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  1. The heat in the large city had not yet passed in the beginning of September, and at school start, every student seemed in a good mood. The city had been in a real frenzy with the upcoming election of the new mayor that had been announced over the summer to start as summer vacation ended. The children, though, did not feel much to this.
    At a very fine high school in town, there was something to affect these children, though. The school was undergoing a large renovation and it was a large inconvenience to students and teachers alike.
    The high school was in the 'better half' of the town, where all the families with more money than average had settled in large mansions from the Victorian era. It was mainly the children of these families who attended that high school, and it was tough to be accepted if you were not a part of this community. The girls of the school were mainly cruel little monsters who would stomp down every attempt at creativity from other students. By either insulting, direct bullying or even going as far as to pull a prank on them. It was mostly the girls' thing, though, and not many boys had fallen victim to their cruelty.

    Adrian was luckily not a person to be involved in all this. He made sure to keep his interests and talents at a minimum in the school, taking for example piano and violin classes outside of school. The only thing he'd ever been teased about was his more feminine features, and the hair that would always fall in place in front of one of his eyes. And then of course his clothing. You had a certain rule about clothes inside the school, a white button-up and black pants for boys, and black skirts, knee-high socks and white button-ups for girls. In winter you were allowed to wear a sweater, and a jacket of own choice. Adrian's jacket was a long one that almost made it to the ground, and the girls had thought of teasing him with that. He didn't really mind. To him, his choice of jacket were his least problem.
    Now if those girls truly found out who and what he was... see, that wasn't going to go well.
  2. Adrian had been in an accident not long ago. He had been hit by a car, and was now in the hospital. Despite everything, he was okay. He had a few broken ribs and a bad wound on his head, but nothing that wouldn't heal in an amount of time. The driver of said car had apparently visited him a few times while he had been unconscious, but as for after he woke up, he hadn't seen the person. Well, he had only been awake for a few hours, so it wasn't surprising. He was sitting in the hospital bed, glancing out of the windows. The world felt so oddly quiet a few floors above ground in a hospital. He felt like he would maybe be left here on his own.
    That, though, was all in his head.
  3. Natasha was sitting in the lobby of the hospital. She had asked the clerk if it would be alright to visit the boy on the third floor, in room 14. She had told her that the boy was awake and she could go up. But instead, she found herself sitting back down in the lobby. He was never awake before. Every time she had come he was out, so she would sit. Talking to the unconscious person. Trying to ease her guilt. Ever since that day, she had a pit in her stomach, making her feel nauseous all the time. She hadn't brought it up to anyone but the boy. Not that he would remember their conversations. Now that he would see her awake... What would she even say. She felt the pit grow deeper as she stood up. Sitting in the lobby wasn't going to help, maybe she wouldn't know what to say, but she was sure she would think of something. She walked over, entering the elevator. As the door closed and no one else got on she let out a staggered breath. Nervous, was he going to be angry? He didn't seem the type. Though honestly they never spoke in school, but she had seen him around. He didn't seem to put on some fake persona when he entered the school grounds so she had a feeling he was a good person. Her mind continued to churn, trying to think about what to say. Never giving a thought to the school uniform she was wearing, nor the dark brown trench coat that went all the way down to her socks, or even her chestnut hair that on most occasions would be smooth and straight, hanging down to the small of her back. But her clothes all seemed to hang crooked, her socks mismatched, and her hair a little frizzy. She didn't look like she had been getting much sleep. But what really did appearance matter? The door to room 14 opened. Natasha, standing in the frame, she looked straight ahead at the boy who sat in his bed. Paralyzed with broken emotion on her face, afraid to let go of the door's handle.
  4. Adrian had not yet decided what he should think about the girl who had run him over. She had to hold some sort of guilt considering the fact that she had come to visit him every day for a week. He didn't really feel angry towards her. Accidents happened. It was also partially his own fault for not paying attention to where he was walking. He had half the blame. He had no idea who it was, only that it was a female, as he'd seen when he had been run over. He had spent the last few hours thinking about what he'd say when she showed up, but he had come up with empty hands. He slowly put a hand on his head, feeling the bandage for a few seconds before he lied back with his head against the pillow. The bed had been rised so that he would always be sitting up. He was picking at the seems in the blanket as he heard the door open. He looked up to see a girl with chestnut brown hair. She looked like she hadn't gotten an eye's worth of sleep in the last few days. Looking closer he recognized her from school. She was one of the girls that most boys would be targeting, but she seemed like a very unreachable character. Adrian also found her attractive. He hadn't recognized her when he'd been run over but now he could finally. He couldn't help himself from just looking at her. His voice seemed to be stuck in his throat more than ever.
