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  1. How did it all start? Nobody knows anymore, some say it was set up by the government. Others claim its an act of terrorism, or maybe a disease that developed disturbing and superhuman attributes.

    All that remains from the outbreak is a scattered number of humans to survive this horrific time. The news says that "The dead are coming back to life." I watched as American soldiers marched down my street, only to get devoured by hundreds, maybe thousands of those... things..

    I now reside here in my bedroom, hiding.. hoping they don't find me. The only thing that I wonder is.. am I the only one left?....
  2. Chris walked down the empty street, the only sound was that of a few car alarms and the rain beating on the cold cement. The air had a stagnant smell and texture as Chris breathed heavily. It was all so much to take in, lifeless bodies along the lawns of his neighbors, cars sat on curbs with doors still open. Chris looked over to his left to see an ambulance in front of a house, both paramedics lay bloody and mangled on the pavement.

    A faint whimper emerged from behind the ambulance. Chris gripped the handle of his .44 magnum tightly, finger ready on the trigger as he slowly began to walk in that direction. Then another whimper, this one sounding more deep. As chris walked around the ambulance he seen a woman laying on the grass. Her face seemed to have deep wounds, and the white button up shirt she was wearing was covered in blood.

    "Help me.." she pleaded, barely managing to lift her arm up towards chris. He paused for a moment, looking behind her for any other movement before walking up to her kneeling down. Chris concealed his pistol in the holster under his rough black coat as he got closer to the woman. "What happened to you?" Chris asked curiously as he observed her deep wounds closer. They looked like bites, he could now see. All towards her face, and some on her arms.

    "They attacked out of nowhere... my daughter....my husband, I think they got them too.." she said sadly as she began to shake more. Chris could see her eyes begin to dilate and get darker. "The infected..." He muttered, before the woman suddenly lunged up at him. Chris jumped back quickly, shocked. The woman was just as quickly up on her feet, she began to foam at the mouth and gargle. "What the hell?" He swung his arm up, pistol in hand and pulled the trigger.

    Two of the three shots cracked into her, one hitting her chest and the other completely taking her bottom jaw off. The woman slumped to the ground.
  3. Complete chaos was all Phoenix Andreasen saw. She'd seen the infected brutally attack her parents, barely getting her and her younger sister away. Yet, she manged to escape without being seen. It was her parents that had helped Phoenix do so.

    Now, on the run, the young woman has been looking for a safe place for the child and herself for quite some time, others who survived and may be able to help, or to banned together with. Anything really. Having no weapons to defend against the infected, all the scared woman could think to do was run as quietly as possible. She just happened to be lucky thus far. Though, she knew her luck would not hold for much longer.

    "Shhh..Nikita, we must be quiet." Phoenix Andreasen warned the four year old. The younger girl whimpered, holding tightly onto her big sister's hand and nodded. Tears streamed down the child's cheeks. Terrified showed through the shaking of the small body. Phoenix knew her sister was afraid. She was too.

    Creeping along the wall, eyes scanning for any movement, the short brunette haired woman peeked around the corner, a few of her natural ringets bouncing around her face softly. At first she didn't notice the infected slowly moving through, around cars, bodies, and whatever else litter the ground. In her defense, there were only a couple, which were a good distance away.

    Just as she was about to continue on, shots rung out, echoing around her. Nikita jumped with a scream causing Phoenix to jerk in response as a scream of her own slipped out before realizing her mistake. When she did she hurried to cover the little girl's mouth, silencing her screams. Then, she waited.

    The sounds slowly stopped. The quietness surrounding was eerie, sending a chill down Phoenix's back and raising the small hairs on her neck. She released her hold over Nikita's mouth as she stood, and hesitatly looked for any signs they were found.


    She let out a sigh of relief, briefly closing her eyes. "We're okay." She murmured softly. The tug of her hand snapped her eyes opened as she mumbled, "What..." Seeing her sister's expression, she turnned.

