Unexpected Meeting

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  1. It was like any other day in the office building, employees running around to get work done before the deadline or consulting with new clients that were interested in their services. They were a company focused on beauty for both men and women, selling products of top quality to big name businesses and those who worked in the entertainment industry. The boss of this beauty company is Kyan. Kyan is not only the boss, but considered the most handsome, or beautiful to some women, in the whole entire building. Short light brown hair, bright blue hued eyes like ice and slender body. He was always well groomed and every time you saw him, he had this confident aura around him. Kyan had been stay behind that last night until morning to fix a deal that had one of the employees messed up on.

    Getting up from his desk, he picked up his briefcase as he headed out of his office to his private car that was resting in the garage overnight. Taking the elevator down to the garage, he got off as soon as he made it to the floor. Getting into his car, he remembered that the other day, his professor from university asked him to come by the school to give a little presentation to his students. Not feeling too tired from working overnight, he drove to the university, parking a block away to avoid attracting attention to himself. Throwing on a pair of sunglasses as he got out, he walked onto the campus, looking at the students around him.
  2. College life. So many people talked about it like it was the most magical place on earth. For some people, it was. For others, it was just another disappoint. Like high school, but far less...pointless. For Sylas, it was just simply another step further to reach his goal of becoming a heart surgeon. He had already finished two years of his university, which made him 19, but next was med school, then residency, and then...his dream.

    Today, Silas had gotten up early just as usual. All his classes were during the day and ran into the late afternoon. In the middle of the day, he remembered that one of his classes was having a visitor, some guy from a big beauty company. As he walked to his class, his dark brown eyes scanned the hallways. He saw a few of his classmates, smiling at a couple of them before walking into his class. He was always early. He never risked being late. Sighing, he waited for the class to begin and ran a hand through his milk-chocolate colored hair. Within a few minutes, more people piled in, along with the professor. Then, class started.
  3. Before the session started, Kyan met up with his former professor and talked about what he'd like for him to talk about. The professor wanted him to talk about the company he was managing and what it like getting to his position. Understanding what he needed to do, he followed the other male out of his office towards the room where he would be presenting to the students of the class. Waiting outside of the door to be announced, Kyan was nervous yet he was used to having to talk to people he was talking to for the very first time.

    Hearing his name being called, he removed his sunglasses and placed them in his pocket, before opening up the door to reveal himself to the class. Almost immediately, you could hear all the girls in the class talking among themselves about the way Kyan looked. Thanking the professor for introducing him, Kyan turned towards the class and spoke up for everyone to hear. "Hello everyone, my name is Kyan and I am the CEO of Beautiful & Classy or B&C for short. I'm hear to tell you a little about what we do, how I became CEO and maybe even look for future employees." Kyan was actually extremely young for being a CEO at the age of 25.
  4. The professor greeted his class before reminding everybody about the presentation that they were about to watch. He told them, with a teasing smile, that he expected them to act like college students and not a bunch of low-life high schoolers. A lot of the class laughed, others just smirked or smiled. Then, Mr. Glassier, the professor, introduced the speaker, motioning towards the door.

    All heads turned to watch the completely and utterly handsome, if not beautiful, business man walk inside the room. All of the girls started talking, gasping at how gorgeous he looked and being amazed. They were probably expecting some overly middle-aged man, but this CEO couldn't be a day over 27. After Kyan finished speaking, some of the girls immediately raised their hands. However, Mr. Glassier told them to wait to ask questions until after Kyan was finished talking completely, unless Kyan didn't mind it. Silas wouldn't ask minding him a few questions, man, oh man. It was like he couldn't take his brown eyes off of this beautifully sculpted man - he had such a good jawline, light brown hair with striking blue eyes, something that always caught Silas's attention, and not a bad body at all.
  5. Watching the hands of people go down, Kyan then began to talk the company and himself until ending the talk at about 30 minutes. It was surprising to Kyan how long he had been talking, but it promoted his company and it was a favor for Mr. Glassier, so he did his best to impress those in the class. "Though I am only 25 years old, it was hardest 4 years of my life to get to where I am now and it was all because I was determined to make it to the top. If you want to get to where I am, you have to continue doing your best and proving that you're are the best." He finished before taking a sip of the water that Mr. Glassier had brought to him in the middle of the lecture as a sign for him to breathe, but that was kind of difficult for him to do once he started.