  5. Her legs carried her a step forward into the room, but still her arm held back. The tips of her finger still lingering on the handle. Like if she let go they would no longer be suspended in this moment of time. Her eyes were welled up with tears, and as she took another step, her fingers slipped from the handle, and she fell to her knees. Natasha's eyes closed as she fail to fight back tears, and through a broken voice she spoke. "Adrian..." After she did her eyes closed tighter and she began to take in deep and staggered breaths, trying to pull herself together. With each breath she seemed to calm, and the pit in her stomach lifted. "I'm sorry..." She said as she wiped her face. At school she seemed like a strong and distant girl, it could have been considered eerie how grounded and fragile she was at this moment. She wiped under her eyes before letting out a final sigh and standing, finally able to open her eyes. Though she stood in a closed and firm stance, her face betrayed her, it wouldn't take much for her to break down again. She finished crossing the room and sitting in the chair by the bed. But she didn't look at him, instead her head was turned downward, looking at the edge of the bed. Seemingly having lost her voice.
  6. He was taken aback by the sudden show of weakness and kindness from her side, and he swung his legs out of bed as she fell to the ground. She was quickly up again and in the chair, and he sat there with his legs crossed looking at her.
    "Uhm... Natasha... I-it's okay, really... I don't blame you..."
    He didn't know what else to say. He had never been this close to a pretty girl before, and to boot he was probably a mess having been in bed for a week, unconscious. He sighed a little and directed his red eyes at her, the left one partially covered by his hair that had gotten a bit too long. He was, mildly speaking, a bit awkward in the presence of this girl. He moved his hair behind his ear as he looked down as well. He had no idea what to do or say to her, after all what could he say? Of course he wasn't in the best mood about having been run over, but he didn't feel resentful, so the question was, what should he feel about the situation? He wasn't mad but he didn't know a thing about Natasha. He looked at his pale hands, clenching and unclenching them nervously.
    "Uhm... if... if you don't wanna be here, you can go..." He didn't know what else to say; there was a large gap between them. He was the disliked outsider and she was one of the most desired girls in school. There was no way she would want to be his friend. She probably just wanted to get this off her conscience.
  7. "No. I want to be here." She said, her voice wavering. "Let's just not talk about... that." Natasha let out a sigh, putting her hands in her lap and closing her eyes for a moment. She didn't know what the two of them would talk about. The only thing the two of them shared in common was that particular moment. She lifted her eyes from the side of the bed to look at him as she realized something. "Hey... You probably haven't had any solid foods in awhile right?" A part of her wondered if anything she had said to him while he was unconscious stuck. Even if only a little bit. Or... for the matter of fact, she didn't know if he knew that she had been visiting at all. Not that it was particularly relevant. "I could go grab you something if you'd like." Her face seemed a little less distraught as she spoke, even growing a small smile.
  8. "Oh, uhm, no thanks, I'm fine." He sent her a slight smile as he instead of sitting with his legs crossed sat back in the bed. He felt a bit awkward around her, unsure of himself. He didn't know if he could afford to act normally around her. He was so afraid that she'd go and talk behind his back about him to her friends. He didn't know what type of person she was, only the rumors going around about her. How she wouldn't hold onto a boyfriend for long and then spill all of his dirty secrets to the entire school. He knew that sometimes rumors were just rumors, but he would have to step carefully. He bit his lip slightly and looked down. If anyone he was probably the one who would get the biggest publicity around the school if his secret was to be revealed. He wasn't normal. In other's eyes he was a freak, an outcast. He couldn't think that she was one to trust, in case she would use his very fragile secret against him.
