United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel: Junomedra's Quest

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    Genre: Space Exploration Sci-Fi
    Place: Exploring Galaxy #882701, more commonly referred to as "Ganymede 7"

    URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the Regency. It's mission: To explore the vastness of space, learn of new planets, stars, and colonize inhabitable locations.

    Of course, the universe is not without it's dangers. Hostile Alien races travel the stars, hybrid races from cross breeding gone wrong, as well as self proclaimed pirates can be a danger to planet-side missions and in rare cases to the Junomedra itself. The crew and colony must protect itself while at the same time seeking out new lands and civilizations.

    What is YOUR role on the Junomedra?

    This is a JUMP IN roleplay! :D No bios are required, but if you have one post it here!
    Lemme find that bio x]
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  5. Are there any races allied with humanity?

    How far has humanity spread?

    Also, if humanity spread beyond the solar system, I call being an entertainer on the ship from a High-G world. YAY!
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  7. You can play other alien races, and it's good to assume that we've branched all over the galaxy!

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  8. Can't find my original Annie bio, so I made a new character~ yay~ ^^

    Eun Soo Na

    Journalist / Writer / Somewhat of a lighter kind of Researcher

    EunSoo, though she longs for Earth from time-to-time, really enjoys their adventures in Ganamedy 7.

    She finds herself consistent in comparing each planet and life form to those on Earth, a habit she doesn't like.

    Also, she wishes she would talk to the others more, instead of always taking notes and writing her entries.

    Is always imagining stories when sees other people conversing.

    Loves the feeling of stepping foot on a new planet.

  9. My character is a doctor. I've never played one before, and I figured a jump-in would be a great place to try one out. Unfortunately, there are extra complications when it comes to space-doctoring...
  10. Hmm, I am very tempted to join this... would it be okay if my characters are twins? This is their character sheet from a previous rp (They're completely identical so I only need one XD)

    Names - Joe & Quain Daror

    Gender - Male

    Species - Uh... hm. What you would call a realy mixed breed.
    ((Their species survives through DNA absorption. Usually females would go out into space, come into contact with various other alien species and bring back the "samples" in their body. If they can't get back they can choose another mate of any alien race. The gender always alternates (i.e. female with the DNA will have boys, and their children will be girls, etc.) Due to all the DNA in their species it's hard to tell what they originally looked like but they recognise each other by a certain aura/scent. ))

    Profession - Space trade and doing what no one else wants to do - like going after space banshees for banshee soup.

    Position - Usually carrying everything around or acting as explorers and helping the medical staff out. Sometimes act as bodyguards. They also help out with maintenance on the ship.

    Appearance – Quite human-like (hair on the head, facial hair) but with alien-animalistic features and spikes (which are somewhat colourful) along the back and arms, two tails and some gills. They can change their skin colour somewhat like a chameleon can.

    Powers (if any) - They have a strong bond/link between them, to the extent that if one twin is cut, it will appear on the other one in the exact same spot. They can also communicate via the mind. Other than that they have the natural ability to grow what one might call a biometal armor from beneath their skin that can cover their entire bodies. It usually comes out in self defense but they can control and manipulate it to form wings, for example, but it takes a lot or resources. They don’t have to eat but need a certain sustenance (which is different for each individual) which is converted into some form of energy to maintain and control the biometal. In their case they need electricity. Their species (or one in the mix) has a spacial awareness about them and they can basically see/smell/hear/feel something all at once when the awareness is sent out around them. It can also go through walls to some extent. They have an uncanny understanding of technological things, and they can’t lie. At all. Ever.

    Background/Personality – They grew up in the trade business and once they were old enough they bought their own ship (dubbed “Spit & Prayers II”) and went in the space training business. They usually take the exciting and dangerous jobs and wouldn’t think twice about looking into something that could be interesting. This is how they ended up as part of the Junomedra crew after their ship finally gave in.

    Colour of SpeechRed (#c30d0d) and green (3c9e0b). Purple (a33dce) if they talk at the same time.

    Is this okay? I have a tentency to over-imagine my characters, especially the twins...
  11. May I reserve a spot, please? I am too busy at the moment to post in the IC thread.
  12. Characters being twins are perfectly okay. :D You also don't need to reserve a spot. This is a jump in and you can hop in at any time!

    ALSO: Still open. @___@ I'm still trying to get caught up on my vacation, but people can post!
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