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    Why, I am so glad you asked! :D

    What kind of underwear do YOU wear? Why do you wear that style or cut? Do you like wearing boxers so you can feel more relaxed? Do you wear lacy black panties to feel sexy? Do you like silly prints?

    When you see people in movies or pictures in their underwear, do the different kinds of styles give you different impressions of them? Do some styles on women give you the impression they are a sex addict? Is a guy in a speedo giving you a weird perception of them?

    Knowing what your character wears under all those clothes is a great little additive to deciphering their personality.

    In this exercise, detail out what kind of underthings your character wears... if they wear any at all. And explain how that style might reflect their personality.
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  2. Well my dear dear Diana,
    My underwear is always how shall i say this, it is always rather Lacey and well why beat around the bush (no pun intended) there is never much material to them at all.My bra's I like them to cup me nice and snug so they give me a better cleavage. My panties i like them to show off as much of my body as I can, so normally they would be of the french knicker style very much like shorts just smaller, low cut at the top and bottom ,I don't wish to blow my own trumpet but they do make my bottom look wonderful.
    I normally stick to dark colors like blood red or black maybe even a few purple ones but my bra and panties always match, I could never leave the house with out them matching.
    The main reason i wear them is to make myself feel sexy well sexier then i already am and you never know when one may meet a nice young person to whom they hope will be taking them off.
    I'am well aware that most would look at me in my underwear and see me as some what of a tart or sex crazed woman, but let's be honest Darling i am and i don't really care what other's think of me.
    I do hope that this has helped you to understand me a bit better and to stop you wondering about what i have on underneath my dresses but my dear if you ever wish to see them for yourself don't be shy.
    Love from Amelinda.
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  3. I remember this one.

    Because last time Diana used it I had an aneurysm trying to follow her train of thought...
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  4. Tylar Twelve ::

    This is an... awkward, question, I guess you could say. I mean, my underthings? It's not really a thing you... discuss... with anyone. Anyone.
    But I... it's not like I'm... embarrassed, or anything like that. That would be ridiculous. *nervous laugh*
    O-oh... kay. I pretty much just go, y'know, normal? I think? Plain white cotton panties, the kind that come in packs of six you can buy for one clothing ration coupon? Some of them have the... the stars, or the flowers on them in cute colors like pink or yellow? It's just normal underwear. That's all I have, too. I mean, unless you... if you don't... I suppose you count that one pair.
    It was kind of a joke, just me and my friends messing around, and I... I guess they caught on that I hadn't... that I've never...
    oh, nevermind. The point is they kinda sorta bought me a pair of red lacey underwear. And a bra with... um... push up pads. I don't even know what to call it. I've never worn it, of course!
    It's normally just me, my plain white panties, and my plain white or grey or black sports bra. I don't really care about looking sexy and it's not like anyone's going to see it except the other agents if we're changing for a mission... it's not a big deal, it's not like I have anyone to impress... or like anyone's really gonna be looking. I don't have a whole lot to... to hide or to support or anything. The red lace just looks awkward on me. I'm athletic, muscular... I'm not... I don't really have a lot of womanly parts. I just look like... like one of those weird men who like wearing panties. I can't believe I just said that out loud, but it's true.
    I just look ridiculous. It's why I always wear my plain cotton. Simpler that way, and I don't look like something I'm obviously not.
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  5. Lyth -

    "You want to know what kind of underwear I wear? Now why should that matter? It tells something about my personality? Ha, well then, wouldn't it be more interesting to spend time with a person, learn about them, and then guess their underwear? That sound more interesting to me, I'll need to remember to do that sometime. I bet Xam wears a thong. She'd never admit it, but I'll be that's it. And now I'm imagining everyone in their underwear. Thank you for that wonderful image. It's going to distract me all day. It might even carry over into tomorrow. That might throw off my aim a bit. I wonder if I'll get injured because of it. Oh, I'm sorry. Was I rambling. Thank you for not interrupting, I just finished cleaning my knife and wasn't keen on bloodying it again. Why yes, yes I have been procrastinating from admitting I don't actually wear underwear, but that's not nearly as interesting as thinking about how to hide your body after this is all over~"
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  6. Stella is a bookworm. Her social skills aren't abysmal, but she wouldn't describe herself as charismatic or engaging; she's more of a follower than a leader.

    She likes to sew and works as a mender at a local dry-cleaner. She spends most weekends watching TV and working on her hobbies, then reading herself to sleep.

    Any guesses? Boy-shorts and a t-shirt bra? Granny panties? Stripes and spots in a just-short-of-the-mark attempt to be interesting?

    Nope, nope, nope.

    White silk with white ribbon bows at straps and hips. Blue with a lace overlay and a clear faux-diamond hanging from the centre. She added that. Dark purple with black ribbons in bows and laced as a corset up the middle, she added that too.

