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  1. Kai wasn't usually the sort of person to really get so anxious that, in class, he had to leave to be excused just to take a few breaths and talk himself out of the ridiculousness he caught himself in... but today was that very day he scuttled out of class to do such a thing. And why?

    Because he had been chosen to work with Arianna on a project. Something so small and simple as being seated next to his crush had caused him to erupt out into a blush and have to leave for a few minutes. Many thought he was simply sick, and while they worried, they didn't really care too much that he had been partnered with the girl. He may be new, and they may like him because he seemed like a kind, cool person, but it was better him then them. Nobody really wanted to be partnered up with a gang's daughter. If they upset her, god knows what could happen to them, so as much as they liked Kai, it was best her was paired with her - he had no idea about her family, and that was for the best.

    Eventually returning with a wary smile to his partner, he took a seat beside her, trying to calm raging thoughts. How she didn't have a boyfriend was beyond him - she was cute, and everytime he glanced at her, she always had a shy smile on her expression. What idiot could refuse that? Many expected him to go for one of the rocker-like girls, the gothic ones with piercings, but clearly he didn't go with stereotypes. His type was very much Arianna. Kind, sweet and cute. "So, ah... what poet do you want to study for the presentation?" He asked, his deep, smooth voice coming out quietly and bashful as he tried to at least act cool, leaning back on his chair with a wide smile. "I'm cool with whatever you want, to be honest... ah... not that I'm good at this. I'm more into music, and stuff. Might start a band up or somethin', who knows."​
  2. Arianna sat in her seat, shyly looking down as she waited for her partner though, she had no idea who he was. He was a new student she assumed. She opened her mouth to speak until he asked to leave the room. Her head turned in his direction, her eyes wide and her eyebrows furrowed. 'Well this wasn't new..' She thought. People snickered as he left, looking at Arianna with a smirk though she just growled at him, snapping a sharp glare.
    As she waited for her partner she took out a piece of white lined paper and a mechanical pink pencil. The boy was quite the cutey, tall, lean, and that still smile on his face. It made her blush a bit just thinking about it.
    After a while he came back, making her look over at him quickly, her small gentle smile still on her face. "U-Uh.." She heard his question, his voice making her blush a bit more. "Christian Johann Heinrich Heine.." She said quickly, looking down at her lap. "If that's okay.. He's quite the good poet.." She told him, chewing her lip a bit before swallowing hard. "Personally one of my favorites.."
  3. "Okay, I have no idea who that is," he laughed quietly. He wasn't someone who passed all the work to his partner: in fact, he was usually the person that had the work loaded onto him. In his old school, given how secluded he made himself, he was often someone who was seen to not complain when the work was piled onto him.

    It had always irritated him to the core whenever having to do all the work for a partner or a group, and knowing that, he did desperately want to engage and help in the project, especially when the partner was his newfound crush. He hardly wanted to make her responsible for everything, but when he had no idea who the poet was? It was hard to really contribute.

    "Uh, I'll work on it though, I don't want you working too hard," he smiled quickly, the smile easily showing off dimples in his cheeks. "Uh... I'm Kai, by the way. We haven't really been introduced, so..."​
  4. "That's okay.. We can work on it together." She said to him, giving him a small smile. "I'm Arianna.. but you can call me Aria if you'd like.." She told him, blushing lightly but once realizing that her cheeks were hot and so she tried to go back to the subject of work instead of focusing on him. "A-Anyway.. Heinrich was a german poet journalist, essayist, and literary critic. He is best known outside Germany for his early lyric poetry, which was set to music in the form of Lieder. Heine's later verse and prose are distinguished by their satirical wit and irony. His radical political views led to many of his works being banned by German authorities. So he then spent the last 25 years of his life as an expatriate in Paris." She explained to him slowly so he wasn't confused. She paused for a moment, biting her lip gently as she watched his reaction to her nerdiness before speaking once again. "Whenever books are burned, men also in the end are burned.." She mumbled softly, a verse from one of Heinrich's poems. "Does that make sense..?" She asked him, furrowing her eyebrows as she looked into his eyes, her cheeks now holding a light pink tint to them.

    As she looked at him she could hear snickering and whispering, the 'cool' girls checking him out with a smirk. Arianna's grip on her pencil then tightened as they did so, her blush fading slowly. 'Of course they would like him..' Arianna thought, sighing a bit. 'I don't stand a chance..' She looked away from him slowly, her once sweet smile fading as well.

    [​IMG]Height: 5'9 [​IMG]Hair color: Strawberry blond Eye color: Green Height: 5'2
  5. He stared at her quietly as she babbled off the facts about the poet like she was reading it off a page, of off the Internet - the sheer fact she learnt that all off by heart was astounding; frankly, amazing in fact, and he found himself growing more and more attracted to her.

    She could be talking about the most boring thing on Earth, and he'd still find it interesting because she had said it.

    "I mean, I don't know much about his poetry, but if I'm partners with you, it should be okay. You're so cool--" he started, biting on his lip piercing until hearing the snickers, peering around at the girls and absently noticing that the wide smile she had had now disappeared. "...They're so annoying, huh? Thank god you're not a bratty clique-girl like them, honestly."​
  6. She glanced over at him slowly, blinking a few times as he bad mouthed those girls. "Eh.." She blinked a few times then flashed a small smile. "Yeah.. heh.." The bell then rang loudly, students quickly grabbing they're bags and exiting the class room. Arianna lingered a bit, taking her time as she put her notebook and pencil away before getting out of her seat and brushing off eraser skins from her black skirt. As she did this she hummed softly to herself before taking her hair and starting to put it up in a ponytail since her next class was gym. "It was nice meeting you Kai.." She said to him before walking off passed him and out of the class room.
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  7. "Wait, ah--" He quickly blinked, though clearly far too late given by the time he spoke up she had left the room - he had wanted to ask her for her number, having come up with the excuse that it was to ask for help for the project, but in reality, he did just want it so he could ask her on a date if he lost courage to do so face-to-face.

