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    I N T R O​

    It is music which controlled our lives. The melody that entangled us, the rhythm which reflected our perfect harmony and the heart beats everytime we see each other. It was so heart warming - a love flame - which disappeared in a second, just like that, because of something which added our history, our sheet of music. Something which won't let us be in harmony again. Something, that made us part our ways.

    However, once a beautiful music is created between two mortals, it won't fade.

    The bond, the nostalgic feeling will remain. Forever.

    Even after years had changed both of us, we found our way back to each other through music. I can just wonder, how this mixed feeling will decide the music between us. Will it be sad? End like friends? Or maybe, just maybe, even a love piece which engraves our hearts forever? Embrace and treasures the music we made together? I will listen. I hope you too.

    P L O T​
    Basically, it's about two individuals who were dating back at highschool and shared the same musical hobby, but parted ways because of certain circumstances (It would be awesome if this can be discussed further!) and then, meet again in a music university after trying to forget each other. They felt awkward with another because now, they owned their unique memories from the time they were seperated. Memories, they won't easily tell. Whether it might be another lover, or a conflict in a family, or even a bigger problem.
    S E A R C H • F O R ...​
    • Someone who is sure to be active and is able to post every two days, at least.
    • Who will be up for this slice of life romance, with characters over eighteen years old.
    • Partners who won't just disappear, but inform me if they have real life problems, so I know why you're not posting.
    • Someone who will be there to discuss about the further plot! Someone who has ideas!
    I can play both genders equally, so that's not the problem. But this is definitely girl x boy. Thank you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! And yeah, it would be awesome if the characters appearance is an anime pic~
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  2. this sounds very interesting and i think i would like to try it with you, if you don't mind :P
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  3. Why should I ever mind something like that? c: Thank you for taking interest and stating so! By the way, lovely username ^-^ Akuma... if I am not wrong... is devil in japanese isn't it?

    Alright, back to the topic. Who would you like to play? Girl or boy? c: Am I with the assumption of you playing the boy, right (Cuz of the Prince xD)? And where do you prefer everything to happen?

    Honest speaking, I thought of tokyo, japan - why? Because I like it there - and I love manga and anime! However, I am open for any suggestion!

    On the side note, I might not be able to be active much the next days due to moving days, but I will try to be there to roleplay with you as soon as possible! I am just too excited! ^-^
  4. uhm i mean i dont see anything that needs to be changed, and yes i would like to play the male unless you really wish to play the man then i can do my best to be a female. And japan would be fine since it is a big city and full of...erm musicians lool. And yes it does me devil.

    Oh and take your time no rush
  5. Alright! Finally finished with my real life business ~ Now I can start up with you! Hope you are still there! And sorry for taking long!
    Here is my character! If anything the matter, just tell me and I'll change it!


    Name: Kiara Naru
    Age: 21 years old
    Talents: Playing the piano, music sense and sports.
    Weaknesses: Not being able to count the tacts very well, only relying on what she hears, can't study because tends to lose concentration and easily get a nosebleed if she is overworking herself.
    Personality traits:
    | Stubborn | Ironic | Cheerful | Compassionate | Reckless | Sometimes appears to be an idiot through her actions |

    1. Father: Alive - Taxi Driver
    2. Mother: Deceased as giving birth

    • Additional personality trait: Sometimes manipulative | Often not honest
    • Can't stand any alcohol; she'll definitely get drunk only smelling the scent of it
    • In the past that she can't tell, she'd go out with a couple of guys in the hope of forgetting everything about the boy she once loved, but now went far away from her. However - she never could. The guys started to say that she was a two-timer, only going out for fun, not taking anything seriously. There was also a time, where she'd given up on finding happiness and escaped to music. Hence, music was her escape route. Although she was talented, although she once found fun in it - now her heart felt an emptiness which couldn't be filled. Frustrations were building up in her, forced her in the edge of falling apart - but she stood up. Even without support from anyone, she continued. Smiled and tried to be brave. An optimism based on lies. Never could she let go of those lies - if she doesn't want to break down again.
    • Born with black hair, she now dyed them every month to a light brown colour.
    • Her blue eyes are fake - only coloured contact lenses. Actually owns a pair of maroon eyes.
    • Due to the fact that her father is a mere taxt driver, she'd to cover the university fees by working part-time in a restaurant.​
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