    Stella is cautious and slow with her sex life: it's as much emotional as physical. But she likes feeling confident, fashionable, and attractive, and she loves proving to the world that a book cannot be judged by its jeans-and-sweater cover
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  7. "WHAT BUSINESS DO YOU HAVE WITH MY UNDERWEAR, Y-YOU PERV?!?!?!" Grimmerly screamed at me before she turned her back in disgust. She held her hand to cut off my reasons for asking such an unorthodox question. Oh why did I have to listen to Diana? I was about to give up when to my surprise, she surrendered. "If you must know," I could sense the annoyance in her tone. "I like frills...down there. It...it makes me smile in the morning, seeing the stuff sway as I move my hips."

    It was difficult for me to stifle my giggles but she didn't seem to notice. She continued; this time she sounded unusually glum, "And my bras, they're always purple. Always. The first guy I gave my 'whole self' to...he said I looked good in purple. I never stopped wearing purple ever since."

    "Who was---" but before I could finish, Grimmerly walked out the door.
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  8. Jean's underwear maybe be seen as a bright, yet brown, underpants, comfort first. He occasionally walks around home with only a tee and his underwear, if it is hot weathered. He believes it looks sexy on him, so yeah, he spends quite a lot of time over his bathroom mirror at the morning. That may reflect a sexy side he has, showing a part of his bottom, and flirt is something he's always up to. Who else wouldn't like to see a 17 year old wearing underpants? What a picture...
    He might be young, but this interest for looking good recalls me that he's not a virgin, and his sex life is quite active. After all, who wouldn't go to bed with a dude like him?
    (Sorry I just think Jean is too hot to be a character)
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  9. Well, here is a rundown of what kind of underwear Aloysius wears;

    On Mondays, he wears black boxer briefs because he hates Mondays, and black is the all around sign for 'I hate this.' And on Tuesdays, he could be seen yellow underwear because Monday made him turn his white underwear yellow. On Wednesdays, he wears women's blue underwear because Wednesdays Hump Day; the day you get to go look forward to the near end of the week and a time to celebrate. Thursdays, he could be seen wearing a variety of coloured underwear with stalkings, Fridays he'd be seen wearing sexy lacy underwear...and nothing else. Saturdays are casual boxer days while Sundays just for the irony, none at all. Normally he streaks that day.

    As for my style? Boxer briefs.
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  10. What Kind of underwear I wear?

    Well...I'm a girl that studies and revels in my nerdiness. So, many would expect me to wear granny panties and sports bras.

    I used to. A few years ago until I finally started to realize...I didn't like the way I looked because I didn't dress right.

    So, even with as awkward as it is to admit it, I now wear string bikini underwear and fun bras. Reversible ones in fact! That's right! Reversible bras! Different from the plain white ones I used to wear. Now, I wear fun colors like pink and blue and zebra striped, hearts, horses. Whatever makes me feel pretty at that moment. My panties are fun too. Splashes of color, intricate designs. If I'm going to wear them, I might as well have a little fun. Its a way to express myself without calling too much attention to my personality. If that makes sense at all. Anyway, now that I've put it all out there....yeaaaa....
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  11. For this, I'll be using my still-developing character Asher Kendricks.

    Asher would never be caught going commando, and that could be saying a few things within itself - he's on the shy side, easily embarrassed. Almost always he wears plain boxers, or maybe boxer-briefs if he feels like mixing it up - no special designs, or specific color, simply something to wear beneath his clothes.
    And if he's feeling frisky? Maybe something lacy, some kind of lingerie no man would normally be caught dead in. You can bet your paycheck it's for his boyfriend/husband, and he'd even be mortified to show it to them.
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  12. Ryu Silvers---

    Wait... my what? 'The fuck does that matter to anyone? Christ alright then, 's your funeral 'spose.

    It depends on what I'm doing really but goddamnit it's got to look good or make someone laugh else it's just fucking pointless. Nothing like a grown man with the complete Marvel roster on his junk 'n' funk... other than that I'm pretty relaxed about what I wear y'know. If I'm at home all I'll wear is some y fronts that might have been dirty or they could be clean but meh, does it matter when the only person you have to please drops farts that smell like a stray cat's ass, no I don't care what I wear at home especially if I'm alone. If I'm at the gym then it's sports boxers, I mean c'mon who do you think I am some filthy casual, geeze, haha. At a gig though... Nothin' just shorts. Should've seen the drummers face as they came down one time... never drink a bottle of Jack ten minutes before going on stage...
  13. (I'm using this character I've made recently--Alessandra Beretti. Yeah...I had some fun with this. HEHE!)

    Alessandra was snoring softly, sleeping peacefully on her bed. The side of her face was mashed into the lavender, plush pillow that was under her head. The white-and-lavender colored comforter was haphazardly laying on the bed. Part of it only covered her right leg, Alessandra's body splayed out over her the bed's surface.

    Suddenly, the whole comforter was ripped off the bed by an unknown person, who was dressed in all black. This person walked around to the side of the bed to come closer to Alessandra. All the while, she still slept. But not for long. The person grabbed her by the arms, which were extended out, making her stir. Her eyes slowly began to open, and once she came to, she was outraged.

    "Non mi toccare, stronzo!" she spit out in Italian. She kicked and pulled away the best she could, but it wasn't enough. Alessandra, soon, found herself being thrown over the person--whom she knew to be a male--and carried away. Even then she pounded her fists on his back. She could sure pack a punch, because every hit made him grunt.

