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  1. Dracula

    oldest vampire at about 10,000 years has powers no other vampire has due to drinking the blood of a now extinct demon race.
    This world has fairies angels vampires werewolves witches necromancers and other supernatural creatures. Note all dark creatures are being ruled under Dracula not as a slave society but more as a monarchy. The light side wants to reclaim the lands for God. The war is coming pick a side. This takes place in ancient times.

    2,000 years ago

    it was the final war between Dracula and the armies of darkness, ruled by the demon lord Xanatos. He was the last of his kind and one if the strongest too. Thousands of werewolves, humans practiced in the dark arts, and witches among others came to challenge Dracula and his vampire army. There was no sun here a spell cast long ago prevented the clouds from parting. Dracula and his army stood ready against their foe. With the "abyss sword." An enchanted black double edged broad sword in hand fused with light and dark magic. Dracula charged g. His red armor shone in the rain as Xanatos charged the armies collided. After hours Dracula sank his fangs into a screaming Xanatos and the demon was no more. Leaderless his army swore alliance to Dracula but demanded to be treated with the respect of the vampires. For the most part they were except the werewolves. They were a traitors breed and made into slaves so it was for 2000 years.

    present day.

    The raindrops splashed against the cobblestones beneath the gothic castle Dracula stood at the balcony looking out across the lands. He knew the peace might not last. And he knew the armies if the light had not attacked that day for they were preparing but their attacks had become more fierce as if late
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    Ella flew through the castle searching for Dracula. I wonder where he went? she thought to herself. Finally after searching every room she found him on a balcony. It seemed as if he was in deep thought and she didn't want to disturb him but she had some pressing issues that needed answers. Ella cleared her throat, "Dracula? I don't mean to be a bother but may I speak with you?" she asked. Ella didn't dare step on the balcony for fear of her wings getting soaked.
  3. Dracula turned and gave the fairy a cold stare. After a moment a smile briefly crept upon his face. He stepped inside the sound of the rain echoing off the stone walls. Here and there old sets of armor, some even magical, stood with purpose. Beautiful paintings lined the walls and only the finest carpets were upon his floors. The balcony led into his throne room, here his chambers were just behind that. Aside his throne was a marble table with the remains of the Abyss sword, broken in battle so long ago. He had forged a new blade blacker then the one before it, Blood Thirst. This sword was able to transfer any blood spilled into Dracula, thus always keeping him at full power. It also could transfer blood into powerful blast of dark energy capable of easily blowing through steel doors. A powerful weapon indeed, but as all dark things did, sunlight was a weakness. Fully inside his castle Dracula turned quickly and leaned over his guests shoulder, he ran a finger down her back in a seductive manner. " What is it little one?"
  4. When he turned around and gave her a cold stare Ella was worried but then his cold glare turned into a small smile and she exhaled the breath she had been holding. Ella shivered, both from the seductive way his finger trailed her back but also from the coldness of it. She mentally shook her head to clear her thoughts. She came here with a purpose and didn't want to get sidetracked. She bowed and said, "Ella of Frell, warrior and princess. I'm here to inform you that my people are ready to fight along side you. We pledge our allegiance."
  5. Walking around her in a slow circle coming to face her he said " and what lands do your people hail from? What aid and support shall they bring? This war will not be an easy one, but I was content with the lands I rule the Light brought this on themselves. Still, a princess you say? That's very interesting. You'll forgive me, vampires don't reproduce so I'm not looking for a queen. I suppose if there was one Carmilla in the south lands would think herself as such."
  6. Ella watched as he circled around her. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink when he mentioned not looking for a queen. "I didn't mention being a princess to get you to make me queen. My people hail from the lands of the north. We offer strong and resilient warriors and wonderful healers. We even offer a few sorcerers. We understand that this war won't be easy but then again when has war ever been easy?" she said staring back at him with confidence.
  7. Her confidence made him smile and her blush made his eyes gaze at her body from head to toe. A beautiful specimen indeed. " it seems I can make use of your offer, however nothing is given free what is it you want in return? Your people are on the outskirts of my realm and probably would have been over looked when this war breaks out. Why are you risking it?" Outside the rain stopped and a few towns folk went to check for over flowing water wells, the werewolves bristled their fur and after a time the town was running its course again. Dracula's rule was far on the continent he resided the maps pictured it as a sort of rosé with a little stem on the western side. His realm was the center reaching out to 5 of the eight pedals. The army of light controlled the stem and the other three pedals of this made up rose. What lay beyond the vast oceans did not concern him, and as always there were groups of resistance in both realms.
  8. Ella hadn't come here to ask for anything in return. Her people didn't want to be under the control of the army of light anymore. Her father thought this would be a perfect opportunity for them to gain their complete freedom. Also this would mean freedom for Ella. The army of light had told her father before she was born that she would become their property when the time came. Ella would not agree to this which is what led her to present her people to Dracula. Ella finally spoke, "We ask for nothing in return. We risk joining in this war for reasons of our own. Even if my people would not have been involved in this war I would have and they wouldn't allow that."
