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  1. Jasper sat in his dorm. Alone. And likely to be alone a while since the roommate he’d been assigned was absent three days into the official start of the semester. While he had brought many things for himself to enjoy in the brief time he didn’t have any serious study to do, he had chosen to stare down a peculiar cup that had just recently come into his possession.

    The cup was silver in appearance, and looked more as one would describe a chalice. While he knew its origin was not from this world, he had looked online anyway and found it had the hallmarks of being crafted in the late medieval period of France.

    “You won’t be alone. They always come in pairs. Your partner will find you, or you them, in due time” Were the last words of the entity who had offered him the chalice and its purpose, then vanished. Not around a corner or even in a puff of smoke. Just gone. Like an illusion.

    But his first contact with the chalice had proven it was not some dream cooked up by the anxiety of a freshmen far from home for the time in his life. It had started as a tingling sensation in his fingertips, then escalated to what could only be described as a full body seizure as every cell of his body was rearranged. It was good enough he didn’t have a roommate. They probably would have called the ambulance and he’d be in some research facility with a panel of scientists asking him questions he couldn’t possibly answer.

    He didn’t scream or give anyone any hint something was wrong with him for the whole three days since. He wasn’t even sure what the chalice had done to him.

    Gathering his courage, Jasper touched it again. Nothing. Picked it up. Nothing. Swirled his finger inside. Nothing.

    Then he became aware of his dry mouth. In all the anxiety he had neglected to drink anything all day. He went to his fridge and was about to drink coke from the big bottle, then decided he might as well make use of the mysterious fancy chalice.

    Except when he turned around the chalice was already full of cold, bubble cola.
  2. "So tiny."

    Mia couldn't help but ponder out loud as she fumbled with something between her fingertips. It was an old looking key; thick iron metal curved and melted into an intricate design and although most keys of this design should of been heavy Mia found it uncommonly light. When she had first been given the key she would of sworn she would of lost it at least four times already but each time she set the thing down it somehow found its way back into her pocket and the more she thought about it the more she realized she felt a sense of calm with the key with her. The smooth surface beneath her fingertips; the steady static that lapped slowly up her skin as she held it. It was if it had a life of it's own.

    Normally that would seem like crazy talk but since a few days ago it was more like common sense. A bubble of laughter escaped her lips as she replayed the whole scene in her head; "God, what a lune I must be." The young girl whispered softly.

    "You won’t be alone. They always come in pairs. Your partner will find you, or you them, in due time”

    Those word's still echoed in the back of her mind. At the time she had been too shell shocked to really process what had happened and after awhile she had convinced herself that it was all a very weird dream. But not even Mia could deny the strange little key that glared back at her from modest desk. Nor could she ever forget the moment she had picked it up. It was like lightening that raced up through her skin, scorching her bones and obliterating her very soul. Her very core was on fire. Her roommate at the time had found her curled up in a tight feverish ball; muttering like a woman possessed and in fear her dear roommate had called 911. It was in the hospital that Mia had started to regain consciousness. Her fingers tightly laced around the key's warm metal frame.

    The doctors could find nothing wrong with her. Even went as far as to screen her for drug use but everything turned up clean but that wasn't enough to convince her roommate. The frightening girl had reported Mia to their DA and quickly requested to be transferred into a new room. Mia couldn't blame her; college was stressful enough without finding your roommate stuck in some weird trance in the middle of her bedroom. Plus, Mia enjoyed the extra space she had now. Well at least until the new roommate was scheduled to move in. Apparently a late transfer student.

    Sighing she tucked the key back into her pocket. Classes were done for the day and she had time to kill. While she was out she figured she might as well as visit her old friend Reggie The two of them had been high school friends who lost touch senior year bu their friendship picked back up when they found themselves paired together in their sociology class. 'He'd probably be in his dorm...' Mia thought idly. Reggie wasn't much of a social person. He preferred to study human interaction that take part in it. Another reason why they seemed to get a long so well; no pressure.

    Mia had rounded up the boy's hallway only to come face to face with a large pack of boy just standing in the hall. They didn't seem to notice her at first. They were whispering to one another, some lightly shoving others towards what looked like another students door. Mia noted that one of the boys had what seemed to be a water balloon hidden behind his back.

    "What are you doing?"

    The group flinched visibly which caused Mia to smile internally.

    "None of your business now get lost." A boy who was just only a few inches taller than her sneered. The young woman just cocked her head slightly, letting loose strands of hair fall carelessly from behind your ear. "You'r never going to peg whoever's behind that door by just standing there."

    "Oh, yeah? Then why don't you show us how to do it." Another boy called out.

