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    Microphone in hand, the young adult stood onstage, beaming a devlish smile. With the cool breeze weaving through his jet black hair, he let out a loud yell, riling the bustling crowd. "Are you ready?!" Eccentric notes filled the crisp air along with the cheering of the regulars who attended the biweekly concerts. Strumming his beloved electric guitar, he let out his voice, loud yet soothing. Axel Crewe was what the locals knew him as, that random musician who came to play in the park. At the age of 20, he dropped out of college to pursue his love of music under his cousin, a retired musician who onced sang in a band years ago. Despite his simple life, Axel struggles with paying his share of the rent and for food in general seeing how he doesn't have a set job. Most of his money comes from the tips made from his concerts.
  2. Kieara Stephens was a somewhat normal woman. A young, 20 year old who had a pretty face with beautiful porcelin skin, beautiful auburn hair, and bright, sky blue eyes......and a stomach the size of a basket ball and just as round. She was expecting and single. Why was she single? Well, the conception wasn't nessecarily willing. Either way, she was a beautiful woman still and seemed to just glow. She was around 5 months along. She was all baby weight. One could tell that by looking at how tiny her arms and legs were compared to her stomach and slightly swelled breasts. She wore a purple top that was loose on her and had long sleeves so she wouldn't get cold. She'd decided to take a walk around the park. She saw something unusual though. A concert. She smiled as she listened enjoying the music and wobbled off the side of the crowd to a bench and took a seat on it so she could listen and her swelled feet and her legs wouldn't grow so tired. She folded her hands on top of her stomach and relaxed.
  3. The final words escaped his mouth, notes dwindling down to a halt. Axel let out a small puff of air, and catching his breath, he waved the crowd a farewell, picking up the glass jar labeled 'TIPS' along with his jacket. His choice of clothing was quite stylish, despite his lack of income. His jacket, a gift from his parents, matched with his dark washed skinny jeans, his so called 'rocker' boots, and a simple black and white plaid scarf. As we left the stage to pack his belongings, a pack of girls flooded him left and right. Normally, he wouldn't mind their company. But seeing how his stomach wouldn't last another hour, he smiled at them, gave one a peck on her lips, and walked off.

    Axel, determined to find his lunch, was about to make his way to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts till something, more like someone, caught his eye. It was a woman, no older than he was, maybe even younger than him, sitting on a nearby bench somewhat close to the stage. Her skin was just magnificant, clear and glowing with healthiness, her eyes sparkling in the light. But what took him the most was her stomach. Surely someone that beautiful wasn't going to become a mother? Well, you never know. He decided to go make a new friend, seeing how she wasn't one of his regulars. Sliding to a seat next to her, he grinned that devlish smile of his. "Say...what's a beauty doing out here on a day like this? I sure don't see you 'round too much."
  4. Kieara smiled as she listened to the music and was about to leave having held onto the handle of the bench and was preparing herself to get up when she saw a man slide next to her. She looked over at the man and saw it was none other than the singer she'd just heard. She smiled to him and blushed a bit. She was shy anyway, but him being such a social butterfly made it worse. She was kind and polite though. "A beauty?" she asked. She giggled a little a small line of freckles on her nose crinkling as she did. "I don't quite think that. But I decided to take a walk today and come across your concert. You're excellent." She said relaxing back into her seat.
  5. "Why of course, you shine the brightest out of all the women." Axel gently took hold of her hand, placing a soft kiss upon it. "And I must say thank you for enjoying my piece of music." His chocolate brown eyes scanned the women. She was far more petite than what she looked from afar. He could tell from her soft voice, that she was a timid one, unlike most women he met nowadays. They'd always want to go to a bar for a drink, and eventually wanting to stay at your place. To be frank, he never took interest in women like that. He flipped his hair out of his eyes and put his arm around her shoulders. "So can I get your name, miss, or can I just call you mine?" said Axel.
  6. Kieara's cheeks went cherry red at his words and she laughed. "Goodness." She spoke. "Well, you can call me Kieara." She said to him. She was shocked he was acting this way, especially considering her special condition. She spoke. "But you can call me what you want." She said. She couldn't fight the red from her cheeks now, it was an unwinable battle.
  7. Axel chuckled as the fair maiden's cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. 10 cute points for this one. It brought a small burst if joy inside him whenever he made someone feel special, no matter their appearance, size, etc. The musician held out his right hand, motioning to shake hands. "Kieara? Lovely name for such a lovely woman. The name's Axel. Axel Crewe." Just as he finished speaking, he flinched. His stomach growled with hunger from his lack of lunch. He sheepishly laughed, nervously scratching his head with his other hand. "Well...I didn't exactly fill up my stomach yet. Would you care to join me for lunch?"
  8. Kieara smiled as he spoke. "Thank you. Nice to meet you Axel." She said and gently took his hand shaking it. Her own hands were delicate and soft. She smiled and gently took the bench handle in her hand placing the other hand on her stomach, and albeit with difficulty, she lifted herself from the bench. She spoke. "I would love to, that sounds wonderful." she said to him smiling. She could pay for her own food, and she knew that it took courage to ask a pregnant woman to lunch. Especially with all the weird cravings and such. She spoke. "I hope you don't mind eating with me though...." she said.