Unfortunate Names You've Encountered

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  1. What are some unfortunate names you've encountered?


    A Thai lady I know: Supaporn.

    Some student in a class I had. Dementica. It's pronounced "Dominica" as in "Dominican Republic" without the "-n Republic." To the ear, it sounds fine. In writing, the word DEMENT is there. :(

    Trevours. It's pronounced "Tre-vor-i-us." But where is the "-ius?" It's just the word "Devours" with a "Tr-" instead. That's not how phonics works, my friend.
  2. Haha, holy shit I love these kinda threads.

    Working at a school is a GOLDMINE.

    Especially an inner city school.

    Cormack Campfire. Cleopatra Vasphinx (I shit you not). Tayvon, Nayvon, and Layvon (Triplets). Hollandaise (Yes, like the sauce. She goes by Holly or Daisy). The usual material item names; Mercedes, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, etc. Lookma Udomporn (Chinese student, pronounced Look-Ma Udon-Porn).

    There's an entire registry I could sit down and find silly names. I try not to laugh when they call them over the PA system, honestly I do.
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  3. Had a math teacher whose last name was Bates.

    Mister Bates ---> Master Bates (lolol)

    This was high school too, so of course he had to deal with being called that everyday of his life. As I remember, he was a good sport about it.

    Another name is one I heard being called at a dentist office: Kerbenjemin. O__o I thought they were mispronouncing someone's name buuuut they weren't.
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  4. I don't know what this family was thinking, or if they just want their kid to go through hell, but.

    Shithead (Pronounced Shaa-heed) They are from Africa actually. So maybe that is why...but still.
  5. Niga.

    Nuff said.
  6. My name translated from Spanish is "Peter wood".
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  7. My sisters first two name meanings are "manly" and "lady"

    My name meanings line up to mean "crying on Christmas"
  8. rhonemus justice

    max champion

    mr evilsizer

    i swear it was like i was in a comic book instead of at work


    max champion!

    do you know how much pussy o could get with a name like that?
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  9. abcde

    I'm serious, that's an actual name.

    Learned about it from a story where parents chose to make a Pit Bull the Guide dog for their Autistic Daughter (who was the one named abcde).
    And then tried to claim discrimination by crying to the news when a Mall Santa got uncomfortable about the Pit Bull.

    And before someone says "Gwazi, they probably just put in a fake/cover name" I looked it up later, it's a legitimate name.
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  10. So Mercedes is like a legitimate name BEFORE the fact it was Mercedes-Benz.
    Someone I work with named her child with a name ALMOSTLIKETHAT. But it was "Abc," pronounced, "A bee sea."

    I just met a girl the other day named Teriyaki.
  11. Just image what the alphabet is like for them. :P
    Mmmm... Now I'm thinking of Beef Jerky.
    And now that's making think about a lot of chewing and biting.
    And now this conversation is starting to get rated PG 13.
  12. [​IMG]
    Yes this guy was a professional racer.

    I'm in the army, your generally considered only known by your last name here so there are some good ones;

    Like Captain Sparrow.
    Private Sprinkles.
    And Sergeant sergeant.
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  13. I once encountered the last name of "Gaylord". I cannot even imagine how that poor kid must've been treated in school. O_o
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  14. A girl who I've attended school with since elementary's name is Depu. (Dee Poo)
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  15. (Insert Iwaku username here)
  16. My friend knows a guy in Thailand who's called Hi-tech (Hai-tek). It's not his real name, and not really unfortunate, but pretty funny.
  17. A dentist in my area named Mazar M Butts...

    Right next to Dr Mcdoom's office.

    Not even joking about those two.
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  18. I've met this guy before. That counts, right?
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  19. A whole different level of handsome.
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