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  1. Sounds fun! I volunteer!
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  2. Awesome! Just put a CS up and we can get started! :)
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Shino Sato(Last name was given to him by a judge)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Cosplay Cafe waiter, college student
    Strengths: Aim, particularly with a pistol. He always has one on him. Fast runner.
    General Appearance:
    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 5ft
    Body Type: Short and slender. Often mistaken for a girl and it pisses him off
    Talents: Could be a sniper with a pistol. Can sing well in both English and Japanese. Damn good pick pocket.
    Inabilities: Can never reach the top shelf for one. Attitude keeps him from getting any tips. Worthless in hand-to-hand combat.
    Personality: Doesn't trust anyone easily. Tends to be a bit...bitchy. Stubborn and usually mad at someone or something. Call him a girl and you will have a short girly looking boy attacking you like a rabid dog.
    History: An orphan from birth. His mother died during child birth without any ID on her and his father, upon her death, left the hospital never to be seen again(suicide). He spent his first ten years of life in a rather abusive foster home. The only interruption being a brief adoption when he was four. He was adopted by a pedo and was there for about a year before authorities realized it and he was sent right back to the same foster home. At age ten, he ran away and has been living in an abandoned building and working his way through school.
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  4. Awesome! I'll have a starter up in a bit!
  5. BTW this is Jace's tattoo xP

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  6. cool...um...is Shino supposed to be part of the band?
  7. What? No XD
  8. ok, just checking lol
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