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  1. Hi thanks for looking at this!
    Okay so I have a few plot idea's some are kinda weird but I really want them.
    Wolves (two wolves from different packs. Maybe a lone wolf and a pack wolf who knows.)

    Bear/fox shifter..(I don't know x3)

    Royaltyx Royalty or Knight or mercenary and well you get the idea.





    I also do slice of life rp.

    I want other idea's too! I generally post a paragraph (normally small.) I am trying to work on doing bigger ones and two or more.
    My general posting size is a paragraph if you get me really into it I can do two. Or If you post more I can make myself do it but it will take awhile for it to become natural for me. Any post more then one line will do as it goes towards the story. PM me and we can figure out what plot we want to use.
  2. I have a Wolf x Wolf plot if you're interested. :3
  3. I really really am!
  4. I'll PM you with the plot!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.