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  1. My character is a transgender woman who has been working the streets as a prostitute ever since her parents disowned her after she came out to them. She doesn't have much of a preference on clients, and mostly just takes whoever it is who will pay her for her services. Your character is a young woman who has an abusive husband and a young child (4-8 years old). After escaping a fight with her husband without a scratch, and with the knowledge that her child is safe spending the night with a relative, she takes to the streets in search of some sort of companionship, whether it be sexual or emotional. She eventually stumbles into Marilyn's path while she is waiting with a small group of male prostitutes and pays her for an hour of sex. They go back to the motel room that Marilyn lives in, with both of them intending to simply have sex and then part ways. The condom breaks and they both panic at first, but stop immediately and assure one another that nothing could have happened. They spend the rest of the hour talking, and Marilyn eventually asks about the many bruises your character has. Your character breaks down and tells Marilyn everything, and out of pity, Marilyn lets her stay the night.

    The following day, she returns home to her husband, but after a few weeks, takes a pregnancy test and finds that she is indeed pregnant. Knowing that it couldn't be her husband's she goes in search of Marilyn to tell her about it, and is at first angry at Marilyn for getting her pregnant. She's mostly afraid of what her husband will do when he finds out, and tells Marilyn that she'll figure something out so that Marilyn won't have to worry about it, but she doesn't want to have to get rid of it. A romance slowly develops from that point on, with Marilyn desperately trying to figure out how to get your character, her child, and her unborn baby away from her husband. Any takers?

    My requirements:
    •Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. If you have to, PLEASE owl me about it.
    •Please be advanced. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling and grammar. This is a big thing for me because I tend to write long posts and I don't want just a paragraph back. I understand writers block and it's okay to have a short post every so often. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation I'll most likely drop the thread.
    •Be active PLEASE. I would prefer someone who can post at least once a day, but I understand real life getting in the way sometime.

    Marilyn "Moxie" Havanna (born Alexander Havanna)
    Age: 26
    Hair: naturally dark brown, partly dyed honey blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    Sexual role: Versatile
    Marilyn was born in a small town and grew up being called Alexander. She had one sibling, her twin brother Devin and despite their differences, the two of them were always extremely close. Devin wasn't hyper masculine, but he at least took an interest in some things that boys normally enjoyed, like sports and things. Little Alexander was a completely different story, and always expressed extreme discontent with their assigned gender, the only real masculine interest being baseball. The child was persistent with cries of, "I'm not a boy!" but was told to stop being ridiculous by their parents. Marilyn began demanding to be called by a female name (Moxie) at the age of five, but her parents refused, of course. Devin was the only one who ever called her that, though always in secret (He occasionally still calls her that when worried or teasing, but he's the only one allowed to address her that way). Her parents made it very clear that the way she felt was not okay, and Marilyn started to repress her gender issues. She thought that maybe if she tried to ignore them and be just an average guy the feelings would go away. She got rid of all the feminine clothing she had collected, stopped her private sessions of wearing makeup, and borrowed her brother's clothing. The feelings of dysphoria did not go away, instead they only got worse. She tried to kill herself several times, being caught and stopped by Devin the final time when she was nearly eighteen. He was the first person she ever confided in about being a transgender woman before taking the name Marilyn, and he accepted her one hundred percent. After a few pronoun slips and name screw ups Devin managed to embrace Marilyn as well as the idea that he had never had a brother, only a sister whom everyone had thought was a boy. Marilyn's parents did not react nearly as well. They kicked her out of the house and told her to act like a man or not to come back at all. She had no money, and has been surviving mostly by sleeping around for money and doing any sort of odd job she can manage, as she has had difficulty finding a regular job. Her brother has also been helping to support her by slipping extra money into her purse, something Marilyn refuses to accept directly. She wants to be on estrogen to make her appear more feminine, but has no money to afford treatment. Until then she is stuck relying on makeup skills. She is good with kids and is a very talented cook. Her prostitution is not something she is proud of nor takes pleasure in, and often disassociates from her body during her work. She puts on a confident mask for it, but in relationships tends to be very nervous and shy about sex.

    (Pre transition Marilyn for reference)

  2. I've never done an rp like this before but I so want to give it a shot!
  3. Okay! Could you PM me character sheets or post them here?
  4. Oh I missed my chance :(!
  5. I'll repost for you if you PM me character sheets!
  6. Sorry repost? But I shall send you some character sheets! A mother and her daughter, correct? Do you mind if I textual describe the child?
  7. Repost just means I'll do the same plot with you too. :) That's fine with me!
  8. Are you willing to do another one of this?
  9. Sure! PM me character sheets.
  10. Still looking. I seem to have no active partners.
  11. I think I would like to give this a try. :)
  12. Okay. Can you PM me character sheets?
  13. I shall get to work on one. I am not a big fan of really detailed character sheets, at least for my own character, so what is it that you would like me to include in it?
  14. Appearance and at least a bit about personality. If you'd rather reveal past in the RP instead of the sheet that's okay.
  15. Thank you very much. I will work on one.
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