    They reached her living room, and she yelped as the man threw her on to the couch.
    "Stronzo! Chi sei? Who are you?" But the man said nothing. He merely walked off into the strange, misplaced darkness.

    "ALESSANDRA BERETTI!" an anonymous voice seemed to speak over a microphone, making her yelp. "Diana has a question for you!"

    "You dragged me out of my bed to throw me on my couch...AND ASK ME A QUESTION!?"


    "What's so important?!"

    "Diana wants to ask you...drum roll!" The drum roll began, and Alessandra rolled her eyes. "What kind of underwear to you wear and how does it define you?!"

    "I'm not answering that!" she said.

    "If you don't, I'll have you dumped into a lake."

    "FINE!" Alessandra huffed and blew up at her bangs before answering. "I'm a girl's briefs kind of girl. I nothing but girl brief's. They're comfortable. I'd rather not have a string up my ass, and lace makes me itch. I'm not all that girly. I guess that has a lot to do with my choice."

    "Ohhh...mind showing me some of this fine underwear?"

    "Ew. Pervertito," she mumbled to herself.

    "What was that?"

    "I called you a pervert, nitwit."

    "Well...I can't deny that."
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  14. A door opens allowing all of the noise from outside to fill the room. Horns honk, sirens wail, machinery grinds and someone's whistling the theme from the Andy Griffith Show. The warrior walks in and just before he closes the door he yells back at the confusion outside, "Stop whistling that stupid song!!!!!". He slams the door and heads towards the couch. "Freak. Now I'll have that damn song stuck in my head for the entire holiday." He sits down on the couch and eyeballs his laptop. 'Diana is awaiting your reply' scrolls across the screen. He stretches his arms as high as he can making sure to consciously flex every muscle group and then gently release. "Ahhh, better." He pulls the computer into his lap. "Abe. Here." A large white Pyrenees hound trots over and lays on the warrior's feet. The dog is rewarded by a quick scratch behind the ears. "Good boy." The warrior returns his focus to the laptop and clicks the message.

    "Hn." The warrior looks down at his crotch. "I think I'm just practical. What about you Abe?" The dog barks twice and the warrior chuckles. "Yes. Yes. Real men don't need underwear. You've said that before." The warrior smiles and begins typing his response.


    As a simple man, I offer a simple response.

    Practicality: if it's hot and humid, I free ball.

    If it's cold, I wear thick boxer-briefs.

    If I happen to be wearing a tight pair of jeans to show off my well-shaped ass, I wear whatever looks best [usually low hung briefs].

    All of my underwear are solid colors, none of which are bright.

    I hope this satisfies your curiosity.


    p.s. Don't ask to see any images of my aforementioned well-shaped bottom. My wife owns the rights.
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  15. (Well... I may as well have some fun with Asa. XD)
    Asa is more of a guy than a girl most of the time, and her underwear choices are equally male. Plain boy shorts or boxers in white or light blue or something similar most of the time with sports bras or no bra at all if she's just staying at home. On the rare occasion she does wear something more feminine, it's black or red and lacey. Dark colors, never anything too bright.
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  16. I could kinda see how it shows character (then again I'm talking out of my ass here, pun completely intended) If I'm drunk you'll find me stark ass nude on my neighbor's lawn, otherwise checkered boxers are my bit. Or that one time I woke up at my gf's house sporting her black lace thong and a bra gagging my mouth...but that's off subject.
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  17. Let's see...

    Shola Rehau, Saving the World: Royal blue, silk hipsters. Just like her, they're functional without anything unnecessary added, but with a little (hidden) flair like the color. She's also a water elemental Guardian.

    Dante, Saving the World: Short, tight microfiber boxer-briefs in black or dark green. He's fairly withdrawn and doesn't trust easily, so he keeps everything (including his underwear) close to his skin and covered up as much as possible. Also, great support for running after people to kill them.

    Nadia Puro, Saving the World: White and blue gingham, high-cut cotton panties because she's a farmgirl with a little flirt.

    Piper Asher, Saving the World: Purple boyshorts, because purple is her favorite color and boyshorts are as far from skimpy underwear as she can get without getting into men's underwear.

    Anthony Greaves, Tensions Rise: Plaid boxers to rock the Scottish pride, and because he doesn't believe in those other kinds of fancy-underwear. Or anything fancy, really.

    Eliza Kingsley, Quiet Country People: The full Victorian/Regency regalia, because she's a proper girl, damnit.
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  18. Hm.. This is difficult when I have to think about it... and I have so many characters. For this I will go with Sasha.

    Sasha will wear whatever he feels comfortable in. Mostly it's boxer-briefs in neutral colors. He doesn't really feel attractive under garments are important, since they're just going to be taken off anyway. Sometimes, he doesn't wear any. And if they were comfortable, he'd wear even women's underwear. In fact, I think his clients would like that..
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  19. That was awesome. I couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes...
  20. Thank, thank you very much -bows only have pants fall and show pink lace undies- Awe dammit! -wobbles away pulling up pants-