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  1. Map of Skyrim
    **Note: The RP will be taking place in Skyrim, mainly.

    Races & classes/abilities

    Listing of Animals
    Passive Creatures & food/ingredient sources
    Listing of Monsters/Beasts

    Dwarven Automatons
    Deadra creatures

    Deadric Princes

    Companions Warriors Faction
    College of Winterhold Mages Faction
    Theives Guild Faction
    Dark Brotherhood Assassin’s Faction

    Imperial Legion

    Bard’s College

    **Tried to provide any important informational links I could to help everyone out with character creation and such – these are all the freebies you get, any other research you’ll have to do yourself ;3

    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Sub-Race:[/b] (Such as Vampire or Werewolf)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Birthplace/home town/city/region:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Current Home:[/b] [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Skin Tone:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Hair Color:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Eye Color:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Body Type:[/b] (skinny? Fat? Tall? Short? Flabby? Muscular? Etc)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Clothing Type:[/b] (Anything from peasant clothes to armor. Just be realistic about how your character would acquire these things ;3 Such as a peasant isn’t likely to have Dragon or Deadric armor, et cetera)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]General Description:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Allied with the Deadric Princes?:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Allied with the Death Spirit?:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Faction/Guild:[/b] (if any)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Reasons for Joining their faction/alliance/group:[/b] (optional)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Sexual Orientation:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Romantic Interest(s):[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Under-ranks, etc.:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Pets/Animal Followers:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][center][size=4][u]~Skills and Combat~[/u][/size][/center][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Health, Stamina, & Magicka:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Specialty:[/b] (What they’re most good at. Doesn’t necessarily have to be just skill perks from in-game)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Weapons:[/b] (This can include spells and magic)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Skill Levels and Perks:[/b] (list any of the skills they have experience in and any of the skill perks associated with them. Example: “Smithing 75 – Steel Armor, Elven Armor, Glass Armor”, etc. If you’re not sure how to tally in your perks according to skill level, try this Perk Tree calculator ^^ [URL='http://skyrimcalculator.com/'][COLOR=white][U]http://skyrimcalculator.com/[/U][/COLOR][/URL]    **Also, remember, you can only have one perk-point to spend per total character Level! If you have a level 10, you only have 10 points to spend on perks, if you’re level 40, you have 40, and so on)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Fighting Style:[/b][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]Downfalls/Weaknesses:[/b] (anything that can be taken advantage of in combat, whether it be a physical weakness, lack of skill, personality flaws like quick to anger and easily beaten with tactic, not very smart, not very fast, not very strong, etc. As long as someone else can use it against your character realistically. Fears count.)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=verdana][COLOR=white][b]History:[/b] (You don’t have to include parts you don’t want to or want to leave a mystery/reveal later in the plot, just give us a little bit to work with)
  2. Characters:
    The Great Me! - Faulklin Joel Foster(OC); Dark Brotherhood Listener/Leader; Male Nord-Forsworn
    EquinoxSol - Davon Reahn(Mehrunes Dagon; Deadric Prince); Dark Brotherhood; Male Dunmer(Dark Elf)
    Dovahkiin - Selene Jayme(Sheograth; Deadric Prince); No factions; Female Wood Elf

    Pending Princes:
    -none yet-

    Roleplay Summary
    We haven't started yet. Still getting characters up!
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  3. If Daedric Princes are still on the table, Clauvicus Vile for me, please. <3 Will make my sheet tomorrow.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Faulklin Joel Foster
    Alias: -
    Nicknames: -
    Race/Heritage: Nord/Forsworn
    Sub-Race: Avianthrope – much like the Companions werewolves, he’s cursed with the form of a beast, but it is more of a bird-like beast than that of a wolf. Much the same as werewolves, this curse was brought about by the magic of Hagravens. (Much like This – just without the fireball and a longer tail like so)
    Age: Appears to be about 17-18, but even he doesn’t know his exact age, only that he's at least a couple years older than he physically appears due to his stunted growth
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace/home town/city/region: The Reach
    Current Home: Dark Brotherhood Dawnstar Sanctuary
    Other: -

