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You are a human. Yes, a human.

Welcome human, to the underground. Oh! I'm sorry. I"m sure you need an explanation..

This story takes place years after Frisk had destroyed the barrier between monsters, and humans. They now live in peace, and harmony together. Even Asreil is being more silent now. However, darkness still lingers...

Chara, yes, Chara has risen from the ashes, and he wants revenge. At this point, Frisk is an old... Whatever he or she is, and the others are still immortal (However will be NPCs).

As usual, you are able to chose between pacifist, neutral, and genocide. You may also play a monster or a human. These events will be taking place after the true pacifist ending had been acquired, and kept. (If you have NOT played Undertale yet, I STRONGLY advise you to).

Those who play Genocide will have some sort of secret organization underground. This can be composed of both humans and monsters who want to overpower Asgore and Toreil. Those who play Neutral, may attend the school with both monsters and humans, or live a normal life. Those who are pacifist, mainly play as those who try to keep peace between monsters and humans. If a pacifist person were to kill a monster or a human, it will slowly corrupt their mind until...

Chara grasps it.

Those that are Genocide will be unable to go pacifist or neutral. Sparing or showing mercy is NOT an option.

Neutrals may or may not kill. The way to distinguish is if show mercy at first, however, kill off major people. Also, if they were to show no remorse or mercy. Now the cruel way to guarantee genocide is if they lured the enemy into a false state of comfort.

They need to add the Comic Sans font and the Papyrus font.
I just need people to show interest and I can put up an actual plot and all.
Don't worry, all the previous NPCs (Save Frisk) will be in this. As for the save and load options, I will only allow 2 people to harbor that ability. One will be pacifist, and one will be genocide.
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Even though this was posted a while ago, I'm interested, Undertale is one of my favorite games.