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  1. Okay so it's a rough idea I got from seeing a picture online. But I liked it. What would happen if there was a world where everyone had a clock embedded into their wrist that counted down days months years seconds minutes. Etc. ok so this clock counts down to the very moment and when the time runs out is when you will meet your soulmate? That's as far as I got was hoping a few rp partners would want to work something out with it but it seems like a neat idea to me. I prefer to play female, mxf only, and that's about all I can think of. Please let me know what you think!
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  2. I think that it is a very interesting concept and I am interested in trying it out. How many people were you thinking of having involved in this role play?

    P.S. Sorry if I am a little slow to understand how things work, I have never been asked to do any rps with anyone but my friends that are already on here because they are the ones that helped me get on. I tried to start a one-on-one with a couple of people and I was shot down. :(
  3. It's ok! And I was looking for multiple rp partners to try this out but I only do one on ones. So it would just be me and you. :)
  4. Great idea love
  5. Yay! XD pm me and we will discuss.
  6. Illdo that first thing after i awake tomorrow gnite love
  7. Sweet dreams!
  8. That sounds interesting. I'm up for it.​
  9. Awesome! Drop me a pm to discuss.
  10. Are you still willing to do this RP or do you have enough people?
  11. Still willing. XD
  12. Not intrested ,but just to let you know their is a movie with your same plot, which is probably where the picture came from. Where time in literally money and its how they live longer. Stuff like that X)
  14. ITs called

    In time

    Here is a link to the trailer, its has Justin temberlake in it but its a really good movie.
  15. Thanks! I thought I had thought up something original....that's embarrassing. 0///0
  16. Now i feel Like a Jerk LOlz....I just thought it would help you work with the world better, I wasnt trying to stomp out your creative spirit or anything so keep trying.
  17. No no! You didn't. Now I'm psyched to see the movie. XD
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  18. This is an incredible idea and seems interesting especially for a romance rp, but sadly Im stretched thin right now just trying to keep up with Illium/Fateguard (When it is running) having difficulty even doing those so id on't wanna start something and not follow through v.v sorry.
  19. Well if you get an opening from me a line. :)
  20. Hhhmm, sounds pretty interesting!! I'd love to give it a shot if you're still looking?
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