    Skin Tone: Pale/pasty white
    Hair Color: Brown and blond
    Eye Color: Blue
    Body Type: 5’4”, very thin – bordline anorexic – with just a little bit of muscle, mainly in the arms, shoulders, and legs.
    Clothing Type: Typically wears all-black, preferring things that are light-weight but completely covers, long sleeves that reach down to his fingertips and long pants, usually very form-fitting clothing. Typically just things that will cover up most of his scars. Prefers to have a black cloak with a hood, lined with fur and feathers on the inside and hem.(much like this)
    Accessories: -
    General Description: Very scrawny and thin, with just a little bit of muscle, and short. Pale skin with brown-and-blond hair and one blue eye. The right eye is sealed shut and blind, the left side of his face having extensive scaring from brow to jaw-line over his eye, but not blinding it. Prefers to wear form-fitting black clothing for the most part, clothing that completely covers from his neck to fingertips and feet to hide his scars. He pretty much never smiles or shows a positive attitude, typically having a glare or scowl on his face of some kind.
    Scars: Right eye scarred around the lid and sealed shut, blind. Left side not blinded but has an extensive and sizeable scar from brow to jawline, part of it straying over the bridge of his nose vertically in a sharp line. Spider-webbing of whip lashes across his back/shoulders, criss-crossing lines of scars over both forearms, and mixed scars across his chest/torso/stomach.
    Other: Along his back there’s a patch of small, round raven-black feathers that start across the top back of his shoulders and end just past his shoulder blades on his back, and on his shoulders that stop just above his upper arm, the only physical signs of his curse when not in a beastly form. These are normally hidden and pretty much no one knows about them yet, as he never undresses even his shirt in front of anyone.

    Allied with the Deadric Princes?: -
    Allied with the Death Spirit?: -
    Faction/Guild: Dark Brotherhood
    Rank: Leader/Listener
    Allies: Nazir, Babette
    Enemies: -
    Reasons for Joining their faction/alliance/group: Though wary at first, Faulklin was somewhat grateful to be taken into the Dark Brotherhood by Astrid, and it was the only place he'd known where others weren't out to hurt him. Eventually he started to view the Brotherhood like that of a family he hadn't known, however twisted and warped it was, and looked up to and respected Astrid, but his feelings on the matter seem to have changed since then. It's not entirely known why he still stays with the Brotherhood, but he does, aside from perhaps the promise of killing others.

    Sexual Orientation: Abstinant/asexual
    Romantic Interest(s): None
    Lover/Spouse(?): None
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children: None that are known
    Friends: Maybe "Friends" is a strong word, but Nazir and Babette are the closest it'll probably ever get
    Rivals: -
    Enemies: Most everyone, really
    Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Under-ranks, etc.: Dark Brotherhood Initiates
    Pets/Animal Followers: Shadowmere(horse)
    Other: Crows/ravens seem to like and flock to him(mainly when he's alone and others aren't around though), and likewise he seems to like their company as well

    ~Skills and Combat~
    ((hope this doesn't seem high/ridiculous for my character X3 I took it straight off my game file for the stats))
    Level: 45
    Health, Stamina, & Magicka: 310, 330, 100
    Specialty: Stealth, Assassination, Evasion, keeping secrets
    Weapons: custom crafted Ebony sword(Legendary). When sheathed it looks like a fancy, polished black cane with a gold ring inlayed into it and a ruby, but is actually his sword. It has no guard between the pommel and blade. He crafted this blade himself when working under a blacksmith
    Ebony Bow(Legendary)
    Armor/Defenses: Light-armor
    Skill Levels and Perks:
    Smithing: 100 - Steel smithing, Elven Smithing, Advanced Armor, Glass Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orchish Smithing, Ebony Smithing(I'm just going to omit Dragon smithing since I think we agreed to not have dragons?)
    Heavy Armor: 32 - no perks
    Block: 59 - Shield Wall 1/5
    Two-Handed: 69 - no perks
    One-Handed: 100 - Armsman(5/5), Fighting Stance, Bladesman(1/3), Savage Strike, Critical Charge, Paralyzing Strike
    Archery: 57 - Overdraw(2/5), Eagle Eye, Critical Shot(1/3)
    Light Armor: 74 - Agile Defender(4/5), Custom Fit, Unhindered
    Sneak: 85 - Stealth(3/5), Backstab, Deadly Aim
    Lockpicking: 69 - Novice Locks, Apprentice Locks, Adept Locks
    Pickpocket: 29 - Light Fingers(1/5)
    Speech: 83 - Haggling(2/5), Bribery, Allure, Merchant, Investor
    Alchemy: 45 - no perks
    Illusion: 17 - no perks
    Conjuration: 19 - no perks
    Destruction: 35 - no perks
    Restoration: 19 - no perks
    Alteration: 17 - no perks
    Enchanting: 19 - no perks

