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There is no doubt that Bryce's older sister Autumn drives him insane... But who drives him even more insane... Autumn's best friend. They have never seemed to get along but during the Autumn's reception something changes... One night together would completely change their view on one another. What could happen?

**Note: Your character can at least be his age or a year older**

Name: Bryce Gabriel Wolfe
*Nicknames: Bry or Bry Bry (which he HATES being called Bry Bry and Bry Bear.)

Age:17 (almost 18, a senior in high school)

Height: 6ft

Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

Scars: He has multiple scars on his torso. Most of them are small yet visible. The biggest scar he has however is on the left side of his chest. It looks as if someone cut him with a knife.

Personality: He is a little rough around the edges, although deep down he really is a sweet guy. However do to his past he doesn't allow to let a whole lot of people in. He is however mentally and physically a strong young man. He is sarcastic, short tempered, slightly cocky from time to time, he is however super smart. He has a tendency to let his pride get in the way. He is also the mysterious type in case you haven't realized. Many people consider him emo-like because of the way he looks and acts, however he is still respected by the majority of people in the school. If he does manage to let you into his life you are lucky! He is the most loyal person you will ever meet.

Hobbies: Boxing (one of the best in town) secretly a great artist. He also lives dirt biking and working on vehicles.

Bio: Bryce has had a dark past. Both of his parents were heroine addicts. His father was always abusive and along with his drug addiction he is also an alcoholic. His mother was an insane woman who wasn't even able to take care of herself let alone her children, so the abuse continued. Eventually his mother was sent to the mental hospital and within a week of being there she killed herself by jumping out a 4 story window. The only sane person in his life was his older sister who suffered not only physical abuse... but also sexual. Once she went to college Bryce has been left only with his father, however since he hit his teenage years he was able to fight back... however that doesn't stop him from trying to take care of his dad.

Looks: Pic Below except his eyes are a dark grey and he is a little more built.


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Very interested. If you're good, I've got a charrie that I believe will be cool in this story. But I'll have to do a bit of work on her to make her fit into your vision. Let me know, and I'll throw a link to her original layout for you to check out.
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