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  1. Have you ever had a moment of inspiration that came out of nowhere, yet helped to enrich the world you are building so much that it became extremely significant? I know I had. One of my best ideas for world-building came to me while I was studying something that probably had to do with math. One moment, I was doing some exercise or memorising, then BAM, comes a very simple symbol that essentially defined an entire people by dividing it into four separate cultures that used to live together. This separation then became one of the cornerstones of the universe I am still building now and was the foundation stone for the "Four Philosophies."

    What about you? Have you ever had such an unexpected idea that helped to define a whole world? Or maybe a small one that ended up working out really well? I want to know about it all!
  2. OMG yes.

    I've had a few that were inspired by like, the RANDOMEST dreams.

    (You can tell I'm excited because I'm typing like I talk and allcapsing instead of using the formatting options)

    My dreams are like - I don't know if its cause of all the worldbuilding that Iwaku has me on a freakin IV drip for - always super detailed with the setting. A lot of the time it's just like, earth as I know it (as opposed to Earth as WE know it, because it's basically just my stompin' grounds and places I've been) But sometimes it's just like the randomest places, and (I'm a lucid dreamer, too) as soon as I realise I'm in a new place it's like okay screw it the rest of this dream is me flying around and asking dream-NPCs questions and doing like, experiments on shit

    Love it

    Love it so much
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  3. I was in a history class and reading about the influence of the Catholic Church over the world, and decided my world needed a powerful organization like that.

    So I created one that was capable of almost single-handedly ending a war between the three major superpower countries of the world by winning over all the common folk and the mages of the world. With the strongest mages on the side of the mercenary group, the superpowers pretty much had to do whatever the group asked them to or face destruction by the powerful mages.
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