Underworld: Part 1 The Living Nightmare

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  1. Underworld

    The underworld is a place of terror and fright. Where all things tend to go bump in the night. Fears and Tears will not help you here. Don't close your eyes or turn out the light. That's when the nightmare strikes.

    Now the world knows if you are up around 1 to 3 in the morning the time most known as the witching hour. This is when goblins, demons, boogie man and all things that are in your closet or under your bed come out to play and if your awake they snatch you right up and are never seen again. You are erased from the world's memories and dragged down to darkest part of the world not even known by man. If you are chosen then you are either eaten, enslaved or turned to their kind.

    Now what is this crazy mysterious Underworld you ask. Well it is not where the dead go to rest. It is where the Ghouls and creature's of all kinds live. They live in peace and harmony. However that is about to all be disturbed with one little prophecy .With this prophecy their world could be snuffed out in a flurry of light. The Underworld can not have that for you see they live in a city much like yours and mine. It is just 90ft below our feet. Their world however is much better run then ours. Each head of each race sits and decides the rules for the rest of the kingdoms. Yes the underworld stretches around the world and back. No where is untouched by thine creature's hands.

    The underworld is quite lax with 3 Rules that must be up held at all times. If the rules are broken it is punishable by death. The Rules are as Follows:

    Rules Of the Underworld

    1. Do not Reveal thy self to a human under any circumstances
    2. Only enter the human world at the witching hour or all Hallows eve
    3. If caught, make the human disappear and never seen again.
    Now what is the prophecy you ask? It is one where humans and things that go bump in the night must work together before both worlds collapse into madness and chaos. Now Down to the underworld we travel to The cave Oonagh, a seer. Her words ring loud and clear for all to hear.

    Two world's will fall
    Madness and chaos will ensue
    Death and burning flesh will fill the air
    If however The Underworld and the Breathers can work as a team to retrieve what they believe
    Must redeem what is lost
    or both worlds will be doomed
    Both worlds will be covered in Darkness
    when the cold wind creeps in
    the Dark king will Reign again

    The Prophecy is set in stone now, go send your finest. Or all Hope is Lost.

    So that was a introduction/background


    A small group from each world must come together at the Knarled tree in central park. The entrance to the Underworld. However what happens when the item that is sought is not something to attainable, morals and much more start to fly out the window and the group become fugitives on the run. It is the two world's now against them. They must getc the Item to the Knarled tree or all Hope is Lost and The Dark King will prevail.

    Races of the Underworld
    Heads of the underworld:
    Male Lucian Werewolf Taken
    Male Viktor Vampire Taken
    Female Elthrial Siren Taken
    Female Morgan Witch Taken
    Male Zanacka Fallen Angel Taken
    Female Masinara Demon open
    Male Valhalla for all others open

    A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like daemon or monster that appeared in European stories and accounts during the Middle Ages. They are ascribed various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In some cases, goblins are little creatures related to the brownie and gnome. They are usually small, sometimes only a few inches tall, sometimes the size of a dwarf, and have magical abilities; they are greedy, especially for gold and jewelry.
    weaknesses- Iron, salt, and gold

    An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernaturalbeing in Germanic mytholog the early concept of an elf depends almost entirely on texts in Old English or relating to Norse mythology. Later evidence for elves appears in diverse sources such as medical texts, prayers, ballads, and folktales.
    weaknesses- Iron and Salt

    Fallen Angel:
    A fallen angel is a wicked or rebellious angelthat has been cast out of heaven. The term "fallen angel" does not appear in the Bible, but it is used of angels who sinned
    Weaknesses- Iron and salt

    a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
    weaknesses- Iron and salt

    Shape shifter:
    In mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting, or metamorphosis is the ability of an entity to physically transform into another being or form. This is usually achieved through an inherent faculty of a mythological creature, divine intervention, or the use of magic spells or talismans.
    Weaknesses- Iron and salt

    a man who has magical powers and practices witchcraft : a sorcerer or wizard.
    Weaknesses- Salt

    a person who claims or is believed to have magic powers; a wizard.
    Weaknesses- Salt

    Is an individual who has the ability to attain objectives, acquire knowledge and wisdom using supernatural means
    Weaknesses- Salt

    Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird (usually an owl). According to myth, the Sirins lived "in Indian lands" near Eden or around the Euphrates River. Closely related to the sirens
    Weaknesses- Iron and salt

    a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations.
    Weaknesses- Iron and salt

    Ciboney (An Irish Seraphim - Angel) Ciboney are angels in the form of birds that hold no real history of their origin to tell. They were thought to be water birds, but Celtic history knows them as spirit fowls, heavenly creatures; a myth unseen unless you’re not looking for them. They only show themselves to those who they see truth in heart and soul. Eyes do not catch sight of them first. It is the ears that alert you to their presence. If you're true of heart, you can hear their heavenly song, the most purest sound known to heart. Their song is known to heal the weakest, most shattered hearts and clear its blindness, it's hatred, it's suffering. Upon searching for the song, if lucky, you will see the Ciboney's bright red wings.
    Weaknesses- Iron and salt

    Giant is the English word (coined 1297) commonly used for the monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures.
    weaknesses- Iron

    A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.
    Weaknesses- Iron

    In Greek mythology, a Gorgon is a female creature. which means "dreadful".
    weaknesses- Iron and cut off head

    Valkyrie are also known as death angels.
    They are creatures who take the dead to wherever their resting place is. They do however have the power to kill anyone who needs to be killed, and are "immortal". When triggering their powers, wings spurt from behind them and their face turns into a skeleton's face. It is a petrifying gaze, killing anyone who stares into their eyes for too long. Upon death they are reborn as a small child.
    Weaknesses - Susceptible to Magic, Iron will kill them

    Banshees are humanlike creatures. They look just as if they're human.

    Banshees are essentially humans, although their screams, can do a matter of things. They can cause ear piercing sounds to shoot through people and hurt them or stun them. The worst thing they can do though is foretell deaths. If a banshee wails long enough with the intent focus of someone dying, their death will soon happen.
    Weaknesses - Death, Earplugs

    Succubus are human creatures.
    They are predators on sexual energy, as they suck your life force out of you with your sexual energy. They are also able to heal if injured by sucking the life force out of someone. They also have the power to convince someone, by touching them though. If there is no bodily contact succubi have no powers.
    Weaknesses - Gags, Emeralds, Iron

    Mermaids are half human half fish creatures.
    They are found in salt water usually, but can be found in rivers and lakes. They have the powers of singing, enchanting the listeners to do their bidding. The song of one mermaid can enchant one person, although a whole pod of mermaids can enchant thousands.
    Weaknesses - Iron

    Vampires are dead humans, to stay alive they need to drinkblood.
    Unlike legends, they cannot turn into bats. They instead have increased speed, traveling places in milliseconds. They have the ability to "compel" humans, making them do whatever the vampire says. Vampires are known to be cowards though, hiding behind humans that attack for them. Some vampires can get rid of their weakness to sunlight if a witch helps them.
    Weaknesses - Stakes, Iron, silver

    Werewolves are a half man, half wolf creature.
    Unlike most legends, they have the power to transform at will, it's quick and not painful. Although if they transformed by will before a full moon, that full moon they are powerless. If they don't transform by will before the full moon, then the full moon will make them extremely powerful, but they don't have a choice they will turn that night.
    Weaknesses - Silver, Fire

    Witches are the ones who have majority of control over magic. They are just like humans, except they can channel their inner powers.
    Unlike legends, there is no white or black magic and no signs someone has been using magic. Most witches do however use magic in covens, they have been tricked over the years though. Each time you preform a spell in a coven the leader gets a little more of your power each time. So some witches work on their own, because they've stolen power from other witches.
    Weaknesses - Death
    To Stop Their Magic - Stolen from another witch, Salt. (Their magic cannot cross salt)

    Fairies are small creatures. With wings and a glowing dust flying off of them.
    They are usually found together since they do have such small bodies it's easy to kill them. Although fairies have an amazing amount of magic, which is exactly what the dust that trails behind them is. Fairies can transform into humans though, although they are a human when they do, their only magic is to turn themselves back into a fairy.
    Weaknesses - Iron and salt

    In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings.