    Five of the infected was headed their way. And quickly at that. Fear shot through her as she gasped. She felt her hand shake and her heart racing. Frozen for a moment in her spot until she heard Nikita sobbing. "Sissy I scared."

    Hearing the little scared voice got Phoenix into action. She scooped her up into her arms and started running as fast as she could. She didn't pay attention to where she was going. It didn't matter. The only thing she could think was 'Get Nikki somewhere safe'.

    So she ran.
  4. Chris turned around, scanning behind him for anymore infected after shooting the woman who had seemed to undergo her transformation. He was shaken up, not really sure what to do next. Chris looked back down at her looking at her corpse. "I have to get out of here." He said to himself hurriedly.

    About twenty feet in front of him was a small convoy truck with a U.S. military insignia on its side door. He stopped pulling the .44 magnum out of its holster, waiting for any movement. It looked like a soldier half hanging out of the back of it, so chris began to slowly approach the truck. Gunfire rang off from what chris thought were a few blocks away.

    As chris approached the motionless body he noticed a smaller carbine assault rifle hanging from the neckstrap. The radio was still active as various commands came through following static. Chris quickly retrieved the assault rife tearing it off the dead soldiers torso. He turned around as a screech rang across the street. There were five more infected making their way down the street towards him.

    The assault rifle recoiled against his shoulder as he furiously cut them down. The rifle however wasn't as loud as Chris expected, soon all five of the infected were ultimately dead torn into pieces. "Oh god."he said as he seen a little girl in a womans arms, running for their lives. "I hope I haven't scared the only other survivors I've seen.." he thought to himself before making his way to them.
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  5. Phoerd a gun firing from behind her somewhere. Along with the awful noises the infected made. She stumbled trying to look over her shoulder to see. For there to be someone shooting, meant there were at least one other person alive, which would mean they weren't alone. With that thought in mind, Phoenix slowed her paced.

    "FeFe...I hungry...I sleepy." The little blonde haired girl mumbled, blue eyes blinking up at the grey blue eyes of the woman.

    "I know, hun. Just a little bit longer, okay." She said, forcing a small smile.

    When she didn't hear the infected behind her, she stopped and hesitatly turned. A man walking their way, holding a gun, was the only thing moving. She sighed, leaning her weight agasint the wall of the building as she waited for him to get closer, not wanting to risking being loud and the infected hearing her. That was one thing they didn't need right now; more infect to run from.

    She was breathing hard, out of breath and tried getting it back under control by taking deeper breaths. Her arms hurt from the weight of the child and her legs burned from running. It wasn't that she was out of shape, or so she thought.

    Phoenix was exhausted but she fought to stay strong. She wasn't alone, being the only one her sister had left, she had no choice. Although, Phoenix was a small, short woman, at five foot tall and a hundred pounds or so, she was tougher than she looked. It helped that she worked out everyday before this hell started.

    "Too...sleepy." Nikita whispered tiredly, closing her eyes.

    "It's okay, sweetie. I have you." She whispered quietly, holding the kid tighter. She kissed the top of her head lightly. Her eyes still on the man, who was almost to them. "Thank goodness." She said under her breath, relief filling her.
  6. All semed to have quieted down, or it had seemed for the moment. Chris continued to look around as he approached the building that he seen the woman and little girl run to, hoping that they were alright. Various limbs lay along the middle of the street with the corpses of infected riddled with bullets. It was still morning, as the outbreak seemed to occur as everyone was asleep, leaving them hopeless to defend themselves.

    Chris could see a larger convoy truck approaching the end of the street, it engine roaring loudly. "Shit, I need to get out of here." He mumbled, unsure of what it was doing in the small community. He seen on the news before his house was swarmed, that the U.S. military was being sent to the downtown area of Vegas in hopes to stop the outbreak there. But with what he had seen they had to of all perished, he thought.