    Fighting Style: Faulklin relies heavily on evasion and tactic, being quite adept at dodging attacks and then striking viciously and cleanly when he finally finds an opening to exploit. He’ll use anything to his advantage, including his surroundings, and can get quite creative with how to use such things to his advantage.
    Downfalls/Weaknesses: If disarmed, he can’t fight well at all bare-handed, as he lacks much physical strength. He needs a weapon of some sort to fight. He also can’t take many strong/powerful hits before he’s down, or becomes pretty much useless of pinned, since he’s small and relatively weak.


    Personality: Aggressive, brash, abrasive, quick-tempered, cunning, and probably the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet. He’s quite bright and intellectual but his manner of speech and uncreative or unintelligent insults would lead anyone to believe that he’s just a stupid thug with no manner of actual smarts, as well as his stubbornness and unwavering rebellion. He has no tact when it comes to people, often times belittling them or tossing insults, and refuses to do things that he’s told to by others unless he has a personal interest in it. Being that he doesn’t like people, he’s often times very reclusive or quiet, avoiding others as much as possible, and doesn’t seem to know how to relax almost ever. Even as a child, he was typically withdrawn and quiet - some even thought mute due to how infrequently he spoke - and instead he often observed and listened. It was only later on, after he joined with the Brotherhood, that he became as mouthy as he is now. Likely this is the reason he was capable of hearing the Night Mother and become the Listener. He hates to be touched, doesn’t seem to have it in him to ever forgive someone once they’ve slighted him, and tends to be, for lack of a better way of saying it, an outright jackass towards just about everyone and drive them away. Animals are the only thing he seems to have a liking for, and though it can be hard to tell sometimes, there are a few people who he’s marginally less abrasive and hateful towards, such as Nazir and Babette(he’s not as bad with Khajit though and gets along better with them than other, more human/elven races). Besides just being mean-spirited however, anyone can tell you that Faulklin is a little bit…troubled. Though he tries to avoid having them or showing any sort of weakness, he’s also prone to having severe emotional/psychological/panic/anxiety attacks and sometimes night terrors, as well as seeming to have some prominent suicidal tendencies.
    Likes: Quiet, solitude(not the city), animals, books
    Dislikes: A lot of things, really…but topping the list is and always will be People.
    Hobbies: Reading
    History: Faulklin was born of an unusual relation between a Nord man and Forsworn woman, and because of this he was not well-accepted by the rest of the Forsworn tribes for being “impure” and not a true Reachman, an abomination on their kind. As such he was often bullied or treated ill by the others, and ceased to see or know his parents at an early age, and so he doesn’t remember them at all. When he started to grow older this mistreatment led to attempts of suicide. While the other Forsworn didn’t particularly care whether he lived or died, there were others that would rather see him suffer for his impurity, and so he was cursed by the Hagraven witches. The curse placed on him gave him a beastly form, as well as prevented him from being able to die. While most might’ve seen this as a gift, for him it became a curse that allowed for others to brutalize him more and prolong his suffering without death as a relief, and death is the thing that he yearned for the most. Eventually he fled, but things didn’t get any better for him. For a short time he moved from one place to another, being ill-treated for essentially being a “street-rat” or attacked by those who came into contact with his beastly form. He then came to live with a solitary blacksmith whose home was located hidden away into the woods. Because of this, he learned the art of smithing, and how to wield a sword by practicing with them whenever he could. The man was a very violent man however, who was always drunk, but the boy had become tired of running from one place to another, and figured he’d only be treated badly no matter where he went anyway. One night after a particularly violent episode from the man, losing his eye and getting his face and parts of his body severely wounded/scarred in the process, he brutally murdered and ripped apart the man in the form of his Beast. His “handiwork” was noticed by the Dark Brotherhood, despite being relatively young(mid-teens), and he was taken in as an initiate by Astrid. Despite that even then, he hated and feared most, he started to warm up to the idea of the Dark Brotherhood being like a family, however warped and twisted it was, and looked up to Astrid for taking him in, even if she did put him to work as a murderer, his hatred towards people making that part of it an easy transition and he worked dutifully for the Brotherhood for years. After being discovered as the Listener and taking on the assignment of trying to assassinate the Emperor in which Astrid betrayed the Brotherhood though, and all but destroying what he had begun to think of as a “family”, he grew more distant from everyone again and is reluctant to trust any, even Nazir and Babette despite that they weren’t the ones to betray, even if he doesn’t hate them like he does almost everyone else, and certainly doesn’t trust or care about any of the initiates or those that joined the Brotherhood afterwards. Most of the time now he spends wandering Skyrim and fulfilling contracts when he feels like it, only returning to the Sanctuary every now and again, and in the meantime seeking out how to bring an end to his curse so that he can die and be free of the suffering he feels in life.

