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  1. ( Blair is at the castle Dracula is st the holy city keep studying the orb!)
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    ((OOC: uhhh whos the newbie?))
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    ((Arch look make a character sheet, go to the beginning of the rp and look at what you need to do ok? you cant just jump into this one without a character for the others to work with.))
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    (( derp on my part ))
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    ((alright then))
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    ((I'm joining! But I don't want to interrupt anything so like..can someone give me a place or time I can just enter in??? I don't wanna be rude or anything :/))
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    ( depends whose side your on if Dracula choose the castle or woods and make your way to the city if paladin be at the city)
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    ( dude this is ancient times pistols sports cars, I let the motorcycle go and that was a bit much lets stay with the times cool?)
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    OOC: is it alright if I join in? ((sorry very new here and wanted to rp immediately :3 ))
  10. Corvo you may join but make sure to pick a side first Dracula or the army and read everything do you know what's up
  11. Haka Blaise is no longer in the castle
  12. Please do not be like Blair and do witchcraft. That's stupid.
  13. There can be more then one magick user
  14. Kiba..I don't know who you're talking about but I edited my post so it makes more sense.
  15. Just so everyone knows the dragon is right outside the city where Blasie Haka Jericho and Echoing-song reside
  16. I WANT TO JOIN >.< Can I ^-^/
  17. It's pretty full try Shattered Lands this one will be finished pretty soon actually