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Undivided Power (KH/Zelda/Tales/Soul Eater RP)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Misaki, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Ten years have passed since all worlds were fully restored and since the destruction of the group known as Organization XIII. Those ten years have been a time of great peace for all worlds and there have been no sign of either the heartless or the nobodies. Everything has slowly returned back to normal and the troubles of the past have faded into nothing more that distant memories.

    Memories, however, often linger for far longer than they should.

    A new threat has slowly started to make itself known, a threat that has no face and no name. They are called The Corrupted but only because of what they do; they infect living creatures, animals and humans alike, and turn them into monsters. For the weaker Corrupted it is clear just what they are as their physical form becomes mutated, but the stronger Corrupted look identical to the host that they have taken over. Even worse, once they merge with their host they retain their memories and all their knowledge, making it nearly impossible to tell that person is no longer the person you think they are. The goal of the Corrupted is still unclear, though it seems that part of is revolves around corrupting and taking over the hearts of the worlds that Sora had secured.

    Sora, Kairi, and Riku were the first to be contacted, and it was only after they failed to respond that the King discovered that they had left Destiny Island, and that they had left a long time ago. Ten years ago, shortly after receiving the letter from the King, the three disappeared from the Islands. Because of the calm that had come to all the worlds the King had simply allowed for them to slip out of contact, assuming that they were just returning to their usual lives. No one knows where they have gone or why they have left, though it seems unlikely that their disappearance – however long ago – is unrelated to the new threat that is making itself known.

    Several new worlds have opened up to help in the fight, offering new warriors and new powers to aid those who decide to fight for the King. New enemies have been awakened as well, though, adding to the power of the Corrupted.

    Which side will you be on?
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