Underworld spin off rp

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Which would you prefer?

  1. Fandom twist

  2. original

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  1. So I been watching the underworld series and well. I kinda want to do a rp about them. Of course different characters and different story line. I just want to see who be interested.

    or also

    was thinking futuristic Gang rp with the different races and they are called the underworld and run the world above. however a human hunterst have entered the underworld to kill the dark races. What happens when they or the dark races actually fall for them? will they make it out alive or change the order of things
  2. Im interested in both ideas tbh lol
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  3. I will say id prefer being a vampire lol
  4. will do as 1x1 if the doesn't take off
  5. Alright sounds good
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  6. only if you are interested
  7. I am
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  8. Hey~hey~^^!!

    I like the futuristical idea...! ;3 But like it depends on how futurish~future were talking here O.o??
  9. like the world is desolate and grey future so far in the future it's like we went back to the past
  10. K sooooooooooooo like... its post apoc~ish?
  11. kinda
  12. Soooooo... like back to the dark ages then?!O,O?!

    Sooooooo... like... kinda something like this?! Um.. maybe not so much...? No boomsticks maybe?! :3 Toss us some teasers, lady!!^•^!!
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  13. not really I will with the ooc thread need more interest
  14. any more interest?
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