    As Chris walked around the corner he seen the little girl huddled up to the woman he had seen moments before. He made sure that the assault rifle was pointed towards the ground to not scare them both. "Hey, are you guys alright? Have you been bit or scratched by those thing's?" He asked curiously, hoping that the answer was no.
  7. "No." Phoenix answered, shaking her head. She pushed off from the wall. Glad to see another adult, she hoped he was kind enough to help them. She didn't want to be alone with a child in a dangerous place if she didn't have to be. Yet, she was on edge about trusting anyone so soon. "Have you?" She asked, dreading his response. Even if he hadn't been, didn't mean he would allow her to stay with him. Afraid of being alone with a defenseless child out weighed her trust issues. 'What person was crazy enough to have a child along?' she wondered. But the man didn't seem as if he were cruel to walk away from them. 'If he was, wouldn't he not have bother to stop and talk to her?' That he had, possibly meant he care and was kind hearted...right? She bit her lip at her thoughts, undecided. She guessed the only way to know is await his reply.
  8. Chris sighed in relief to the woman's response, he shook his head no in return. "No I haven't been but you should come with me, we need to get out of here." He said gesturing to the convoy truck at the corner of the street. He then looked down at the child, seemingly asleep, or petrified of the surrounding scene.

    "I think the government is trying to quarantine all survivors they find. Or their just exterminating everything left. Either way I dont want to wait around to find out." He said hurriedly. " I'm hoping to find a safe haven away from all this, and im willing to do anything I can to help you." He said.
  9. "Thank you." She said gratefully as she glanced at the trucked heading their way. "Then, we must hurry. Look." She nodded just as the truck stopped a few yards away to where they were. Panic sunk in as men jumped out, holding different assortments of guns.
  10. Chris turned his head to see the truck now much closer to him. There was four soldiers from a quick glance armed to the teeth hopping off the back bed of the truck. Chris quickly turned back to the woman, pulling his .44 magnum out of its holster, holding it out to her to take. " Take this and stay close behind me." He said urgently.

    Chris began for the backyard of the house away from the convoy truck. As he reached the backyard shots rang out violently followed by agonizing screams. Whatever it was they were shooting at Chris was unsure, but they weren't shooting at him or neither of the two girls so he disregarded it and continued on.

    There was a concrete wall about five feet tall along the back fence. Chris quickly glanced over it to see a small strip mall devoid of life. "This is our best shot at getting the hell out of here." He said, turning back to the woman. "I don't see any infected or military over there and with some luck we could find a working car, that is if we can find keys to it."
  11. "Nikki wake up, hun." Phoenix pulled back from the child to look at her as she used the child's nickname. "Baby you have to walk, okay" She told her as the girl rubbed her eyes, opening them. She placed her down onto her feet, but kept the girl close by her side.

    Nervously, she took the gun, having no idea how to actually use it but it was better then being defenseless. "O-okay" she said before bending down to the girl, making sure to keep the gun pointed away. "Baby, I need you to stay behind this man.." she nodded her head towards the stranger. "Keep up and don't stop until he does." She explained. The girl's bottom lip trembled but she stayed quiet. She gave a smile so she wouldn't be more scared of how bad the situation really was. It was something that could be prevented.

    Phoenix stood and motion for her sister to follow the guy that was nice enough to help. She made sure to stay close behind. When shots fired she didn't look back, but continued to hurry, picking up her pace. She held the gun somewhat awkwardly as they made their way.

    Once they came to the wall, she felt a little better. She hadn't had to shot the gun, which in her case was probably a good thing. She stretched on tiptoes trying to see over the wall, but being short had it's disadvantages. Taking his word for it, she nodded. "Alright. I'll need help getting her over though. I doubt she can do it herself." She said, hating the feeling of vulnerability needing any help caused her.
  12. "I'll go over first, then send her over ill cover you when you come over don't worry."He said reassuringly. Chris then let the assault rife hang free from his neck by the shoulder strap and grabbed the top of the concrete wall then quickly lept over the wall. He turned back around and awaited the little girl.