  9. Dracula moved towards his throne. It was purple and red marble swirl with what looked like arms for the arm rests and a demons head for the back. As he sat down he motioned towards her. " so your gain is personal? How do I know i can trust you? Spies are all around. And because this is personal to you, what do you specifically bring to the table? A have ruled a long time if you proved yourself I might be inclined to give you lands to rule yourself. Under my watchful eye of course."
  10. Ella frowned for a second as she thought. Then an idea came to her when he mentioned her being a spy. The army of light didn't know she was here and didn't know she wasn't planning on being turned over to them. "Tell me what I can do to make you trust me. As for what I can bring...I could spy on the army of light and send information back to you." she said turning towards him as he moved towards his throne. Ella studied it for a moment. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. The demon head gave her creeps though.
  11. Dracula considered. After a moments pause he spoke " trust is not something that is given by a single action, but by time itself through hardship. Do you know of any other players in this grand game? Any info you could gain on the army would be welcome. They have used hit and run tactics for some time they have gained done ground but nothing of worth. Recently there haven't been any attacks and I sense them amassing." His fingers ran the marble arms and his face sunk back into shadow so only his eyes shone with the red of blood in the dark.
  12. "True very true." Ella said agreeing with him on what he said about trust. When he had sunk back into the shadows and only his blood red eyes shone, Ella took a cautious step back. "I'm not one hundred percent certain but I do believe the army of light has gotten the werewolves to side with them. That's all that I have heard as of right now though." she said. Her wings opened and closed on their own; a nervous habit she had developed as a child.
  13. He could sense her unease it made him chuckle inside. " those creatures are physically stronger then most vampires myself excluded with the exception of a few...yet we vampires as a race are faster with more abilities at our disposal. We share one weakness, silver fatal to those beasts it merely slows us down and saps our strength making us a target for the dreaded stake." He did not tell her the stake was not fatal it merely bound them where they were and it had to be as round as a swords handle, a simple piece of wood could not hold sway. Even then it could be pulled out with great effort. " the wolves are caged during the day and are patrolled at night by my men armed with silver. Of course they are leather bound to protect themselves from the silver. I shall consider your offer, would you look after your people as ruler should I bestow the title upon you?"
  14. Ella had the feeling that he was enjoying her nervousness. She could tell by the laughter she saw in his still red eyes. Ella made mental notes about the silver and stuff just in case she needed it later. She had been listening so intently to him talk about the werewolves that his question startled her. "Of course I would. I already partially do that now." she told him.
  15. " good good and what are your duties?" He was no fool the information he told her was true but he was more then vampire he had demon blood as well something no one knew for no one saw Xanatos die by his fang, and if did how could they know how the two bloods would mix? He was unique, that and his stratigies, were why he ruled. If he told himself the truth, even he did not know what could kill him. He knew what would hurt of course but short of his head being removed he was unsure about what could kill him. But thanks to the necromancers spell at his birth death was only a delay, or so he hopes he never died yet to test it. " I'm sorry what was your answer? I must have gotten lost in my thoughts. Being over 10000 years old will do that."
  16. Ella giggled when he mentioned being 10,000 years old. Guess i'd be a baby considering im only 4000 years old she thought. "My duties vary. I do and go wherever the king needs me to. I help manage our soldiers, i talk with the people, and i make sure that they remain safe. Most times my father sends me to talk with other kings about politics and such." she said her wings continuing to flutter slowly.
  17. He nodded his eyes closed. Dracula had not ventured far from his castle in some time. Part of him wondered how the world had changed. " many kings have come and gone during my rule most if them were not even not worthy. Tell me of your father, and come it is time I fed." He rose and walked over to Ella extending a hand. " don't worry your not my victim, unless you want to be." That smile returned to his face.
  18. Ella placed her small hand in his. His hand enveloped hers and it felt nice, even though his hand was cold it was also comforting. She began to walk with him to wherever he fed. Ella was glad she wasn't his meal. "My father is loving. He can be harsh sometimes but i know he's always thinking of the good of our people. He looks like me, red hair, green eyes, and muscular." she said returning his smile.
  19. He nodded and led through large wooden doors into a narrow hallway with steps leading down. Torches lit the way and gargoyles were dotted here and there near the ceiling. There was no moist damp smell as might be expected, but a cold draft did welcome them as they waked. " let us see if you have what it takes, to decide who lives or who dies. I have three prisoners of different race. You will choose which live and die." He smiled as he said this for there was only one right answer.
  20. Ella looked all around as they walked through his castle. Going down the steps it began to get colder and she shivered. Ella wasn't very fond of the cold and unknowingly moved closer to Dracula. When he finished Ella looked up at him with wide eyes. She didn't know if she had the confidence to choose.