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  1. May -

    Riz -
  2. Didn't he get that I had nobody? Doesn't he understand that's why I ran away in the first place? "No," May repeated softly, looking directly into the officer's eyes. "There's nobody here for me." She sat back in the chair, completely deflated, wondering if it would have been better to just stay oblivious and continue her quest at finding her family, even if there wasn't any family there to find.
  3. Riz swallowed hard. "My parents, they were old friends of her family maybe she could stay with us?" Riz hoped with all his might that the police officer may say yes.
  4. "I don't think that could be substituted, unless your family is willing to adopt her formally. She's going to have to be put in an orphanage until she finds a family. I'm sorry, but that's what the rules are." The officer stepped in to answer. They couldn't have just anyone taking these children without going through the formal adoption process or becoming foster parents. Otherwise the children could be living with anyone and that isn't right. And Officer Young was focused on justice and didn't bend the rules for people.
  5. Riz sighed. "wait, there isn't an orphanage around here" said riz, as realisation hit him.
  6. "I will call the orphanage in a moment to arrange someone to pick you up," the officer said, ignoring the friend's epiphany. It was none of his concern and there was truly nothing he could do to help the situation. He'd grow unsympathetic over the years as his job demanded.

    "No! Please don't drive me!" May pleaded as the officer shut the door in her face. It was too late and she didn't have a choice in the matter. With a great sigh she sat back down in the chair, hugging her knees to her chest.

    "I'm sorry Riz," May managed, the guilt washing over her. Finally she had a real friend again, and they were being torn apart. It was all her fault.
  7. Riz pulled her into his arms. "Don't worry may, I'll figure something out" he promised her. "Is it okay if we go get some lunch?" rIZ ASKED THE POLICE OFFICER.
  8. "Fine, the orphanage is a good drive away, so you have time," said the other officer who was still in the room. He didn't know either of the kids, unlike the officer who was out on the phone, so he didn't really care what they did.

    May looked into Riz's eyes, trying to find some hope in his promise, but it was difficult with the circumstances. She wasn't just going to run away again, so she decided she might as well enjoy her last time with her best friend. "No meat, okay?" May made sure he remembered this, and for once she remembered why. With those images now in her mind, May gripped Riz's hand for support, trying to focus more on him and not about the past.
  9. Riz smiled and nodded, taking hold of her hand and moving with her. He walked silently to the cafeteria, his brain ticking away. He gathered his thoughts as much as he could. Thee only seemed to be one way, they had to leave, together.
  10. May looked a long time at the cafeteria listing of food choices, even though there weren't many options for her personally. "I think I'm just going to have a salad. What are you getting?" She tried focusing on food, but really she wasn't even that hungry. Ever since she started staying at Riz's house with him instead of by herself she was actually eating regularly, almost full meals. It was easier to talk about food than anything else, so she would eat anyhow.
  11. "A burger, 2 pizza slices with a side of fries and maybe a cake.. or 2" he said as he loaded up his tray, and then looked over at her. "I eat when I'm nervous" he admitted to her.
  12. May scrunched her nose up in disgust at just hearing his "lunch". "Don't make yourself sick. And besides, I'm the one who's leaving, I'm supposed to be nervous, not you." She tried reasoning with him, but since they'd actually bonded and he figured out who she really was it was harder for her leaving not to hurt him. She picked out her salad with a lot of lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots, but not much else. The food just didn't seem appealing, and there had been days not so long ago that her entire meal per se had consisted of certain vegetables like broccoli. Riz had picked out a table, and now that they were sitting there across from each other face-to-face if she dared look at him, she had no idea what to do about them.
  13. Riz picked at his food. "We should run away" he suggested to her quickly, before he ost his nerve.
  14. May froze with her fork in hand, the lettuce that was stabbed falling back in the bowl. "Run away? We?" she repeated slowly and with uncertainty. The concept hadn't occurred to her, nor did it make much sense. It took a long awkward pause before she could speak, and then the words came tumbling out in a stream. "But you have a family and friends, and a life here, you can't just throw that all away. Not just for me. Riz you can't." Her voice in her head was almost yelling, but in reality it was soft and barely over a whisper, the accusations muffled by the light but firm tone. She didn't want anyone to hear, just in case.
  15. "and they'l be here when we get back, when you're 18" he said to her. "I'm already 18, I can do what I want" he told her.
  16. "How are you 18, when I'm still 16?" she asked him stupidly. But she didn't even care that it was a stupid question, she'd just always thought they were the same age, especially since they ended up in the same classes over the years. And even though it shouldn't have mattered, him being eighteen made a whole lot of difference, allowing her mind to actually consider escaping, again. May didn't want to lose him, not again.
  17. Riz shrugged his shoulders. "I got held back" he said as he pciked up his pizza slice.
  18. "I didn't know that," May said, almost to herself. "Which grade?" she asked, hoping that it was when she wasn't around. She would feel bad if she'd gone her whole life not knowing the simple detail that her best friend had been held back for something.
  19. "I don't even remember" he told her, the truth was he just didn't want to talk about it, it was the bane of his life. (I don't know how the american grade system works lol)
  20. (Oh sorry, I forgot.)
    "Okay," May replied, dropping the subject. "So...you really want to? You know, you could just visit me, or I could get adopted by a family more local, we could make it work." She tried to reason with him, tried dissuading him just like she had dissuaded herself the first time. Though this time she was less convinced.
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