    The strip mall still seemed empty, save for a few cars that he hoped they could commandeer."Alright were all clear over here send her over, and don't worry I won't let anything happen."
  13. Phoenix nodded, bitting her lip. It was a risk trusting this guy but she really didn't have a choice. It was either trust him or stay on this side. That was a bad idea. After he disappeared over the wall, Phoenix crouched down to eye level with the little girl. "I'm gonna lift you up and I need you to go to the nice man waiting on the other side. He'll help you, kay." She murmured quietly, making the decision to show some trust towards him.

    "B-but FeFe..it..." she startes to mumble until Phoenix stopped her. "It's okay. Just do what I say and everything will be okay." She promised, giving her another faint smile.

    She picked the child up, smiling at her and then lifted her up onto the wall. Nikita wasn't too heavy so it wasn't hard or take too long. "Go ahead. It's okay." She assured her. She watched her scooted over to the other side by the edge, looking back at Phoenix as she waited to be told what to do next. "Can you catch her when she jumps?" She asked, raising her voice to be heard.

    As she waited for a responed she placed her hand on her hip, thinking of how she'd get over. The wall wasn't that high. Figuring she could jump up and grab hold of the top edge and then climb over, she processed to do juat that. It took more strength than she assumed to pull herself up but she did. Although, now out of breath and a little scrapped up, but she was fine.
  14. "Yeah I've got her." Chris assured as he gently caught the little girl coming over the wall. He quickly set her down onto her feet, "Its alright", he said before turning back and seeing the woman climb over.

    He waited for her to get over, watching her back as she scaled the wall. "Are you alright?" Chris asked in a polite tone.
  15. Once Nikita was safely on the ground she dropped to the ground. By the time her feet hit, her breathing was better. Having sat on top a few minutes before. She dusted off her pants and pushed jagged brown, blonde bangs out of her face. "Yeah, fine." She answered. Then, cheaking the girl before picking her back up.

    "Food, sissy." The child cried quietly for the second time that day. Phoenix nodded. "I know. Soon. Just a bit longer." She said, touching her face gently.

    Phoenix looked back to the man in charge. "Let's hurry. Please. I don't know how much longer she can go without food. I have to find somethibg she can eat. Please." She pleaded with grey blue eyes.
  16. Chris felt a sense of compassion after hearing the little girls plea for food. It had been almost two days since the last time he ate anything."Yeah I think there's something in this strip mall, there's gotta be.." Chris replied while trying to get a better look at the nearby stores.

    "Let's go", he said before making his way to the first store. Nearby gunfire still echoed in the distance in spurts. Chris thought of the possibility of more infected dwelling the inside of the building and gripped the handle of the rifle harder. "I know you probably don't want to have to use that, but all you do is point and shoot and don't hesitate, those..things won't..." Chris said, trying not to sound offensive. He just wanted to be sure that the woman would cover his back and protect the little girl if need be.
  17. Phoenix maneuvered the girl on her back. "Wrap your arms and legs around me and hold on." She murmured softly. Nikita held on tightly, almost chocking but it let Phoenix know she wouldn't fall off. Once she was comfortable enough, she followed, making her way towards the stores.

    "I got it." She said some what offensive. Her grip on the gun tighten. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area for any infected or any other movements for that matter. So far nothing. All seemed quiet but Phoenix knew that didn't mean anything.
  18. Chris nodded in response to pheonix. As they reached the front door of the store he looked the best he could into the two large windows for any movement. The lights were all off and from what he could see there was nothing lurking inside, so he continued to the glass door. He lightly pushed it open and a bell rang as it creaked open.

    It was a grocery store as he guessed, which gave him a sense of relief. " I don't see anything, I'll go in first.." He said looking over at Phoenix. As he stepped into the store he kept the rifle aimed and at the ready, scanning around each isle. It seemed to be empty, and there was absolutely no noise.