  9. Natasha nodded slightly. A frown found itself placed upon her face, eyes cast downward again. "Alright... Full disclosure." She said, before taking a breath. Her arms pulling in closer to her chest. "I've been coming to the hospital since... then. I would sit in this chair." She seemed to stop herself for a second. She closed her eyes before whispering to herself. "Full disclosure." She drew in another breath before continuing. "I would just come in... and watch you a bit... sometimes talk..." She grew another weak smile as she closed her eyes and gave a pained laugh. "God I'm such a creep." Her voice wavered slightly and it was plain to see the reason she closed her eyes. A few tears ran down her face and even though her mouth was closed it was obvious she was gritting her teeth.
  10. "Uhm.... P-please don't be upset, it's alright... I'm just not used to... well, you're really popular at our school while I'm part of the freaks and outcasts... it's like we're from different universes... so I don't really know how to properly talk to you... or if you even want to talk to someone like me..."
    He sighed softly and trying to calm her down, he moved his hand over and placed it on her shoulder. Up close he looked very pretty, despite his tired eyes. He had marked cheekbones but only to make his eyes look larger, and pink lips that would seem very soft. He had spotless skin and long eyelashes, and the hair in his face made him look strangely attractive. Of course these things added to the femininity in his appearance, along with his hands that seemed to be so gentle and fragile. He pulled back from her and removed his hand from her shoulder after a moment, pulling the covers up to the middle of his stomach. He really felt out of place sitting in the same room as Natasha.
  11. Natasha pulled in another deep breath. Seeming to relax a little again. Finding strength to chuckle a little bit. "I'm popular? Just makes me a target..." She swallowed a lump in her throat before leaning back in the chair, placing one hand in the other as she looked toward him. "Look. We're all just flesh and blood. Just talk to me how you'd talk to anyone..." She knew that he wasn't the most popular kid. She didn't really think of herself as popular either though. Though she was certainly known around the school. Mostly hit on by guys and targeted by girls. She was normally strong. The day of the accident though, a piece of that strength fractured.
  12. "That's also an issue... I don't really talk to people at all..." He sighed and looked down, his hair falling in front of his eyes. He'd never had friends that he could trust and for two years, the only person he'd talked to had been their butler at home, which wasn't that many people. He couldn't find the will or ability to talk to the people around him, and Natasha was no exception. He sighed and covered his eyes with his palms.
    "... You see, I'm not really as "normal" as I appear... and due to that I can't seem to be able to interact normally with other people... not only you, just people in general... which is why I don't have any friends." He really didn't feel bitter about having no friends, it wasn't anything that "got to him". He didn't feel lonely, he just felt as if he was wrong, in a way. That he wasn't what he was supposed to be. He felt exiled from himself.
  13. Natasha's smile seemed to have solidified itself on her face. For some reason it no longer seemed that she would break down at any moment. After he finished talking she intertwined her hands, leaving them in her laps. "Well... You're talking to me right now." Her voice seemed to lack any sort of waver now and her shoulders became relaxed. Eventually her eyes pulled away, looking toward the only window in the room. "Maybe you're not used to it, but it'll become easier with some practice." She said before shaking her head lightly, pulling in a breath simply so she could sigh. "Well, if you'd like, I could leave." Her gaze returned to him, a genuine smile on her. "Is that what you want?"
  14. As she asked if she should leave, he lowered his head and shook it, unable to look up again. He wanted so badly to be any normal person, but fact was that most people considered him wrong; and he knew they were right. He wasn't right. He was strange and unnatural.
    ".... I want to test you."
    He looked up as he spoke, his eyes slightly cautious. He wasn't sure whether to risk it, but he thought that it had to get out eventually. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
    "I'm going to tell you one of my secrets... if you can keep it... I trust you. If you don't... I guess that I'll have just ruined my high school life... well, whatever. Are you okay with that?"
    He had no idea why he was proposing something so insane. He didn't think that she'd agree to let him tell her but things couldn't get worse. He didn't have any friends anyways.