    With a sigh she held out on of her hands, "Come on then." There was a brief silence before the boy handed the water logged balloon over. Part of her felt sorry for whoever was behind the door but it was probably some part of a frat initiation. She had bore witness to her ex-roommates peril and now it was her turn to show a little 'school pride'. With that Mia walked up and knocked on the door; ignoring the sharp buzzing that was emanating from her pocket.
  3. “Not bad” Jasper said aloud as he finished off the last drop of immaculate cola from his chalice. It was his second helping.

    “Maybe this thing isn’t so bad” He said as he set it back down on his desk and decided to take a picture of it if only to determine how it reacted.

    Now where did I put it?

    Then it started buzzing. Like a cellphone with an incoming call. It buzzed and inched closer to the edge of the desk. Jasper snatched it up and, feeling very silly as he did so, put it first to his ear and asked “Hello?” but received no response.

    Well it was worth a try.

    He felt the chalice vibrate in his hand and noted a warmth emanating from it. Like it had just come out of the dishwasher was the most apt description he could liken it too.

    The knock at his door pulled him from his thoughts. It must be the RA checking on the status of his roommate situation. He set the shaking chalice on his bed and answered the knock.

  4. "Hello?"

    A boy around her age had flung open the door. It was at that moment that she felt like a bolt of lightening has jumped straight into her chest; bits of color seemed to swirl around his body. In fact there was color everywhere; wrapping around in lazy swirls almost begging to be touched. Mia had forgotten what she was supposed to do for a moment; green eyes dazzled by the random onslaught of hues. Her hand had been raised above her, balloon poised for impact, but now it just hung limply. From somewhere behind her a voice mumbled something before knocking her forward.

    Startled she had let the balloon loose in the stranger's face.

    "I am so sorry!"

    She exclaimed her hands cupping around her face. The group of guys had already taken off. Their laughter echoing down the empty halls; leaving her red faced to face the consequences. Mia could barely even feel her heart beat. She had expected this to be a simple splash and run but now her body was like a live wire. The key pulsating as it rested against her hip; begging to be freed.

    'Should of just went to Reggie's'
    Her mind whispered.
  5. Wow

    Jasper was immediately taken-aback by the young woman outside his door. Not just because she was pretty, but there was something…magnetic around her. He could hear the chalice on his bed going crazy soon as he had opened the door.

    The words of the entity replayed in his head with perfect clarity.

    Was this the other one it had been talking about?

    Then he saw the balloon in her hand, and the crowd of guys behind her.

    Oh crap

    He felt the cold water splash across his face and down his front. He jumped back and yelled his surprise.

    This was a great way to meet a pretty girl, he thought as his body shook from the sudden cold and he wiped the water from his eyes so he could find his towel.

    So far his first week of college was going just as bad as he feared. No, even worse.
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  6. "I'm so sorry."

    Seemed to be the only words she could force out of her mouth as she watched him stumble around with water dripping from his eyes. Actually, the more she thought about it the funnier it seemed and eventually Mia found herself braced against the door fighting back a fit of giggles. It wasn't that she had stopped feeling guilty in all actuality she felt worse with each escaping chuckle but that was all down to that uncontrollable part of her self that seemed to burst into giggles when she felt nervous. Was that what this was? Nerves? She had no real reason to be nervous after all. Other than pretty much slamming an innocent boy with a balloon full of water but that wasn't something to be nervous about.

    It was like Mia had suddenly become self aware; the fits of laughter subsiding as she deftly stroked the outside of her pocket. There was something odd here. Something that just felt; different. Without waiting for an invitation she stepped into his dorm,"You going to be okay?" Mia managed to force out with a half hearted smile. Surely this couldn't be the partner that the creature had mentioned, could it? He looked just like any other student, albeit a little wet, but normal just the same. Had he also been chosen like she? There was a dull ache in her chest that she couldn't distinguish from hope or fear. If he was indeed the boy than that would mean her life was truly about to change forever.
  7. The chuckles of the newcomer made it hard to be any degree of angry with the situation. At least she sounded sincere about being sorry.

    Wait. How do I know she’s sincere? Jasper thought. He found the towel in his closet and started wiping himself dry. This wasn’t the first time he’d been the subject of a prank, and every other time he’d only thought they meant it when they said “I’m sorry”

    But he knew she was. Didn’t think. Knew.

    “I’m fine” He said three times in quick succession then followed it up with “not the first time I’ve taken a water balloon to the face and probably not the last”

    When he had dried himself he came out of the small walk-in closet and saw the girl looking at him strangely. Then he remembered the chalice. He could still hear it vibrating on top of his pillow. He sat down on his bed and picked up the chalice. It continued to shake. And the girl didn’t appear to notice.

    That’s when he heard the second vibration emanating from her. He looked at the chalice, then at her, and held it up as if offering a toast.

