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What do you think caused the deaths?

  1. Aliens

  2. chemicals

  3. Terrorists

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  4. Space time rupture

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  5. something else

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  1. So this is an idea I've had for some time. Tell me what you think.

    Seventy years into the future, humanity is coming out of what has been called "The Technological Revolution". Many breakthroughs and advances have been made. Wounds can be repaired quickly by cell regeneration accelerators or CRAs, for short; The Laws of Physics have been greatly refined, warp drives that can take people from the Earth to the Moon in a matter of hours have been invented, and holograms are widely used. Colonies have also been established on Mars, and cities are growing on the newly terraformed Moon.

    It was something out of the dreams of the previous generation. Now that dream is under attack. As of 08:00PM PST, every colony on Mars has gone dark. Through telescopes, we can see that the colonies are intact but with no signs of life, only some dead bodies. It is unknown what caused this, but it is believed to be the handy work of an anti-space colonization group know as "Terra Singular". They have never attempted anything so bold or successful, but it is currently believed to be the only probable cause. This incident is being kept under wraps. No one outside the U.N security council and the Space Resources Corporation board knows. The cover story is that there is a solar flare disrupting communications with the colonies. They fear it would cause panic on the Moon if word of such a large scale attack got out. But this can only be kept secret for so long.

    A special team was organized and funded by the Space Resources corporation, under the authority of the Security Council. The corporation has the highest controlling interest on Mars, and the highest interest in finding out what exactly happened to their colonists. This special team is to be designated "Unit 7". Seven team members outfitted with the best void combat gear money, and a fair amount of political leverage, can buy. They will be used to investigate the Mars colonies, and if necessary destroy whatever caused the deaths. They will find that not all is as it seems.

    World Info:

    EVVC suits: Extra Vehicular Void Combat suits. Think ASTs from Advanced Warfare, but smaller. EVVCs are brilliantly designed space suits. They are less bulky than those of previous generations and are designed for easy and fast mobility. The most incredible thing about them is the highly adaptable life support system. The life support is a skin-tight gel suit that the pilot wears. The gel is made up of a new element known as Motolite, that was discovered on Mars. Through mere skin contact the motolite can provide the body with enough oxygen for 24 hours. Around the gel suit the EVVC is fitted. The armors attributes and appearance varies greatly by the personal preference of the pilot.

    Earth: Earth has become known as "The gilded planet". Technology has given birth to miracles. Clean energy and brilliant innovations are abundant in the massive cities. War still happens but it is much less common than before, and the world economy is stable.

    Mars: Mars is mostly made up of research and mining colonies. The planet is not fully terraformed so a space suit is required when going outdoors. In all there are about 30 known settlements. The largest of these is Opportunity outpost.

    The Moon: The Moon has been fully terraformed and the atmosphere is breathable. The terrain is similar to that of a mountain forest. The largest exports are Helium-3 and various minerals. It also serves as a gateway to the rest of the solar system. Currently, 40 million people call it home. The landscape is dotted with cities. The largest are Armstrong City and Tranquillity Bay port.

    Venus: [Data Corrupted]

    The Law: Military forces have very little presence beyond Peace keepers on Mars and The Moon. There have been no conflicts and no reasons to send soldiers beyond Earth. Peace keepers are armed like the typical U.S police officer. Larger settlements are equipped with the more heavily armed SWAT units.

    The Space Resources Corporation: The SRC is the largest and most influential company beyond Earth. They are the second largest asteroid mining company and they completely control the mining and research industry on Mars. It is a lesser known fact that they also have many world leaders in their pocket. Not much is known about their highly secretive Ghost Works science division.

    Unit 7: This unit is to be made of unique individuals, to say the least. They will be chosen from a very small pool of candidates. They must be scientific and combat capable. Scientist soldiers if you will. For example a medic could double as a biologist, and a sniper could be a physicist.

  2. I like the idea of the setting, though it feels as though you're trying to go for a scientific aura for this, which means there are a few things that need addressing. Firstly, the terraforming of the moon. Mars itself doesn't have enough gravity to maintain an earthlike atmosphere, and it's a lot bigger than the moon, so the moon being terraformable is out of the question, currently. I recommend someone has invented a device that artificially boosts gravity to Earth-like levels. Secondly, though not necessary, an explanation of how the CRAs are used would be good. Are they implanted into the person as some kind of nano-bot repair system or are they an externally used device? Finally, I'm not really understanding what an EVVC is. Basically an exoskeleton with weapons or more like a robot mech piloted by a seat in the chest area?
  3. I see your points. Come to think of it a terraformed moon is probably a little far fetched for only seventy years. Even if there was a massive leap in technology. Mars can be terraformed, I think.

    The CRA merely accelerates the healing process. It can replace lost limbs and cure cancer. The machine itself is like an MRI, and not portable. I was using it as an example of how far humanity had come.

    Have you seen ant-man? EVVCs are a lot like the Yellow Jacket suit. A space suit, but less bulky, weaponized and highly customizable. But Obviously they don't shrink.
  4. Ah I see. That's helpful. I'll consider joining once I figure out what kind of role to play. I'm not used to FPS-type RPs :D
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