    Other: The details of his curse:
    • Cannot die of things like injury or illness. Does not stop aging like Vampyrism. Doesn't stop him from taking injury or anything the same as any other mortal, he just doesn't die or become numb/unconscious from the same kind of injuries, making his seeming "immortality" a double-edged sword.
    • Can take on a beastial form much like that of a large, raven-like creature(about the overall body girth(aside from the wings) of, say, a bear or troll, but much more light-weight by comparison.(Much like This – just without the fireball and a longer tail like so). Note: the chest/ribcage of this form is exposed as is the heart, it's "weak point" I guess you could say.
    • Can seemingly pick up on and is instinctively drawn to things like blood and corpses more acutely than most, even from a distance, or really any opportunity to scavange something good. Really, he's mainly, highly attracted to anything involving death, a reflection of both the crow/raven nature as a scavenger and opportunist, and his own yearning for it.
    • ((I hope no one has any problems with this, I'd like to keep as-is but if it does become a problem I can probably change it up a bit to something that sounds more, I guess, "fair" :) ))
  7. Question: If we are a Prince, would the name be the Prince's name or a different name? I'm fine with either, just curious ^^
  8. Would be the Prince's name, but you can have them take on an alias/nickname/false name if you want =3
  9. Ok, thanks!
  10. ~General~

    Name: Mehrunes Dagon
    Alias: Davon Reahn
    Race/Heritage: Dunmer
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace/home town/city/region: Windhelm
    Current Home: Dark Brotherhood Dawnstar Sanctuary


    Skin Tone: Pale grey/blue
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Pale red
    Body Type: Lithe, 5'6".
    Clothing Type: Preferring dark reds and blacks, the better to hide and kill in, Mehrunes will most often wear loose clothes over the leather armor of the Dark Brotherhood, to appear less frightening to normal people.
    Accessories: Several earrings on his ears, their designs varying from runed studs to metal rings.
    General Description: Short for his race, Mehrunes hates always looking up at others. With his ashy skin tone and dark hair, he tends to be seen as a wraith or a harbinger of death, though a closer look will reveal him as a dark elf. Over his leather armor, he wears loose cotton clothing, which is easily cut in fights. His hair hangs down to his shoulders in pin-straight stands, though when it falls in his eyes when he is trying to concentrate, he will tie it back with a ribbon.
    Scars: His left hand is scarred by burns, up to his wrist, that look old and worn. Beneath his right eye is a scar that runs from his cheekbone to the base of his nose, which looks white against his skin color.

    Allied with the Deadric Princes?: "I AM a Daedric Prince!" -Mehrunes Dagon
    Allied with the Death Spirit?: "[Various curses in the Daedric language]" -Mehrunes Dagon
    Faction/Guild: Dark Brotherhood
    Rank: Assassin
    Allies: "Mortal allies are useless" -Mehrunes Dagon
    Enemies: All those involved with the spirit of death, and most mortals, though he has learned to 'tolerate' others, to a certain extent.
    Reasons for Joining their faction/alliance/group: He found that being paid to kill others was both profitable and would allow him to kill mortals without much consequence, as long as he didn't get caught.


