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  1. Saw a picture (which is below) that gave me an awesome idea for a roleplay!


    Ok, so my idea here is that instead of using predefined characters like Elsa and Jack, we could replace them with our own characters. Perhaps instead of Elsa maybe a snow sprite charrie of mine and Jack Frost? Or something else of the sort. But I love the idea! I prefer to play female in mxf pairings. Looking for multiple rps! Please hit me up. I really want to try this one. Feel free to edit or suggest.
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  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH yes i love this that idea, it looks so amazing~ PM me pleaase :D
  3. I have never seen this movie but I totally dig the idea you got :)
  4. This does seen like a cool idea but I'm not sure I would be a fitting partner here
  5. Just thought I'd ask. :)
  6. oh what the heck, sign me up.
  7. Sure. Pm me.
  8. >m< I think my shipping has begun, you still up for this?except OOC characters but the same idea
  9. Yes. I'm up for it. Pm me.
  10. I cant, your inbox is full??? at least that's what the site says?
  11. Ok. It's better now. Sorry lol
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