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  1. Three months after the initial outbreak, you and your group of survivors have now seen the ugly truth of things. You've traveled places, killed living and undead alike, and everything in between. You're heading for Unidon City, in hopes of rumors being true, that it is an untouched city. With weapons in hand, you and your group make the trip, cutting the hostiles in your way down, and making your way into the south of the city, only to find that it is more infested than anywhere else you've been.

    With nowhere else to go, you decide to build a makeshift base of operations. You must survive, for those around you need you, and you need them as well. You must band together to survive, or pull apart, and be forever lost to the undead army.


    1. There will be roles you must choose. One major role, and one minor role may be chosen, so choose wisely.

    2. Anyone can build, search, and other things, but your roles affect your chances heavily. If you're a scavenger and part-time guard, your chances of successfully building something are significantly lower.

    3. Any and all upgrade/search/build/etc., will be decided by myself or @Laurioshock, so don't think that building a mansion with millions of turrets around it and a tank from those spare parts is just gonna happen.

    4. Do NOT steal from other groups, unless their leader okays it, and I'm notified of the okay.

    5. Do NOT kill anyones characters, without the okay being given as well.

    6. Do NOT move this rp over to any other topic than it was meant to be on. Small off-topics are allowed.

    7. If you want to join someones group, whether it be before, or after the rp starts, ask here in the OOC.

    8. Your chance of finding high powered weaponry are very low. Barret 50 caliber snipers, Desert Eagles, and other 50 caliber weapons, and 50 cal. in general are banned in most places, so we'll start with those being a no go.

    9. Crafting improvised melee weapons are harder since you need materials for it.

    10. You are allowed a primary(gun), secondary(melee), and three items, (consumable), (keepsake), (misc.)
    NOTE: Consumables are anything from weapon ammo, to food or drinks, keepsakes are anything of sentimental value, pocket watches, necklaces, rings, etc., and miscellaneous is anything else. Misc. cannot be an extra consumable, another keepsake. Make ammo(if any) a reasonable amount. You don't have a pack full of rockets, explosives, and bullets.

    11. make SURE to add your weapon(a picture as well, if wanted), and how many clips, as well as how many rounds the clip carries for said weapon.

    12. BE REALISTIC!! No godmodding or controlling other peoples' characters.

    13. Please type in third person, and write your sentences with full, legible sentences. Make sure to use the enter key after at least 3-5 sentences.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.