    After drinking some more water, he sat the glass back down on the table where he picked it up and asked. "Does anyone have any questions?" Almost immediately after saying that, the female students already had their hands up in the air ready to ask questions that had nothing to do with the subject, but Kyan had to be nice. Picking on, she stood up from her seat and asked. "Are you married?" Kyan laughed to himself before shaking his head as he replied. "No and I am not taken either, but I'd like to keep it that way for a while. I only have relationship with my work right now." You could here the room echo with girls sighing about what they just learned about him.
  6. Silas, and most of the class (mainly girls), listened to and watched Kyan in awe. Silas could barely take his eyes of the beautifully structured man - his eyes only tearing away every once in a while to look around him. The talk lasted around 30 minutes, and when Kyan finished about saying how old he was, Silas nodded. His guess at his age was right. However, though Kyan was gorgeous and Silas was...very attracted to him, Silas took to heart about how determined you had to be to get where you wanted. He would remember that all his life, and so far, that's exactly what he had been doing.

    Then, the CEO asked if anybody had questions, and immediately, all of the girls raised their arms and hands in the air. One asked if he was married, and his answer only disappointed them. It disappointed Silas a little bit as well, though he wasn't sure if he really wanted a relationship with the man. A few more girls asked some questions, and then a couple of guys did as well. Silas thought of an idea. He couldn't let that man getting away, not until Silas at least found out what kind of guy he was. He would have asked right then, but he didn't want to be rude.

    When Kyan took his leave, Silas asked the professor if he could go to the bathroom only a few short seconds after Kyan left. Since that was the first time Silas had ever asked to go since the beginning of school, he granted the 19 year old permission. Silas walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him before seeing Kyan heading for the exit. If he wasn't going to look, then Silas would sigh loudly in a few minutes to try and get his attention.
  7. After Kyan answered a few more questions, he thanked them for having him as a presenter before saying goodbye to the class as well as Mr. Glassier for allowing him to come to his class that day. Shaking the professor's hand quickly, Kyan made his way out of the classroom to the hallway, where he stood for a few seconds thinking about some things. 'I could head home right now and get some rest since I stayed over at the company last night. Or~ I could look around my old campus for a bit and then go get some rest.' He thought, choosing to look around the campus first. Going to the exit, he suddenly heard a door closing echoing down the hallway, which made him look back to see that it was one of the students from the classroom he was in. Smiling and nodding at the young man, he stepped out of the building wondering where he should go first while he was there.
  8. Silas smiled at the man when he turned around and nodded. He returned the gesture and watched the guy step out of the building. He cursed under his breath. He wanted the guy to say something to him! Then, an idea popped right in his mind. He could pretend that he had a question to ask the guy and chase after him. And then maybe see where it went from there? Nodding to himself, he jogged down the hallway and outside of the building, catching Kyan about ten feet in front of him.

    "Excuse me!" Silas called out, walking up to the guy. Silas was a standing 6'2". (( not sure how tall Kyan is, I'll edit it in once you tell me [: )) "Sorry to bother you, but a question just popped into my head. Do you mind?" Silas asked politely, smiling a little.
  9. Just as Kyan was about to head to a different building, he heard the door from the building he exited open up to reveal the male, who he saw a moment ago. It was very surprising to see him again, but then the other came up to him. Kyan had to look up at the guy, noting that he was a few inches taller than himself, who stood at a height of 5'11". Mentioning that he had a question for him, Kyan smiled back at him before saying "You're not bothering me at all. I don't mind answering a question. What would you like to know?" He was curious himself to know what a handsome guy like him would want to know.
  10. Silas grinned when Kyan had turned around and was more than friendly just to answer Silas's 'question.' He looked down at the man before he realized that he didn't have a question. "Uhh..." he began, "How...how old are you again?" he asked, making a small face at how stupid the question was before it quickly disappeared.
  11. Upon hearing the question, Kyan looked at the male with a confused expression on his face. Instead of being rude, he chuckled to himself a bit before speaking. "I'm 25. Do you have any other questions?" It was very strange that the male had only came out to ask him this kind of question, but he figured that wasn't his real intention. Kyan thought this was funny and decided that he'd let the male come up with another question before letting him know that he knew he didn't really have anything to ask him. Yet he was curious as to why he was following, because that was very obvious.
  12. "Ohh," Silas said, crossing his arms in front of him. Shit, was he being too obvious? Was this guy even aware of when another male was trying to flirt/get with him? "Uhm, about your company," he began. "How would you get a job? Would you have to major in it or? Just curious, since I have a patient that's wondering how to get a job in cosmetology..." he lied, though it wasn't obvious that he was.
  13. "All your 'patient' needs to learn is about the cosmetology business as well as take marketing classes. The knowledge from the two will help in our business." He answered him as if he was really asking a question before placing his sunglasses back onto his face. "Sorry about this, but I should be going soon. If you're done following me, please call me if you have any other real questions." Reaching into his suit pocket, he pulled out a his business card before placing it into the other's hand. Waving goodbye to him, he took out his car keys and headed in the direction of where he car was parked.