    So he didn't ask her for it that moment, but by the end of the day, he did want to force himself not to be so shy and actually come to terms with some sort of courage and just ask, even if rejection was something he feared.​
  8. Time skip to the end of the day? ^^
  9. Yeah, sure! Go for it c:
  10. Arianna wrapped her big wool scarf around her neck before closing her locker with a sigh. Then turned on her heels and walked off to the front doors. Her 'body guard' was picking her up from school today and she could just imagine him now, holding up a sign with my name on it and guns in both pockets. She walked down stairs to the first level and down the hallway to the front doors. She wondered if she would run into that Kai guy again? He was quite nice and very handsome but she wouldn't say she had a crush on him!!
  11. And expectedly, Kai was currently leant against the tree outside - he didn't live that close to the school, so his father would either pick him up, or send a friend from the police department to do so, but given it took five or so minutes, Kai took the opportunity to have a cigarette, managing to put it out just as he spotted Arianna nearby. Debating with himself whether to approach or not, he eventually bit the bullet and headed up with a shy grin. "...Hey, I... was wondering, if you know, just to help with the project... we could swap numbers...?"​
  12. Sorry for my absents! Something came up and I wasn't able to get on!))

    Arianna walked down the steps of the school before heading over to the car that awaited her. She was almost there until! Kai stopped her. She flinched, glancing up at him slowly as he suggested trading numbers. "Hm.. Sure.." She mumbled, turning on her heels she her front was facing his. "Here," She reached into her messenger bag and grabbed a sharpy before taking his wrist. She pulled his sleeve up slightly then wrote down her number neatly and quickly. "There..You can just give me a call whenever, I'm always free." She told him, putting her sharpy back before turning again and heading off.
  13. [[ Oh no worries, I understand c: ]]

    Watching her leave, the usually shy boy, in that moment, was more than proud of himself. Not only had he achieved talking to her calmly, but he had her number and was left with the impression that she somewhat liked him too, however slim that may or may not be. Shouting his thanks, he quietly slipped into his father's car once the man came to collect him himself, more happy that he had been for a long, long while.​
  14. Arianna shortly arrived home. She sighed, getting out from the car and into the house. "I'm home!" She called, slipping her shoes off and walking upstairs to her bedroom that she shared with her eldest sister.
    She walked down the hallway and into her room with a sigh to see her sister and her boyfriend watching tv. "Hey." Arianna said to them, pursing her lips tightly but they only waved her to leave and continued watching. She nodded a bit before turning and leaving her room.
    "Right.." She mumbled. 'Same old same old..' She thought to herself.
  15. But for Kai, things were a contrast. He often wished he had siblings, because it would make his life more eventful at home, because now he was just sat, alone, in his living room as his father went back to work for two more hours. Hell, Kai would prefer having siblings and hating them, than not having them at all. And despite knowing he should wait to not look like he was desperate, he could help but to text Arianna. She was his crush after all.

    'Hey.. want me to do anything today for the project? xx'

    He did contemplate not sending the kisses in fear he looked soppy... but went ahead with it nonetheless.
  16. Aria walked into kitchen where her mom was over the stove with 2 huge pots of tomatoe soup and a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches on the other counter. She licked her lips before feeling a light buzz in her pocket.
    She reached in her pocket and took her phone out to see a text from.. Kai. Her cheeks heating up quickly before messaging back.

    'Sure! My house or yours? ;3'

    She texted back, regret rising in her as she sent the message. 'What's the winkie face to much? What if he finds me weird after?? Does he even like me??' She thought, getting tired as thoughts ran through her tiny mind.
  17. 'My house is free, my dad's out if you wanna come over? :)'

    He quietly cringed at himself once sending the address along with it - he didn't want to come across too strong. She was far too nice and kind for all that, and frankly, he just wanted to woo her, not like the normal teenage boy who tended to just want to mess around. No, he wanted to do the whole dating thing properly... if she wanted it, that was. There was no guarantee she even liked him after all.​
  18. She smiled slowly as she read the message before standing up quickly. That was only a street or two away, she could walk it.
    "Hey mama? I have to go to a frie-... A guys house to do a project." She told her, taking her book bag once again and heading out, her mother obviously not stopping her. "Just be careful baby!" Her mother called and then Arianna was off to his house, hope rising up along with excitement. 'I can't believe I have a friend and maybe boyfriend!' She thought to herself.
  19. And in the meantime, Kai couldn't exactly stop himself from smiling proudly. Of course, this was all before he even knew about her and her family, but until then, he was happy to just invite her around however often he wanted. He liked her far more than any of the other girls, not just because he found her prettier, but because he liked her also as a person - he wasn't as shallow as most guys.​
  20. Arianna had finally made it to the street he lived on. The snow starting to fall lightly, her nose and rosy cheeks alright a light red and her lips an icy pink.
    She quickly walked down the side walk, looking at all the house numbers before finally seeing his, a smile appearing on her face as she did so.
    She quickly went up to the house, finally on the porch as the snow flakes on her clothes melting, her her now a bit wavy as well.
    She nodded on the door then took a step back, biting her lip gently, waiting.
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