    Sexual Orientation: "Mortal women hold no interest for me!" -Mehrunes Dagon
    Romantic Interest(s):
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children: "My only family is the blood of mortals and my right to the plane of mortals!" -Mehrunes Dagon
    Friends: Babette. She seems to understand Mehrunes reasoning in ways that mortals don't.
    Rivals: Nazir. For some reason, Mehrunes just decided he didn't like Nazir, and views him as a beneath him.
    Enemies: "MORTALS!" -Mehrunes Dagon
    Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Under-ranks, etc.:
    Pets/Animal Followers: Thir, his dark grey wolf

    ~Skills and Combat~

    Level: Around 37-ish?
    Health, Stamina, & Magicka: 250, 260, 230
    Specialty: Archery, lockpicking, alchemy, and sneaking/stealth
    Weapons: Ebony bow, various poisons, and a small glass dagger
    Armor/Defenses: Light-armor and clothing, depending on situation
    Skill Levels and Perks:
    Archery: Level 70, left side of perk tree up to Bull's Eye
    Light Armor: Level 73, right side of perk tree up to Matching Set
    Sneak: Level 75, everything but Shadow Warrior and Assassin's Blade
    Lockpicking: Level 76, everything but Master Locks, Locksmith, and Unbreakable
    Speech: Level 30, Bribery and Haggling
    Alchemy: Level 63, Alchemist, Physician, Poisoner, and Concentrated Poison
    (I'm too lazy to make levels for the rest, these are just the important ones, and I'm making a completely original character, since I lost my Skyrim game.)

    Fighting Style: Mehrunes prefers to hang back with his bow and a quiver of arrows, but if an enemy gets too close, he won't hesitate to drop the bow and unsheath his dagger. With his bow, he is constantly moving, running around the battlefield and making sure to shoot right where his enemy is the weakest. With his dagger, he is mostly concerned with surviving, and won't hesitate to fight dirty if need be.
    Downfalls/Weaknesses: Mehrunes doesn't like magic, and can't defend himself against it well. Fire scares him, reminding him of what caused the old burns on his hand, but when he has enough motivation, he ignores his fear. When he runs out of arrows, he is mostly useless, as he is more adept with a bow than with his dagger.


    Personality: Mehrunes' fall from grace (or un-grace, your choice) did little to change the Prince, and if he lets his facade of a normal dark elf slip, he wouldn't be hard to discern from a group. He dislikes mortals, enjoys chaos, and holds firm to the belief that the mortal plane is his Daedric plane by right. He enjoys seeing the remaining Mythic Dawn followers, even though he wouldn't want to tell them who he is at the moment. He also enjoys the idea of finding his dagger, Mehrunes Razor, as he fancies the idea of shaving with his razor. In the years since his fall, he found that the intelligence of mortals (while, beneath his own) is intriguing, and now enjoys reading books written by them. He also found that the creation of poisons is an interesting subject, and will spend many a night concocting new substances, occasionally trying samples of them, and enjoying their effects. (Basically, he's a druggie). Sometimes, he will forget that he is no longer the Daedric Prince he once was, and will shout at mortals as if he was the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon.
    Likes: Battle, reading, alchemy, chaos, and strategy
    Dislikes: Mortals (for the most part), Akatosh, losing (in anything, but mostly fights)
    Hobbies: Creating poisons and reading books written by mortals
    History: During his time spent on the mortal plane, Mehrunes quickly found himself among the Dark Brotherhood, and found an outlet for his hatred of mortals in the killing of mortals, for compensation. He never used his undying ambition in the Brotherhood, however, preferring to remain a mere acolyte, simply taking contracts and dispatching the target. Throughout his years with the Brotherhood, he made sure that no one learned of his true identity, instead going by the name Davon Reahn.