    Shadows: Demons that can only look like a shadow. They have teeth and eye's. They can suck souls and harmony you with Poisoned fangs.

    weakness salt and Iron

    Out of the Underworld

    I do not take credit for any of these rules. Credit Goes to my lovely Co Gm @~Happily.Ever.After~
    co gms @Princess Poisoned Rose and @~Happily.Ever.After~

    |Posts & Language & Literacy|
    ||Please Try To Limit The Cussing. Keep all OOC to this thread. No RPing takes place here, only OOC and forms are here. I prefer at least a small paragraph per character, but 5+ lines at the very least please... Try To Have Proper Spelling...I am on my phone so I mess up all the time.Just try||

    ||You Can Have As Many Characters As You Want 2 is the minimum One Human, one non human, But Please Keep Genders Even {No Twenty Girls And One Guy}, Please Keep All Of Your Characters Active... I Understand It Can Be Hard Sometimes, But Post For All Of Them At Least Once Every Three Pages. You May NOT Use Anime Or Cartoons For This RP, All Images Should Be Of Real People {Or Animals} and I have nothing against LGBT+, and I do allow it in my rps <No Transgender though... it's too confusing for display purposes... your character is either male or female>, <basically whether your character is attracted to males, females or both/ has a preference> I would be grateful. To clear things up, I understand straight, gay/lesbian, bisexual/curious and asexual/romantic.... Please do keep in mind that this is a adventure rp, Romance is allowed just follow site rules don't play anything out if you do get their. No Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding. No Powerplaying either.||

    ||I expect you to read the rules and basically understand everything. If you have a question please ask :3. If you have read this write your characters favorite color somewhere in the form||

    ||Wait To Be Accepted By Me or a GM Before RPing, No Power-Playing, Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding. You May NOT Be Your Own Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Spouse {Mates For Animals may have both sides played by the same user}. I don't care what sexuality your character is so long as you tel me what gender your character is attracted to if it is something other than the 4 above sexualities (however, if your character is bi and has a preference I would appreciate you telling me ^^)... just remember, no transgender because it's too confusing for me to display. Don't Ignore Someone, And If A Recap Or Repost Is Asked For Be Friendly And Kind And Try To Give It To The Person||

    |Have Fun!|
    ||The Most Important Rule Of All... If You Don't Have Fun, Then There's No Point To The RP. Keep The Drama And Romance And Action Coming. But Beware, I Will Add More Rules If I Need To||

    Note heads of the underworld open to play

    Character list

    1. Scorpio Queens characters
    2. Rose fallen angel female
    3. Royal Pride Viktor male and a witch female
    4. Brea Female shapeshifter
    5. Zanacka
    Humans or Breathers​
    1. Scorpio Queens Human male and female
    2. Royals human male
    3. Brea Male human
    4. female human
    I do not take credit for this cs either. Credit goes to my lovely Co Gm @~Happily.Ever.After~

    Include the following in your form! (Forms don't have to be fancy, but please add some color to make it easier to read)
    - Picture {Real pictures only, no anime/cartoons/etc}
    - Full Name {first, middle (optional), last}
    - Nickname/s
    - Age & Birthday {18+}
    - Gender & Sexuality {keep gender simple to male and female please! If your character is bi (or one of the other fancy terms to denote liking male and female) just make sure to denote if they have a preference}
    - Race ( any of the above or human)
    - Powers (limit them underworld only)
    -Weapons (nothing to out their, be realistic)
    - Health issues
    - Physical Description {eyes, hair, height, weight, etc}
    clothing style
    Natural Markings
    anything a
    else forgotten
    - Personality {5+ traits at a minimum... if going the paragraph route please bold or color the traits ^^}
    - Likes {3+}
    - Dislikes {3+}
    - Talents {2+}
    - Hobbies {2+}
    - Strengths {2+}
    - Weaknesses {2+}
    -Secrets {2+}
    -Fears {2+}
    - History {optional}
    - Family
    Children~ if any
    - Pets
    - Other relationships
    love interest
    -Favorite Song
    -Favorite Food
    - Other {faceclaims, secrets, extra info you feel like adding that isn't really necessary but it's fun, etc}​
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  2. [​IMG]Basics
    Full Name
    Human World Name:
    Amelia Wells
    Mia(human world) Rae(underworld)
    Age & Birthday
    Unknown in underworld
    June 20
    Gender & Sexuality
    Female and Heterosexual
    Fallen Angel of Death
    Fallen Physiology- a state of being in which their darkest intentions, emotion, and powers are fully fledged. In this form, the user's power are greatly enhanced and are able to manipulate powerful dark forces. However, in this form, the user is highly aggressive and very quick to anger, making them a threat to anyone around them as well as themselves.
    Death Sense- she can sense when, where and how someone will die
    Darkness Manipulation- Can manipulate and control shadows and darkness using it as shields and summoning her weapons.

