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  1. Hi I'm UnicornBunny I am a girl but I will play a guy in some of these I do want to be a girl.. Mostly only the first two I care about. I can post up to two paragraphs if you want more then I will. You just would need to kind of show me an example then I can do it. It will be a struggle at first but I will get natural at it. It's how I learn and grow as a roleplayer. I am an odd girl and I do like chatting outside the Roleplay. Though on a different pm so the posts don't get messed up!

    I normally post multiple times a day! I can deal with slower posting speed though of course.
    Right now I really want two Rps

    Shifter (of any kind you choose)XWolverine shifter (me! Though I would like then to be two different types)

    (me.)Animal trainer/breederX another one/ anything you think will work

    One of the four horsemen falling in love.... I can be the horseman or the other..

    Wolf roleplay

    Bear shifterX anything

    Monster Rp.


    Thief x police or detective.

    Cowgirl x cowboy or same sex

    Any kind of slice of life.

    Apocalyptic theme.

    If you have anything you want to do.. I just really would not want to be a vampire though you can be!
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Thread Status:
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