    "Alright you get some food for you and her, I'll be close behind." Chris suggested politely.
  19. Jacklyn was heavily breathing in the dust-mite filled air. It was musty like boxes that had sat around for years before becoming consumed by a fungus after coming into contact with water. A rot had formed in the attic and covered most of the surfaces with a green-yellow mildew that was slimy to the touch. She brushed a heavy lock of red, frizzy hair from her eyes, feeling sweat forming on her forehead. Something crashed with a loud 'thud' beneath the planks of wood that supported her weight. She held her breath, heart racing until she heard one of those creatures stumble into something else further away. It had been like this for hours. Sitting, waiting, listening, staring at the trap door that led to the upstairs hallway that was a floor below her. The door had been broken and wouldn't bring the ladder back up to her or close, causing panic to course through her whenever one of them came near.

    Downstairs, in the basement, as a matter of fact, played a very similar situation to her twin brother, Leon. The difference being that his door would not open, and the dead were trapped inside with him. The almost dead. The bodies of two of their neighbours who had come when they first heard the screaming, were temporarily immobilized with their legs caved in by the spade of a heavy shovel. Leon still held that shovel now, unblinking as he watched the couple. They had been bit only an hour or so ago, and had long gashes from the raking of nails down the bare flesh of their backs, nails having ripped through the thin material of their shirts. He had already seen what such things had done to his parents, but he refused to get closer to his neighbours, in case they had already changed and were simply lying still to catch him unaware. Were they that smart? He didn't know.

    Jackie started to shake as adrenaline pumped through her, making her jittery and fingers numb as they tried to fumble with her shoe laces. She needed them tight. One of them had finally decided to climb up the rings, or crawl, and was snapping its teeth in the darkness, a sharp crack emitting from every bite that sent chills down the girl's back. The last she had seen of her brother, he had been shouting at her to run as he and the Smiths had been chased downwards by the things. The ground floor had been littered with them, so they must have gone to the basement and, knowing him, there could only be three reasons for why he hadn't come back yet. Either he was dead, turned or trapped. None were pleasant but at least the third left the possibility of being able to help him.

    She waited until the body began rummaging through the decaying boxes that smelled like it did, then crept from her hiding place and made a run to the hole in the floor, scrambling down it as quickly as she could. Her legs were numb though from the long hours of remaining still, and left her finding it difficult to remain upwards as spikes of pain prickled up her legs. A sound of shrieking rage from the creature got her legs moving again though as it flung itself towards the hole. She screamed when one of its clawed hands wrapped around a fitful of her hair and began ripping it towards the creature's other hand so that it might claw out her eyes and rip the young skin from her face. The grip on her knife tightened as she squirmed in the hold, raising it up and cutting off a large section of her bound curls. She fell several feet and took off at a run, shoving the retractable weapon into the pocket of her jeans.

    Leon's eyes were wide with fear when the bodies began to convulse and quiver as something took over them. He had been forced to knock them unconscious after they had been bit and he knew that he was trapped with them. It seemed only now though that they were starting to wake and they were no longer human. That much was clear. They were growling and spitting at him, using their arms to crawl towards the boy at stomach churning speeds, like something straight out of The Grudge. A fierce hammering on the door behind him made him jump out of his skin. They had smelled their own and were trying to get in! He began to hyperventilate until a cold wash of relief rushed through him at the voice of his sister. "Leon? Are you in there? Open the freakin' door! Leon!" she yelled, hammering her fists on the metal door. "It's jammed!" he cried back. The girl growled in frustration and began kicking furiously at the door knob, anger swiftly turned back to fear as three more creatures appeared at the end of the hallway, having been attracted by her previous screams and found her due to her current yelling.

    One more vicious kick and the door was open, knob clattering noisily to the ground. Her eyes locked onto her brother's identical set of rich blue ones. "Window," they snapped at the other simultaneously, briefly smiling at how they both thought so similarly, even in such a situation. The window was set in the far wall on the opposite side of the basement, something that they had been using for years when they were younger to leave the house whenever they got punished and were sent to the basement by their parents to 'think about what they've done'. The basement was, however, ten feet underground, so they would need the other one the reach the exit. One of the reasons that Leon had not been able escape - the only other people who could of helped him had turned and there wasn't anything large or stable enough to push under the window to help to give him a boost. That was no longer the case though.