  15. Natasha blinked blankly for a moment. A frown eventually finding a way onto her face. "But... You hardly know me." Her stance closed off a little. She didn't seem to know what to think of this. "Is this something you really want to test me on?" Her eyes didn't turn from him. As if she saw a challenge before her she refused to back down from. But then again, she didn't just wan't him to tell her something if he weren't comfortable with her knowing. "Why would you gamble this on me?" She probably could have asked more questions, but her mouth remained closed in a slight frown. Her eyebrows were lightly tilted downward and her body was leaning forward. Adrian had her absolute attention.
  16. "Because by showing up here every day you've proved to me that you might even care. So I want to see if I can trust you with something like this. And I know you better than you might think..." He looked down while fidgeting with the sheets on the bed, biting his lip ever so slightly. He wanted her to know about him; he needed someone to know about him. And maybe his secret crush here would be a good candidate. He didn't have a chance but he wished more than anything that he did. A person like him wouldn't stand a chance, though. He would just weird her out, probably. Or maybe she wouldn't believe him. He sighed softly as he sat there on the bed, avoiding with the best of his ability to look her into the eyes.
  17. Natasha's hard determined expression held for a few moments before she leaned back in the chair with a smile. "Well. Alright. If you're sure." She raised her hand and began to run it through her hair, trying fruitlessly to straighten it out. She didn't know what sort of secret Adrian had but she was sure she would be able to keep it. He may have been unconscious but she had felt comfortable talking to him. Even now that he was awake, reciprocating speech, she found the words came relatively easily. The sun coming through the window lit up her face, giving her hair a glow. Her eyes looked over, out the window for a few moments, and in those moments her green eyes lit up brilliantly. Once the returned, the glow was gone, but her conviction wasn't. "Your secret will be safe with me."
  18. "Well, I don't know where to start, honestly." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
    "Well... after what I did, my parents disowned me. I changed name and started a new life. Everything seemed fine, until a "friend" found out in middle school. He did things to me that I can never forget. He violated me and made me a fool in front of the whole school. I endured it and moved to this town to start over for a second time, and so far my secret has been safe. I am constantly cautious with my every step, my every action. I have to be careful constantly. At my name, they looked up my records. They obviously couldn't find any. I have my own records on me most of the time, because I know I'm living a covered life. I don't want anyone to know who I was before Adrian was born."
    He looked down at his hands as he spoke, and slowly fished up a set of papers from his bag. He found the paper he needed and turned it to show her. It was his birth certificate, from where he'd been born in London.
    "My birth name... was Adelaine. My father was French, and my mother British. I inherited the name from my grandmother on my father's side."
    He smiled sadly at her and then looked down, holding the paper between his hands.
    "You know what that means, right?"
  19. Natasha gingerly accepted the paper with great interest. She appeared to be examining it quite thoroughly. After she had read the entire thing she flipped it over, finding nothing on the back side she turned it back to the writing. Her eyebrows were tilted downward slightly. After she was sure she had absorbed all of the information and he had stopped talking she looked up at him. Her eyes were open slightly wider than normal as if her mind was trying to make sense of something. "Well..." She knew what it meant, or at least she was pretty sure what it meant. "You do look pretty feminine." Her voice was cautious, as if she didn't want to say it. Her eyes lifted from the paper and looked into Adrian's. A light smile on her face. If she was going to find out for sure, he should tell her on his own terms.
  20. "I'm a transgender. Female to male. When they figured out in middle school, a guy decided to rape me, thinking that'd make me realize my place." He clenched his fists visibly, his knuckles going white. "I haven't had any surgery yet, because I faint at the thought of people tampering with my body. So as of terms, I'm a male trapped in a female body. It's disgusting and people won't accept me. I can't have any friends, fearing they'll figure me out. I have no idea why I'm even telling you these things. I've been like this for a long while and that's why my parents disowned me. I told them I liked women, and that I wanted to be a man. I said to them I felt trapped. They didn't believe me and threw me away like trash. I lived on my own since then, the only people I ever interacted with being the girl that I lived with and doctors when I passed out. I had bulimia back then. I couldn't hold in food. I would throw up every morning and even ask for toilet breaks in school to vomit. It got so bad I had to be admitted for five months in a locked facility."
    As he spoke, he looked completely emotionless, as if it had been in another life. He hadn't felt like himself back then, and he could talk about it without shedding any tears. To him, it had just been another obstacle.
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