    “Does….this mean anything to you?”
  8. “I’m fine” He said three times in quick succession then followed it up with “not the first time I’ve taken a water balloon to the face and probably not the last”

    With that statement Mia could feel herself visibly cringe though the boy himself didn't seem to mind. He came around the corner, water no longer dripping, and for the first time Mia really saw him. He was average, at best, the sort of understated looks that many people would pass over. The more she looked at him the more she could see him falling victim to many a prank over his years.
    "You really don't mind?" She had called as she followed him to where his bedroom lay.

    There he sat casually as if he hadn't even heard her or that she hadn't just pegged him in the face. Part of her rebelled against the normality of the situation. Flagged down the sense that he should be livid with her and that yelling should ensue. In fact it almost demanded for her to ask why he seemed so calm but then there was that small little feeling. Like a quiet voice in the back of ones mind that just hushed her suspicions. Whispered that everything was okay and for once again Mia because curious as to whom the mystery man was before her.

    There was something next to him on the bed, a soft buzzing sound that chimed in the air.As he picked it up she recognized it as some sort of fancy cup. Without even thinking her own hand dipped into her pocket. Fingers lacing tightly around her key as she pulled it from it's depths.

    “Does….this mean anything to you?”
    He asked her while holding the cup towards her. A look of confusion darted across her face while Mia worried her lower lip; another bad habit.
    "Yes and no."
    Was her simple answer. She had no knowledge of the chalice thought something about it screamed with familiarity. Her body on the other hand seemed to hooked onto the pulsating energy that flowed from it and Mia found herself being drawn towards it. She didn't dare touch it; not wishing to repeat her earlier hospital stay she idly toyed with her key before showing it to him.

    "In about two seconds I am either going to make a lot of sense to you or become really fucking strange," Mia paused for a moment of hesitation before launching into a breathless speech, "So, if i'm not crazy. Which I am not saying I am. That this is a relic from a different dimension given to you by a strange creature thing along with some words somewhere along the lines of, 'Partner...yadda yadda yadda, will come to you soon, ect and so on and so forth.' Does that make any sense to you?"

    Her eyes squinted as she braced herself for whatever backlash that was about to erupt.
  9. “Thank God” Jasper said at the end of the girl’s rant. He looked at the chalice in his hand. He wondered if the vibration would affect its ability to produce something a little stronger than cola to take the edge off the crazy week he was having.

    And apparently it didn’t at all. It was full to the brim when he opened his eyes. He was also aware the remaining moisture in his hair was gone. He wondered if that was related somehow.

    “You’re not becoming strange,” He started to reassure her “at least not without me, apparently. I mean look at this cup.” He sniffed the contents and took a tentative sip. It was alcoholic alright. He took a longer drink and grimaced at the burning sensation.

    “So…” He had another long drink. Nothing so far. “did he also appear to you as an old guy with big eyebrows and a nice three-piece suit?”

    His own eyes squinted at the key in her hand. Looked about as old as the chalice.

  10. "Thank God."

    That was not what the girl had expected. Though to hear it did relax the string that seemed to be wound around her heart and lungs and for the first time she let out a solemn sigh. Mia rubbed her face tiredly as she took a seat nxt to his on the bed. Eyeing the chalice with new interest she studied the same old metal that her key seemed to be forged from. She glanced away at her own token before looking back over, 'Whoa.' The cup was full to the brim. The scent of alcohol strong in the air. Mia was never a big fan of the smell; it was like acid being forced down her senses. Without thinking she briefly scooted away.

    “You’re not becoming strange,” He started to reassure her “at least not without me, apparently. I mean look at this cup.” He sniffed the contents and took a tentative sip. It was alcoholic alright. He took a longer drink and grimaced at the burning sensation.
    “So…” He had another long drink. Nothing so far. “did he also appear to you as an old guy with big eyebrows and a nice three-piece suit?”

    Mia grimaced at him as she watched him gulp down the alcohol; "Um yeah, he came into my dorm and I thought he was the dean or something. So needless to say when he went on and on about fates and whatnot I started to think a hobo had sneaked into my dorm." She held out her key in the air and watched the colors lazily lap around the metal,
    'I wonder if he can see it?' She cast a wary eye over at the boy, "I'm Mia by the way, majoring in Culinary and minoring in Business. You?" It was such an innocent topic; a bit of normality among the weirdness. Idly she turned the key lazily in the air; creating small circles as light trailed behind it. All the colors; the strings that swirled around each living thing pulled towards the trinket. Moved and wavered as she passed the key by them.

    She spied a set of books on a nearby desk; normal college texts she presumed. Worrying on her lower lip her brows furrowed in concentration; 'Alright, just focus.' She had done this trick a few times in her dorm but it didn't always work and when it did; well lets just say it didn't always go as smoothly as she had hoped for. What Mia didn't know was the bit of brightness that would flash in her eyes. It was as if she had swallowed the moon as they would cast off their own source of light. All the colors around her key sharpened. No longer did they swirl about lazily. No, now they became ridged as she sent them off towards the book. In her view she could see the swirls of color encase the object; see it lifting the book into the air. A flutter of joy shot through her. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

    Just as the thought tumbled across her mind a ripple coursed through the energy and the book shot across the room. Thudding loudly against the wall and falling harmlessly to the floor.