    Jacklyn and Leon ran for their chance of survival, feet sounding against the cold, hard concrete of the basement floor, sending up plumes of dust as they ran. The 'immobilized' dead, who had become very much mobile with the use of their arms and hands, led the way for the others who still had a majority of their limbs still functioning. At the window, Leon bent down on one knee to give his sister a boost and with a small grunt she was up, balanced on his hands as she pried open the window. She then proceeded to scramble through before turning around on her belly to help him up. She extended her arm as far as the muscles would stretch and, with a small yelp at the close proximity of the creatures, Leon jumped, grabbed her hand and used his feet to kick against the wall to assist her in his ascendancy. They were both panting, laughing hysterically when they sprawled beside one another on the grass, even with the cries of fury of the dead only yards away from them.

    Their laughter abruptly stopped when they heard the sound of gunshots being fired from inside their house, followed by the tell-tale screams of the walking dead as they were shot to ribbons. The twins scrambled to their feet and peered around to the front of the house, where a military vehicle was parked, one man guarding it as the rest went inside to kill the beings within the house. Another two gunshots were heard in quick succession, these ones not in the house, but not far away either. Then came the sound of a young, female scream. The man by the vehicle touched his ear piece. "Alien fire has been heard in Area B7-F21-X14. Return and move out."

    Jacklyn pulled on her brother's arm and shook her head no when he made a move as if to approach the soldiers. She nudged her head in the direction of another truck that was slowly driving down the road with the same emblem as on the vehicle. Inside it though were people, normal civilians, arms bound behind their heads and most of them covered in blood, whether their own or that of the dead would remain unknown. Leon nodded in understanding. They didn't want to end up like that to be taken who-knows-where. Supplies, he mouthed.

    The girl nodded in agreement and the two took off like feral bullets to the market. They would need food and water, possibly some clothes, and something to carry the stuff in. They pushed through the glass door that led into the grocery store, hearing the familiar sound of the bell chime at their entry. There were no dead that they could see, but still they would need to wary. Leon grabbed two backpacks from the store's 'Back to School' promotional display, and Jacklyn went down the aisles, throwing plastic bags of dried fruits and jerky meat at her brother as he just as quickly divided then equally amongst the two bags. The sounds of approaching footsteps from outside made them freeze. Soldiers or the dead? They didn't stick around to be spotted by them first. Using the shelves to their advantage, they rushed to the far end, backs against the displays, silently awaiting the newcomers. The bell rang, announcing their arrival. "Alright, you get some food for you and her," a male voice seemed to suggest. "I'll be close behind." The two looked across the gap that the aisles created between them, one simply shrugging to the other with a nudge of their head. Risk it? the gesture seemed to ask. The other shook their head vigorously in answer. No, not yet.
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  20. (My post my not be as good or long. Some things have came up that I have to deal with. So my time will be limited. I'm sorry.)

    Phoenix nodded at Chris and then turned to help Nikita down off her back and place her gently on her feet. They headed straight to a random aisle carefully, making their way down. Keeping a grip on her borrowed gun with one hand, she held her sister's hand with the other.

    Nikita's eyes widened at seeing the selves of food. It had been a while since she had gotton to eat but it'd been days for Phoenix, her giving what little food they had found before to the girl. Nikita let go of her big sister's hand and rushed to the food, grabbing the closest thing she could, a bag of chips. She fumble with trying to open the bag.

    "Nikita! Calm down, hun." She said, trying to keep her voice as quiet as possible. "Here, let me help you." She offered, taking the bag and opening it quickly before handing it back. "C'mon. Stay close." She ordered.

    Phoenix wasn't sure how long they would be staying, but she knew that while here she needed to gather as much food as she could before they moved on. For that reason, she searched for something to hold enough food for the three of them. Also, bottles of water was another thing to stock up on. They would find supplies somewhere else she assumed.