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    Acandra, Home of the Crownless and Capital City of Argidal

    Once again, I offer this RP to either single players, or a group who may be interested. Searching for up to five people(Not including myself, as I shall play DM.) In which, this RP shall contain horror, action, adventure.

    Any race/type of character is acceptable, as long as they are not god-like(EG: No invincibility, or capability of moving faster than one can blink.) Your character also must be able to fit in a fantasy scenario.

    Description of the lands your characters shall be traversing

    The entire kingdom spans potentially fifty or more miles each way from the city of Acandra. Acandra is smack dab in the center of the kingdom and home to The Crownless King. The kingdom possesses six cities. Lural, Agyral, Acandra, Kentra, Haykin and Draysis.

    Lural is far less of a city, than it is just a well established village, in the woodsy area bordering the kingdom's wall. But now... A mere few villagers reside within the ten mile long establishment, though it is large and condensed enough to seem it once held even hundreds.

    Agyral, means "Wealth." It was once a city, dug into the side of a mountain where the rich could remain near their servants, who spent their days digging into the walls for gems and gold. Their buildings used as the support to keep the mountain from essentially caving into itself due to the excavation. Most well known as "An abominable place" by The Crownless, as it was what started the war, several centuries ago. And therefor a forbidden place, in fear that greed would once more conquer his home.

    Acandra (Very first picture.) Is the city known as "Home of the Crownless King." Though no visual evidence of him is there. It seems to be the most modernized(For a fantasy setting.) and well established city of all, and is ever ominous due to that crystal in town square, piercing the heavens.

    Kentra is a city most referred to "The Ruins." As it was the first city to be attacked by Dilara and her cult, during that war centuries ago. The buildings crumbled and weathered from the attack and ages of being neglected. On the edge of a lake, fed by the stream connected to Lural, which in itself was from an underground river potentially from the mountains. This place was not considered abominable, like Agyral was, but the residents of Argidal feel uneasy in the city, therefor left it neglected, not even bothering to loot the items there.


    Haykin is the city most well known for the Crownless' loyal knights have claimed the once kingdom-wide known academy for arcane arts. That they use the academy to teach the "Brides and Grooms of the Crownless" as well as his "Tamers." which are two of the Crownless' factions which possess magic.


    Draysis is essentially the "Vegas" of Draysis, which has the extended amounts of pubs, taverns, and inns. City is usually draped with festive-looking decorations. The gladiator pits, for the public's amusement is where the Crownless trains his "Furies."

    I have paid artists to draw these, for me. Unfortunately the last one was a few years back, and fail to remember who drew them for me.(Username-wise, anyway.)

    A description of your character(s) scenario.

    When you come to this kingdom(We can decide later on, how. Such as if you've been requested for help, or stumbled upon the land.) Your character(s) come to this kingdom, able to note that it is, indeed quite peaceful, children in the field, playing fear-free. There is no notable status of wealth, no poor, no rich, no starved. Everything so still, and balanced. That their king, without a name and only referred to his title "The Crownless." has rejected the crown for it's symbolism of triumph and power, that he refuses to be placed on a pedestal any higher than an average citizen.

    But the characters will learn... Beneath every light, there's a shadow. They learn that the King uses black magic, but he does not use it for greed or power, but to use it to protect his subjects. In a way, a king so desperate to keep those under his protection safe, he set himself on fire to keep them warm.

    Then there is Glenys, a man who's utterly disgusted with the king's use of foul power, regardless of what it is being used for. He rose a resistance, known as "The Eternal." to combat Crownless and his loyal knights, the "Furies." The name 'Eternal' refers to the idea Crownless is trying to enslave the kingdom, to take away their humanity. But their humanity is ever-lasting.
  2. Sounds interesting! I wish I could join but I don't have a very strong stomach so horror is like- I don't know if I'd be able to handle explicit scenes with gore in them! >.<

    Good luck with your search for interest though! :)
  3. I'd like to join.
    Though question, crownless is bad and corrupt?
    I'm just confused with:
    "The name 'Eternal' refers to the idea Crownless is trying to enslave the kingdom, to take away their humanity. But their humanity is ever-lasting."

    It makes me think, the crownless is corrupt and wishes to enslave a kingdom (what kingdom? The one he is ruling?). But the other kingdom who made the 'furies' to fight against the eternals does not want to be enslaved or have their humanity taken away, therefore it's tough to rule them.

    Just need clarification.

  4. Aww, I'm sorry. But yeah, some "npc's" will get some pretty vicious wounds.

    Ah, apologies. Argidal is the kingdom's name, it's the only one involved with this story. It's essentially a civil war type of setting. He has no interest in other kingdoms.

    As for Crownless being 'bad' and 'corrupt' is up to player's perspective. Yes, he sends those that break his rules to vicious torment, but it's four simple rules. "Do not lie, steal, betray, or harm."

    The furies are Crownless' soldiers, they roam the streets, they play as authority.

    But the Eternal(With Glenys as their leader.) don't like the foul power the Crownless uses. Even if he does only target the criminals, they fear his foul power will sooner or later turn him into a genocidal maniac, which they wish to stop before it happens.
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