    Making it to his car, Kyan was still laughing about the student who was following him. Kyan was used to guy's flirting with him, but this was the first he's had someone as young as college student try and flirt with him. Shaking his head, he got into his car and drove to his condo on the outskirts of town. Making it inside of his condo, he immediately collapsed on his bed and knocked out for the rest of the day.
  14. (( If the link for the business card was supposed to be a specific one, it just led me to a page with a whole bunch of them. ))

    Honestly, everything that Kyan first said about what Silas's 'patient' needed to do went in one ear and out the other. When the business man put his sunglasses on and told him to call him if he had any actual real questions, Silas just smirked and dropped his act. He was about to go full on flirtation mode, but the beautiful devil was already farther into the parking lot. Silas looked at the business card his was given, taking in all the information before looking back up and sticking it in his back pocket.

    After his classes were over, Silas went to his small apartment and set the card on one of the kitchen counters. He'd get a hold of that guy real soon, that was for damn sure. After doing homework and eating, Silas went to bed and fell asleep quickly.

    A couple days went by before Silas had a total day off from college. That was the day he decided to call that big make-up CEO and see just exactly what he was up to. Leaning over his counter, he dialed the number from the business card and waited as the other line rang.
  15. (There wasn't a link for the card.)

    The next day, Kyan awoke to sound of his alarm blaring throughout the room to wake him up from his sleep. The day before he hadn't eaten lunch or dinner because he didn't wake up at all once he arrived home. Getting up from the bed, he quickly took a shower and got dressed before walking into the kitchen to have some breakfast, which he made himself. Checking his phone when he finished up the food, he washed them as fast as he could and made his way to his car to go to work. It took a few minutes before arriving at the company building, where he was greeted by employees all the way up to his office. His secretary told him that his schedule was clear for the day and all that needed to be done was paperwork.

    Excusing his secretary, he took a seat at his desk, looking at all the paperwork stacked on top of his desk. He could already tell that he would only be reading, revising or signing them. It was daunting, but it had to be done or the company would be ruined. Looking over them, Kyan was soon interrupted by his office phone ringing. Setting the paper down, he picked it up before placing it between his shoulder and ear to continue reading. "This is Kyan speaking, may I ask who is calling?"
  16. Silas smiled when Kyan answered his phone. Thank God it didn't go to voice-mail, otherwise Silas probably would have just hung up. "Hello Kyan," he answered, standing up straight and going into his living room. "This is Silas, the guy that was trying to ~flirt~ with you yesterday," he chuckled a little bit. "Remember me?"
  17. Upon hearing the voice, Kyan knew exactly who it was, but decided he'd tease him a bit to see how he'd reply. Still holding the phone as he continued to work on his papers, he smirked to himself and said. "Which one? The one from the school or the one from the store. Both we're very handsome, but I can't just tell by the voice." So Silas was his name, a unique name, just like his own. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy, but a terrible liar. Kyan was generally interested in men or women younger than himself, not really the type he'd want long term commitments with, since they tended to stray easily.
  18. "Oh? You don't remember me?" Silas's lips pouted in pretend disappointment, his tone also sounding like a fake sadness. "That's too bad...I think we could've had a lot of fun." Oh dear Lord, he was coming off so strong. Sometimes the soft colored brunette was too flirtatious for his own good, getting into trouble sometimes with girls and guys alike. But this Kyan guy...he was too gorgeous for the confident uni student to let him get away. And the big CEO also kept up the fun, not seeming disturbed or annoyed in the slightest.
  19. "Well until you tell me which one, I don't know if we could have had a lot of fun." He replied thinking that he was good as playing along with this little game he came up with. Kyan had to see if this younger guy was worth having a little fun with, but again, he reminded himself that this would really only be a fling and nothing more. The guy may have been attractive and somewhat straight forward, yet that could change at anytime when it came to people younger than himself. "Since you want us to have fun, then why don't you come down to the building and maybe have lunch with me, maybe even get a tour of my company even though you might not be interested in that at all."
  20. "Ooh hoohoo, you play well," Silas said as he smirked and stood up. When offered to go have lunch with Kyan, he nearly died with triumph, though he made no noise to make evidence of it. "Today?" Silas asked as he checked at his calendar. Free day, unless he forgot to write something down. "I guess I could make it down here, though I'm not sure where it's located. And hey, don't be so sure, Mr. Kyan," he said with a smile. "The line of work I'm hoping to get into often coincides with yours."