Unforseen Consquences

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  1. Unforeseen Consequences

    Beyond Half Life

    May 15, 200-

    The morning is warm, the birds are chirping, and today feels no different than any other. You grab a coffee or tea on your way to work. Despite your best attempts, between home and the building you spilled a bit. One of those days.

    You roll into the office just a few minutes before the day. Email loads slower than normal, so you decide to refresh your drink. Upon rolling from your chair the clock on your monitor flashes 08:58. Suddenly the ground shakes and the sky's colour changes. The lights go out and you find the office painted in the strange light outside. You, like others, dive beneath your desk. You remain a short while, hearing what sounds like faint cries on the floor below. They grow louder, then more frequent. You see your cup rolling on its side near your head, your drink spilt, but you don't care. Your mind is too loud with that thought from earlier. That thought before. One of those days.

    Characters begin on what seems an average day only to find themselves as witnesses to a new era. Each will have their unique start, some police ending their patrols, others office workers firing up their desktops, and perhaps still conspiracy theorists investigating the mysterious Borealis. Despite their differences, they are all subject to the Resonance Cascade. A new era has been thrust upon them with violent and bloody fury. As creatures pour out from another world, how will you, an average person, survive? And if you do somehow manage to survive, what life will be left for you?

    The game exists within the Half Life/Portal Universe. Events in the games are events here, but the world is really just our canvas. Our characters will witness and participate in notable events such as the Resonance Cascade, the Seven Hour War, the Uprising of City 17, and we will craft red letter days of our own. The world draws inspiration from the sinister halls of Black Mesa as well as the journey from City 17 to Nova Prospekt (and later on, White Forest). Time and portals will be major plot tools in this game, granting access to the whole of what this universe has to offer while also creating great challenges.
    The story will be broken into chapters much like the games. While I do have the framework for an overarching plot-line, character decisions and player ideas will be respected, directly influencing this plot or creating entirely new ones. Characters will be diverse, but their challenge one and the same. We will begin together on the day of the Resonance Cascade forcing our Average Joe's to adapt or die. Each chapter will provide a major change in setting to accommodate new faces, new locations, and themes. Basically, this game is built to last and to grow based on the contributions of our players.

    I am looking for players interested in an epic story and character development. Posts should at least be weekly, contributing your unique voice to whatever each scene. Most of all, I hope to assemble a group of dedicated and inspiring creatives set on enjoying a story together. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions below.
  2. I was interested by the title then I read the summary now i'm really interested.
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  3. Good to hear! The OOC will be up on Tuesday where I believe we will see more signups. Any ideas coming to mind already?
  4. Wow very interested
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  5. Very good to here! The OOC is in the works. You'll find it linked here and in the Fandom soon enough.
  6. Will be waiting for it!
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