  11. Jasper was wondering, given this was his first drink of alcohol, why he wasn’t feeling anything at all after downing most of the chalice when he noticed the intense looks his peer was giving his stack of books. Were they in a class together? He had mostly likely seen her at one point, but there were so many faces to take in this week who could keep them straight?

    And then he saw his algebra book lift off the stack. “Whoa” He said, very amazed at this new development. Maybe just as he had used his power to apparently pull alcohol from the air, she was doing a demonstration of her own powers. He gave a jump when the book then flew across the room and hit the wall, nearly spilling what remained of his immaculate drink. He looked at the book, then her, and back at the book. He opened his mouth to express his wonder at what had just happened, but there was a knock at his door.

    “Uh, excuse me” Jasper put down his up and went to the door, but checked his breath before answering. Oddly, there wasn’t even the slightest smell of alcohol on his breath. Good.

    “Hello?” He opened the door, bracing himself in case there was another water balloon waiting for him. Thankfully, this was one of those older students who were constantly smiling for the sake of freshmen like him.

    “Hi there, I’m your RA Dave and I was just walking by when I heard a loud thump from your dorm; is everything okay?” Dave asked, looking over him into the rest of the dorm since he was a head taller. He gave a wave at Mia.

    “A thump? No we were just talking about algebra and didn’t hear anything,” He scratched his head “maybe it was next door” RA Dave accepted his show of ignorance and said he’d check next door to be sure things were okay. When he had closed the door, Jasper said aloud “I wonder where he was earlier”

    Jasper made to go and return the book to its stack. But in the middle of the room, Herald appeared. To him there was no sound, change of light, nothing you’ve seen in movies that marked the sudden arrival of something like Herald, whatever he was.

    Of course Jasper only assumed this was the same entity, as it was not the old man who had given him the cup. This time he appeared as a younger version of the same man, with the distinctive sharp eyes and facial features no longer gaunt but full and skin pull taught. Even the suit looked new.

    “Jasper,” He nodded at the young man, then turned to the girl “Mia, good to see you’ve both adjusted well to your abilities” He said in an even, sonorous tone and cracking a smile “Most succumb to an existential crisis or develop megalomania within the first week”

  12. The knock was so sudden and firm that it rustled Mia out of her daze; causing her to jolt to the edge of the bed. Perched like a bird ready to take flight. Jasper seemed to be the only one with a steady head; not that she gave much thought to it. Any use of the key made her a little anxious and paranoid. As if something was just about to reach out and swallow her whole. She watched with wary eyes as he made his way to the door; propping herself backwards on the bed in order to calm her nerves. A familiar voice drifted past her newly acquired companion as a familiar face of the RA appeared in the doorway. His dark eyes swept around the room as if expecting to see some sort of rager going on but settled with a slight humor as he spotted Mia on the boys bed. Mia flushed slightly, part of her wanting to leap up and claim her innocence while the other just told her to buckle down and shut up. He offered a small wave and she returned a half-hearted smile.
    Jasper had quickly dismissed the RA suspicions though she partly thought it was because it was nothing more than an awkward college hook up. Either way, she was glad to see him shut the door behind him. Something about it being open made her feel vulnerable and as raw as an exposed nerve. Anxiously she fidgeted with her key as Jasper mused outwardly, heading towards the room.
    It was like a sigh. Just a subtle change in the air that even Mia almost didn't even notice it. The man that stood between the two as if it was the most natural thing. Mia could feel her brain slowly shift. Muddled by the absurd suddenness of the whole thing. He seemed familiar. There was something in those striking features that slowly clicked together in her mind. Herald. Once again just appearing in their lives like he had belonged there all along but then again he may have. Who could know? There was a general pleasantness about him. Like he was genuinely pleased to see them.

    “Jasper,” He nodded at the young man, then turned to the girl “Mia, good to see you’ve both adjusted well to your abilities” He said in an even, sonorous tone and cracking a smile “Most succumb to an existential crisis or develop megalomania within the first week”

    Mia struggled to contain herself as a million questions boiled in her brain. Herald had disappeared from her life as quickly as he had came. Departing vague knowledge and left her to figure and sort out her own emotions let alone deal with the prying questions of the hospital nurses and of course a few nosy classmates. Somewhere deep inside a spark of anger flurried forward. For a moment everything about him irritated him. From the crease of his eyes to the freshly pressed look to the suit. But like everything else the anger drained out of her quickly. Part of her just residing to the fact that this was just her life. She shot a look over at Jasper and arched her brows as if to ask him what next?

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