    Her Scythe she calls Hallow her primary weapon of choice.

    Dual daggers called Jekhal and Hyde these are her back up
    Throwing Knives- a series of twelve hidden all over her body as a last resort.
    Health issues
    Physical Description
    clothing style
    7 and 8
    Blue and yellow
    White hair with black and grey layered through it. Her hair rests in her human form just past her shoulders, in her true form it is down her her hips and a onyx black in color
    upper back
    left calf
    under breasts
    Natural Markings
    Azrael is outgoing and would rather be with others than be left to her own devices. Her senses are more quick witted and sarcastic than one might expect, she can provide a comeback just about anything you throw at her. Creativity is something that she very good at if it is about figuring out how to get out of something she got herself into that is. She never forms attachments and can be rather aloof more fond of one night stands than having a lasting relationship. Azrael's versatile and adjustable nature makes her usually the more choice candidate for more riskier tasks.
    One Night Stands
    Chocolate(wonderful creation!)
    The underworld
    Being Stagnant
    Relationships(far to messy for my liking)
    Singing and continuing her job against orders otherwise
    Her abilities

    She was banished because she loved a human
    She can have some anger issues when mistreatment of humans is involved
    Being found out
    Falling for another human

    Background and Relationships
    When God created the angels Azrael was among the firsts of them. She saw the way that there was a split between God and Lucifer. The divide was growing bigger and bigger day by day. She had to pick sides and in the beginning she chose Lucifer’s side, both her and her sibling Abbadon did as well. The war ensued between them and at the last second Azrael defected to her father’s side. God won the war and she was giving amnesty and put on probation. He set about creating the human species. She watched on as they grew and learned. Until one day she seen a human she fell in love with. He was kind and generous. She being the angel of death was constantly on Earth taking souls up to be judged. She disguised herself in a human form and became closer to the human she loved. God found out about her love for him, and forbidded her from seeing him or having love greater for his creation or him. Azrael angrily spurted out that it was already too late for her not to love his creation more than him. For this God banished her to the underworld causing her pearly white wings to become an onyx black in color. Azrael became a jaded unforgiving being from then on out.
    Calypso- Rottweiler in the human world- hellhound- in the underworld
    love interest
    Favorite Song

    Favorite Food
    Shrimp alfredo
    Favorite color is Silvery blue​
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  3. can you take a male human as well?
  4. In for this lol, can I take Male Viktor Vampire open
    and human female if that;s cool^^
  5. Can I have three chars, would love to Make a Warlock or witch as well.
  6. as long as you make a human
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  7. Okay Male Viktor Vamp, Human male and Female Witch for me than reserves.
  8. yes sir can do
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  9. I just saw the no anime or art rule and i will have to drop out. Its my policy to not use real pictures, i believe if i don't want someone using my picture for roleplay then i won't use anyone elses.
  10. and I don't do anime. I don't like it. I However understand
  11. Was really only wanting to make 1 character... But I guess if you're going to require 2 I'll reserve
    • Female shapeshifter
    • Male human
    Also wanted to point out the cs has a "feelings on arranged marriage" spot.
  12. Oh thank you and will reserve it
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  13. May I substitute a real picture with a written description? I would rather not use pictures.
  14. can do a black and white photo and a description but I would prefer picture.
  15. Can I do a female human (if there are only a limited number of spots that's fine) and one supernatural of unknown yet cause I don't have time to look through everything at the moment
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  16. @Scorpio Queen I have a lot of rps already hunny and more than one character is going to be hard for me right now. Yes I said I would help cogm because I adore you, but I still have a lot of rps I'm apart of and trying to make and keep up with two characters is kinda hard. Normally I do make 3 or 4 but lately it's been hard on me making more than one. Especially if no one is interacting with one of them, because I have run into that problem far to often.
  17. I can just make up for you only having one character :)
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  18. Thank you dear, I just really can't handle more than one right now is all. You and Scorp keep finding new rps to drag me into and I really can't say no because they are fantastic ideas.
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  19. you are fine with 1
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