for the male heir. The only details that need to be there are that his mother is the rightful heir to her line and her husband died at some point during your character's childhood. The last detail is just so that it makes sense why he would be inheriting his throne around the same time as my character. Does he have sibling, aunts, uncles, cousins? I don't know it's up to you. His personality is all up to you as well. We'll define the relationship these characters have after you make yours. Maybe they were best friends of children, or maybe they hated each other. Maybe your character hates the fact that his marriage was arranged for him as a child. Whatever you can think up can happen.

    There are more details to the plot as well, but I'll explain those later if you're interested. Send me a pm if you're interested in a good old fashioned budding love story mixed with political drama and adventure. I'll be looking forward to it. :)
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