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Has there ever been something you were reading, watching, or heck even eating that was unexpectadly epic? I'll tell you mine.

I was reading Gintama Volume 3 and like the other two I was expecting some cheeky fun with some jokes and some funny dialogue. But in Lesson 16 I get this epic chapter about one of the characters, Taizo Hasegawa. This guy wears sunglasses all the time and in the beginning of this lesson he is sitting on a bench talking to Kagura who is pretty blunt and straightforward. He has been jobless since volume 1 and is saying how he can't get a job because of his sunglasses and Kagura simply says "Then why don't you take them off?" Taizo proceeds to say "Because they are just who I am." But Kagura leaves and says "See you later you dumb old retarded kook."

So he takes off his glasses and gets a job at a Taxi company. He gives tons of the primary characters rides each with their own little comedic statement. Finally Gin gets in and like usual shit starts happening. They wind up meeting the guy who got Taizo fired in Volume 1 and eventually he does the same thing he did to get fired but this time for a just cause. He puts back on the sunglasses and Gin tells him "Hasegawa I got to admit, those sunglasses look way cool on you."

Now he's jobless again and sits at the park bench with Kagura again. She asks how he got fired and his reply is "Because I was true to myself." The statement was soon shot down by her replying "Don't go thinking your cool just because you call yourself a "hard case" you jobless loser."

Something about the whole Lesson just seemed epic in a way. To those that read the series might look back and think about it. To those who haven't well you are missing out. I love the way this small story played out because it showed how important believing in the right way is but how the repurcussions of your actions affect you.

So what have you guys read, seen, etc. that were really unexpectadly epic?
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Couple of mine were the fault of my old DnD group back in cali. My friend and I have been guilty of misleading the DM in how we both played, so he figured that by splitting our characters up by having one of us get arrested that he'd effectively neuter both. So upon my character's discovery of his best friends unlawful incarceration he completely flipped his shit and activated the /rage mode of doom, Complete with an aura of flame that burnt everything around him to a crisp. I entered the guardhouse after melting/burning down the door and surrounding wall with pure fucking animalistic rage, and start to tear up everyone/everything. The only character who hasn't shit himself in terror would be mine's counterpart, who activated a similar /rage mode and started electrocuting everything/one I haven't burnt to ash.

The DM was not pleased with his own folly.