    (I hope this is a good CS ^^")
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  12. ~General~

    Name: Sheogorath
    Alias: Selene Jayme
    Nicknames: Selene
    Race/Heritage: Bosmer
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace/home town/city/region: Falinesti, Valenwood
    Current Home: None (nomadic)
    Other: In the RP, I'll be referring to Sheogorath as Selene and using female pronouns


    Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
    Hair Color: Milk chocolate brown
    Eye Color: Dark greenish-black
    Body Type: 5'4, extremely skinny, appears weak but is very muscled due to nomadic lifestyle
    Clothing Type: Leather armor. When in town, she usually wears clothes
    Accessories: Amulet of Talos, several studs in each ear and a loop earring in the pointed tip of each
    General Description: Sheogorath is quite tall for a Bosmer, and appears to be quite curious. In reality, he is. He had always been popular among mortal women in the Shivering Isles, and decided to take the shape of one to see what it was like to be one.
    Scars: Single scar over left eye

    Allied with the Deadric Princes?: "That depends... does 'allied' mean involved or friends with? Because my Daedric siblings certainly aren't always the friendliest bunch."
    Allied with the Death Spirit?: "I should hope not. How smart is it to be in league with the enemy? Especially in my state?"
    Faction/Guild: Interested in the Dark Brotherhood, not a member of any faction
    Reasons for Joining their faction/alliance/group:


    Sexual Orientation: "I'd suppose I'm heterosexual, but you can't really label my sexuality what with my ability to change gender."
    Romantic Interest(s): "That Ulfric Stormcloak fellow seems nice enough. I imagine I could have plenty of fun if I delved into his mind. Perhaps I can even make him my puppet! I'd love to be involved in a war that didn't involve myself, rather, my other self. The Greymarch cycle gets rather boring after a while, anyway. That Davon fellow seems quite interesting, too."
    Lover/Spouse(?): "A Daedra married to a mortal? Seems interesting... perhaps I should look into this."
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children: "Everyone knows my siblings, or at least of them."
    Friends: "If your intentions are true, I consider you a friend, even if they aren't the best intentions. Of course, if your intentions are to kill me, I suppose you wouldn't be my friend."
    Enemies: "Those blasted Divines, always interfering in my fun. I also harbor a strong dislike for woodpeckers. They're annoying little creatures."
    Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Under-ranks, etc.: "Do the followers of my Prince form count?"
    Pets/Animal Followers: A black tobiano Gypsy Vanner named Goddess

    ~Skills and Combat~

    Health, Stamina, & Magicka: 200, 200, 150
    Specialty: Archery, agility, endurance, tracking
    Weapons: Glass bow, steel arrows, steel dagger
    Armor/Defenses: Leather armor
    Skill Levels and Perks:
    70 Archery - 3/5 Overdraw, 1/1 Eagle Eye, 1/1 Power Shot, 1/1 Quick Shot
    60 Light Armor - 2/5 Agile Defender, 1/1 Custom Fit, 1/1 Unhindered
    35 Sneak - 1/5 Stealth, 1/1 Muffled Movement
    27 Alchemy - 2/5 Alchemist, 1/1 Physician
    46 One-Handed - 3/5 Armsman, 1/1 Fighting Stance, 1/2 Dual Flurry, 1/3 Bladesman
    29 Restoration - 1/1 Novice Restoration, 1/1 Regeneration, 1/1 Apprentice Restoration
    (All other skills do not have perks)
    Fighting Style:
    Downfalls/Weaknesses: Fear of Frostbite Spiders, fear of all forms of Chaurus, will sometimes talk back to an insult, has an obsession for cheese


    Personality: Sheogorath is naturally quite insane. ("I am the Daedra Lord of Madness and Insanity, after all!") He has the tendency to go off on a tangent or butt into a conversation with an unneeded random comment. He's also quite curious about the mortals and their ways of life and thinking.
    Likes: Cheese, Skeevers, horses, parties, chatting occasionally, stories, physical activity, being alone, hunting, talking to other beings (ie; "monsters")
    Dislikes: Spiders, Chauruses (?), people disagreeing with him, foul-mouths, boisterous mortals
    Hobbies: Hunting, horseback riding, adventuring, studying, swimming
    History: Sheogorath doesn't know who the other Lords are (what mortal form) or where they are.
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  17. I know! >:( I was too!

    Anyway, trying to recruit some peeps out of site and drag them here XD See how that goes. Maybe if we advertise the Hell out of it we'll get a few more biters XD
  18. Okay, that sounds like a plan! ^^
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