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  1. My name is Marie
    But first To let you know me as a role-player
    I am not advanced.. but i have been role-play for 5 years the most and some days i post 5 paragraph message but others i only post 2 paragraphs.. maybe even a line depending how i feel heh but I am pretty chill with anything,
    The ones i mostly like are very romantic, (Not cheesy romantic).
    I am cool with anything so please don't read my role-play resume, i am not picky at all.

    and if you were wondering about anything, i am a pretty open book so don't be afraid to ask, also please don't be rude or not message back if you do not enjoy the role-play if we do one, i have quit a temper and won't do very well with it.
    I like to be treat the way i treat you and most of the time i can be pretty nice and please don't jump to conclusions when i don't message back for a day or two. I always like to think family and real life problems go first.

    So to the plot!

    Marie, a 19 years old girl who is looking for an apartment or collage home to live in until she can get on her feet. She then stumbles on an email from who she thought was a girl but was really a collage house full of boys, wanting to find somewhere else she couldn't and has to live with them, in the process of this mistake she meets a boy (Your name) who is bitter and cruel to her right when she walked in but she isn't very friendly either. Will they ever get along?


    Now! I will be playing female, if it is a problem then i also play male!
    Just not in this one.. But you can go and check out one of my threads ^-^ with more chooses and feel free to PM me and ask me questions or send me your ideas.

  2. I am interested if you are still looking.
  3. Sounds pretty cool. I wouldn't mind role playing this with you if you would like to.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.