Unexplored Country

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  1. "LAND HO!!!"

    The cry of the man on watch awoke Genevive from her sleep. She quickly put on her boots and headed to the deck. Once there, she could see the land that was announced. This was where the king sent them. This was where a whole new world was awaiting them.
  2. The Leader of the orc trackers, Kunyak StormArm went ot the deck to see the land. IN fact, there was a slight green line in the horizon, a new continent.
    A drink! To be alive! Said Kunyak and raised his mug to the crew, before drinking. IT was really good to be alive.
  3. Genevive rolled her eyes at the remark from her partner. However, she could see why it was necessary. They were soon near the land and men started to prepare the boat that would take them to shore. She made sure her bag was packed and ready before boarding it.
  4. Kunyak ended up his drink and adjusted his belt, and started shouting demandant orders. Prepare the camping clothings, load the backpacks, prepare the weapons, load the quivers, set the supplies, fold the beds, prepare the flags.
    Kunyak himself was doing what he said it was to be done, and the Orcs did their job as clockwork.
    Al prepared, the land approached to the point they could put the little canoes to get in any river.
    Jump in the boats, human get the first rowing hour. Claimed
  5. Genevive looked at Kunyak with a look. "I have a name you know." She said and other orcs got into the boat with her. They secured the packages and placed the oars in place. "Set it down!" She yelled and the crew set them into the water.
  6. The orcs inside the boat got inside their armours and prepared for any dangers that may lie ahead.
    Sorry missy, but i ain't naming every human on board. Now, less chatt, more rowing! We need to get a base set up before night. Kunyak really didn't matter most orcs in the crew wanted to rip human faces, butthey were needed as much as the orcs, and they knew they all should band up together to survive.
  7. The human girl rolled her eyes and sat down on the boat. The orcs grabbed their oars and started to row in rhythm toward the new land.
  8. The human girl rolled her eyes at the orcs response. He was so rude to her. She caught a few crates that were handed over the boat and she set them on the little rowboat securely. The orcs on the boat soon got out their oars and awaited for their captain to board before heading off to the new land.
  9. Ok then. Throm-ka my Brethren, onward to a new land and home. Said the biggest orc who set the sail and tood the rudder and the Orcs started rowing with the few humans in the boat towards the beach.
  10. As they approached, Genevive took out the binoculars and looked at the land. There a lot of trees, meaning they had a lot of chopping to do if they were going to settle by the beach. She didn't see anyone so that meant it was deserted. "Hey Kunyak! No ones waiting for us!" She called out to him over the loud waves.
  11. Mother Earth and Father Sky bless us, then! But what our eyes can't see the shamanesses will Answered Kunyak. The Orcs had asked to take Shamanesses with them so they could track using the earth's senses, something unknown to the other races.
  12. Genevive had heard of the Shamanesses but wasn't given much information about them. It was a secret to the orcs and the only reason the human knew was because of the king who sent them on this exploration. She took out a piece of paper and wrote about the land and what time the sun was setting. She was instructed to record all their actions and discoveries. The orcs were now a few yards from the land.
  13. What is this that you're doing, human? um... and what was your name? Kunyak asked almost gently as he peeked to see what was she doing-
  14. Genevive looked over at Kuniyak with a confused look. "It's Genevive and I'm recording our exploration. The king asked me to." She wrote down a few notes, such as the weather, time, and action they were doing.
  15. THat's what Iron Knights call "Writting and Reading" yes? I must learn. Would you teach me, Genevive? The common sounded rough in the Orc's mouth, and his manners were harsh, but correct, nonetheless
  16. Genevive was shocked at his request. This was the first time he had shown interest in her. "Uh, sure. If you want." The orcs finally pull onto the shore and all of them cheered as they hopped into dry land.
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  17. I'll seek you at night. Ok, Lok-tar, brothers! 4 of you, scout, shamanesses, please do your summonings, the rest of us let's start gathering wood and searching the coastline. IN a second, Kunyak started barking orders to everyone, and started doing things
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